1. Nick

    i have had many visits over the years and in reality it makes you feel like you should be housebound. they just tell you how ill you look and don’t use the internet don’t have any visitors go through all your documents and bacically tell you and your carers how to live your life and that’s about it

    i leave the back-door open so they come and go as they please as i have nothing to hide

    all my documents are in one large box but none the less it has caused me great stress over the years and being 6ft 2in and weighing 50 kg it’s a long term worry i could do without

  2. Leoni Al-ajeel

    Well i am never at home have to work so hard to make ends meet, and i get so little now wont make any difference. I work 30hrs a week and now they have changed my rent allowance, i now have to pay £300 a month rent and £108 on council tax, and i earn minimum wage, its impossible to pay all of this, and they tell me i now owe £891 to my landlord after it took them 15weeks to sort my rent out, how do i pay £300 a month plus so much towards arrears, so looks like i will be homeless soon, and had a letter from council tax saying i have not kept up with payments and my payment arrangement has been cancelled so i must pay £1223 at once. I owe £197 for last years council tax and now its gone up to double this amount so i have to pay two lots, where do they get these figures from i just do not know. so let them turn up i dont care anymore had enough of them, someone will be getting a mouth full from me.

    1. Joanna

      My heart goes out to you for real! I am sick and disabled, last year my council tax “contribution” as they call it, was £58. This year it almost tripled to £139! And that is for a band A property, which is the lowest band in Hull, used to be one of the cheapest places to live, my rent is £68 per week, which is quite cheap compared to “down south”

      Interestingly William Wilberforce was from Hull, IDS didn’t really raise an eyebrow when he made his comparison, because he means nothing to anyone here!

  3. aussieeh

    Expect new laws from this Fascist Regime to enable this. You vill be dragged off to a prison cell by men in long leather coats, with names such as Herr B*****d, with warrant cards signed by the biggest B*****d of all, Idiotic Demented Sociopath. While you are in the prison cell they vill destroy all of your personal valuables, and steal anything of worth.

  4. Joanna

    here is an Idea, Start recording them using a mobile phone ( doesn’t matter if you are actually doing it) they will no doubt object, but they came to you, so they can’t do anything about it, ( they are after all invading your territory)!! And if you do record them, you have proof that you complied so no sanctions should be even be considered!

  5. Miles Pilling

    I have a PIP assessment, after a 4 month wait – and only because I hassled them over the phone, next week. I feel as though I’m going to get interrogated. I have to show passport and other original documents to prove who I am in my own home – as if the fact that I’m the one who can barely walk or stand won’t be enough! Because of my illness (a type of motor neurone disease) I’ve had to give up the career I spent 25 years building. I have paid tax and NI all my life. Now I feel like I’m thought of as a scrounger. I was told I needed a wheelchair by health professionals but because of cuts, the bean counters say I can’t have one. If I lived on my own and couldn’t get to the shops due to no wheelchair I could starve. I also still have to pay for all the medication I need. UK society is built on a system of bullying the needy and rewarding the greedy and powerful. I can see why people less fortunate than me have been driven to suicide by this system. You don’t know how bad it is until you become one of the disadvantaged.

  6. Joanna

    They hopefully only have 11 months left, so they will try anything!
    My hat goes off to you Mike, you have helped many people, more than you know! You little rebel you!!

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