Party politics aside, anyone else think Ed Miliband’s critics are getting a bit desperate?

Ed Miliband himself provides a few more of these ‘reasons’, in an interview with the Huffington Post: “First of all, they said I was ‘Red Ed’. Then they said I was weak. Then they said it’s back to the 1970s. They’re desperate to find a point of criticism. I genuinely believe one of the reasons we are in a position to win the next election is because actually, in the end, the British public do judge people on their ideas and what they stand for and what difference they’ll make to the country.”
The article goes on to describe him as ‘Steady Eddie’.

4 thoughts on “Party politics aside, anyone else think Ed Miliband’s critics are getting a bit desperate?

  1. Alan Wyllie

    Jeez…He wants more austerity(1) and his party has tied itself into the Tories(2) austerity program.

    He isn’t the messiah, he isn’t even the ‘alternative’…he’s just another neo-liberal ready to give us plebs austerity while being proudly ‘pro-business’.

    His one good point : he ain’t a Tory.


    1. Mike Sivier

      He said he could not promise to reverse cuts unless spending could be reduced elsewhere or revenue increased, which is not the same as wanting more austerity or tying himself into the Tories’ austerity programme.
      Also, while Labour do not intend to spend more than the Coalition was going to (for the first year of a Labour government), he made it clear that spending priorities will be different.
      While there remains much cause for concern over Labour’s intentions, your criticisms are not fair.

  2. britexpat191

    I am completely baffled by Milliband. At a time when the Tories are doing all they can to damage their election chances, Ed is busy shooting himself in the foot by aligning himself with Tory policies. The most obvious and almost totally ignored Tory weak spot is the NHS. Ed says he will protect it, but that doesn’t mean anything. That’s what Cameron promised before creeping into No. 10, and he’s now busy selling it to the American healthcare vultures. So what does ‘protect’ mean in politician speak, and how can we trust anything Ed promises?

  3. Tony Dean

    He is getting attacked because the Tories know when all the datasets they have been sitting on do get published eventually they stand no chance of being the next government.

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