Tasers? To beat terrorists? THINK!


We laugh because it’s funny and we laugh because it’s true.

After reports that the head of the Police Federation, Steve White, has called for tasers to be issued to all frontline officers “in light of the increased terrorism threat”, one Twitter user responded as follows:

“If someone’s wearing a suicide vest, the last thing you should use on them is a taser!”

Good point, well made. Back to the drawing board, Mr White?

(Just think what could happen if these terrorists had guns as well…)

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29 thoughts on “Tasers? To beat terrorists? THINK!

  1. paulrutherford8

    Once again an ‘excuse’ for [potentially], doing something is based on a perceived or taught, fear of terrorism.

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘terrorism’ as you rightly point out. Its everything to do with a perhaps anticipated need by ‘long-term strategists’ to ensure the police have a means to control what could soon become a *seriously* disgruntled population, as ‘austerity’ pushes more and more people to more non-peaceful actions.

    On a terrorism note, a majority of people on YouGov today have said they think the government ought to give the power to [insert name of agency here], to be able to read anyone’s emails etc., at any time without a warrant.

    Does all this mean the terrorists have already won?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yes – if you define ‘terrorist’ as ‘UK government’ or ‘the establishment’.

  2. Mr.Angry

    I am still laughing at least there is some fun in the world, you could not make this up could you?

  3. squack

    Sure they’re for terrorists and not just angsty plebs, tired if being fed scraps, or people just trying to enact their democratic right to protest

    1. Nigel Harman

      And that is the real reason for arming the police,scared politician afraid of the people,it’s simple Tasers can and do kill.

  4. Phil The Folk

    If we are all so badly in danger from terrorists, then why don’t they issue tasers to all the population, so we can protect ourselves!

      1. Andy

        I can just see the cartoon now, a queue of men outside a ‘Sex Shop’ in Soho, advertising ‘rubber vests’ and a jihadist with an AK47 saying “I hope they have my size’.

      2. Chris Tandy

        I wondered what the effect of firing a taser at someone wearing chain-mail. Would it short the weapon out and send its deathly zap back to the policeman using the weapon?
        I do have a mail shirt, a souvenir of my medieval re-enacting days…..

      3. Mike Sivier Post author

        Isn’t it more likely to spread the charge across all the metal in the mail shirt?

      4. Maria

        Actually if you was totally covered from head to toe in mail the electric charge will be earthed, protecting you. but I am not sure what it would do if you were partially covered or where the taser hit the mail or other areas without the mail, they might have different effects. Its best not to try it may even kill you.

      5. Maria

        Eh, I am a peaceful person don’t worry, I would not caused trouble to nobody. Of course I know its theory, but there are some folk passing by that may try it, just thought I’d warn them.

  5. Andy

    What we are seeing is a gradual militarisation of the police force. You may laugh, but I don’t doubt that we will see the further proliferation of firearms and eventually full blown ‘SWAT’ teams replacing ‘Armed Response’. Tasers are just a small part of that and the public don’t generally associate them with “deadly force”. http://c4ss.org/content/30871 The linked page is American. Of course we can go on believing that “it can’t happen here”.

  6. aarond00

    Carbon fiber sheet works, so most stab jacket will stop tasers, but any thick leather or wax jacket will do it, if they shoot out the barb’s.

  7. Maria

    some how I don’t think the tasers are for terrorists I think it is just an excuse to bring them out in force. maybe scare a few peaceful protesters off.

  8. chopale

    What lies beneath the idea is the “Lies we believe?. What seems to be for a reason! is the reason there?. What is a fact’ is that the thinkers; who are behind the agenda of control. they are using the media out lets to spread more “Lies” to cover the truth behind the lies. Lets hope! Peoples reality uncovers it’s reality in What lies beneath the lies?.

  9. amnesiaclinic

    Tasers can and do kill. They have also been used on children. Recently a man was tased 25 times in the US and died.
    If all officers are to have them expect the death toll to escalate dramatically.

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