SNP prepared to overrule Cameron on a second independence referendum | Politics | The Guardian

The Scottish National party would be prepared to push ahead with a second independence referendum without David Cameron’s permission if the prime minister refuses any future demand to hold one, a senior party source in Westminster has indicated.

The party would be prepared to try to overrule the prime minister and hold an indicative ballot of the Scottish people if it believes it has a political mandate for a referendum but Westminster refuses to allow one.

When talking about whether Cameron would be able to refuse another demand for an independence vote, the senior SNP source claimed that the prime minister would not be able to, adding that “precedent is all”.

Source: SNP prepared to overrule Cameron on a second independence referendum | Politics | The Guardian

14 thoughts on “SNP prepared to overrule Cameron on a second independence referendum | Politics | The Guardian

  1. Leslie Moore

    can the future indipendence vote for Scotland possibility reach down as far as Doncaster, we would prefer rule from Scotland than London, we have more in common with Scotland than the Eton Elite`s empire.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Considering the Parliamentary SNP’s behaviour, you might be rethinking that attitude in the near future.

      1. Lisa Samson

        HAHA! And the Tories are noble and fair!!! Typical anti-political progression and fear of change from the despicable elitist system which is destroying our societies and the environment. Shame on you!

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        You won’t find anybody here saying what you just suggested about the Tories!

  2. joanna may

    How can Nicola Fishface (sturgeon) be even more pathetic? Camoron probably nearly wet himself with laughing, when she begged for more powers for Scotland! Please that’s like asking a hungry crocodile to leave you alone!

    1. Lisa Samson

      Why are you so against democracy? If the people of Scotland want another referendum then we will have one! It’s us that are laughing at the patheticness of people like you who insist on upholding a system and a party which covers up child abuse, hates the ordinary people and uses them to make the rich richer, destroys the environment for corporate greed and wages war for similar reasons. In fact, your own PM is laughing at you too! He only exists because of the sheep who can’t see the truth and keep voting for him! Hell mend you all!

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        I’m not against democracy.
        However, there would be a good reason not to have another referendum so soon after the last one: You’re all after it because the SNP has whipped up hysteria amongst the Scottish people, with claims that they were manipulated by the unionist parties and all the rest. That needs to die down before another referendum can even be considered, because the people need to be able to think about the matter in a rational way that is not being permitted by the SNP at the moment.

        Look at your own comment: “Hell mend you all!” at the end of it and a lot of frankly hysterical stuff before. That is not the comment of a rational person; I’m sorry, but it isn’t.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        In addition, I should point out that the SNP and its representatives are the only people who post rants such as yours to this blog. Even UKIP has calmed down a bit now.
        That tells other readers everything they need to know about you and your political cult.

      3. Tony Conway

        Mike Sivier your obviously English and need to take your head out the sand. England is not a rich nation they have nothing to offer, they have no income, they feed of the Scottish nation a give us nothing apart from empty promises. Scotland would be so much stronger independently and everybody knows this.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        The United Kingdom (the country where I live) is the sixth richest nation in the world.
        If you really believe Scotland is the powerhouse of the UK, you need to think again.

      5. Mike Sivier Post author

        We’re certainly stronger together, but the rest of the UK is no slouch when it comes to making money. Your thinking is two-dimensional.

  3. John Ramsay

    Nicola (Hungry Crocodile) does not beg, she draws upon mandates, the powers she asks for are the promises already made by the 3 stooge’s coming up from Westminster begging for a No vote. Oh! and btw David Cameron more like s*** himself than wet himself laughing. .. and what is really pathetic is your apparent lack of knowledge to what is going on in your own country.

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