Bedroom Tax battle couple’s Human Rights Act fear – Liverpool Echo

Here’s a demonstration of another way the loss of the Human Rights Act will help the Conservative Government to discriminate against the vulnerable.

A severely disabled woman taking her Bedroom Tax fight to the Supreme Court fears she could lose out if the Human Rights Act is scrapped.

A tribunal has previously ruled the despised tax contravened the human rights of Jacqueline Carmichael, from Southport.

She had hoped this would count in her favour in a hearing in the Supreme Court due to take place next year.

But now the Government plans to scrap the Human Rights Act and Jacqueline and husband Jayson are worried that may harm their case.

Jayson said: “If they abolish the Human Rights Act before our case it might hamper our chances. The Human Rights Act Article 14 (which requires there be no discrimination) is how we won our tribunal. It could be critical.

“The Supreme Court judge might have been reluctant to go against the law and now this might harm our case.”

Source: Bedroom Tax battle couple’s Human Rights Act fear – Liverpool Echo

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5 Thoughts to “Bedroom Tax battle couple’s Human Rights Act fear – Liverpool Echo”

  1. Shocking the DWP are appealing this decision with our taxes.

    Some whining in the comments by people who voted tory and didn’t know what they voted for.

    A bit late now…

  2. I see that the people of Spain took to the streets when they had had enough!

  3. Thomas

    The Bedroom Tax is only there to force the poor into homelessness or the worst housing.

      1. Mike Sivier

        You disagree? It certainly isn’t there to help anybody.

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