Yvette Cooper attacks Labour rivals for ‘swallowing Tory manifesto’ | Politics | The Guardian

It seems somebody, at least, has been listening to what Labour’s grassroots supporters are saying.

But is Yvette Cooper just paying lip-service to concerns over statements by Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall, or does she mean what she’s saying?

We need to see far more commitment to Labour Party values – from all of them.

Speaking on the BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show, Cooper attempted to draw a distinction between her approach and those of the two other main hopefuls, Andy Burnham and Kendall, who have been quicker to ditch former leader Ed Miliband’s election policies.

Although Burnham has been seen as the favoured candidate of Labour’s left, Cooper appeared to be making a pitch to some of his potential supporters by making it clear that she would keep Labour’s policy of bringing back a 50p top rate of income tax.

“I think it is the right thing to do right now, yes, because the deficit is still coming down, it’s still too high, it’s got to come down and as part of bringing it down we should have a fair system to do so,” she said.

Cooper also warned against those using stigmatising language about benefit claimants, just days after Burnham talked about the need to address the perception that Labour gives an “easy ride” to those who want something for nothing.

She said she supported the principle of a benefit cap but had reservations about the effect of a £23,000 limit on people living in London in particular. “What I won’t do though is fall into what I think is a Tory trap of using language that stigmatises those who are not working. I don’t think that is about Labour values,” she said.

Source: Yvette Cooper attacks Labour rivals for ‘swallowing Tory manifesto’ | Politics | The Guardian

9 thoughts on “Yvette Cooper attacks Labour rivals for ‘swallowing Tory manifesto’ | Politics | The Guardian

  1. Jeffery Davies

    Oh for a proper labour sadly they blairites that cant or wont go back but then when did politicians listen

  2. Timro

    I cannot forget that it was Yvette Cooper, taking over from James Purnell (after his resignation and attempted coup to bring down Gordon Brown and replace him with David Miliband) as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, who implemented IN FULL the Purnell/Freud reforms in respect to social security, ushering in private sector involvement in welfare for the first time (a4e, Working Links etc), unpaid workfare for all age groups, and the dreadful and deadly Work Capability Test originally “managed” by the private French IT company ATOS.

    Her past actions belie her current words.

    I wouldn’t put any stock in a single thing this woman has to say.

  3. chriskitcher

    I listened to her this morning and was weeping as she seemed to me to be just as much on the side of the Tories as many Tories themselves. What she was offering was very vague especially with all the information that is about to come out detailing the economic woes that the Tories are going to face she seemed to have no difficult questions to pose.

    I’m afraid that if Labour expects a reformation it has to ditch wimpy politicians such as this and show some real belief in the cause that they are fighting for.

  4. Nick

    indeed mike labour has to maintain a view that it’s supports the whole country including the sick and disabled along with a positive view on immigration

    For the life of me politics is so basic how the hell the labour party cant go forward on that basis is beyond me they cant either be that thick can they or are just like when i was a kid playing the fool ?

    What i would say to the labour leader candidates is stop playing the fool and if you cant do that and do whats best for all people then get out as politics as it has no place for you when after all it’s a very basic undertaking and that’s to serve the people to the best of your ability and that means everyone

  5. Michael Broadhurst

    time these incompetents were ditched and Labour got back to supporting the real working class,people who go out everyday and actually get their hands dirty,not blue or white collar they think they are supposed to represent.

  6. Marjorie Arnold

    they need to understand that cameron didnt get a huge majority and we can turn this into victory by by going back to the roots of labour. that is needed more than ever since the inception of labour – renationalise all the industries that were privatised and take our country back from the foreign companies who now own them. we need to put socialism back into the labour party.

  7. Ian

    If she said she regretted Freud/ Atos etc, that would be something but why do these people all buy into this deficit bilge?

  8. Bill Kruse

    Oh please… this is Mrs Ed Balls, the ‘imaginary wheelchair’ woman, the woman who passed legislation saying claimants with no arms couldn’t be automatically classed as unfit for work as they could lift parcels with their stumps. Do we need to hear any more? Labour are finished, over. A new party is needed and I note some Labour MPs are said to be cosying up to the SNP mob. It does not escape my attention (though I gather it does many MPs) that a new political party, an anti-neoliberal for instance, could be crowdfunded. The time is ripe for one then.

  9. hugosmum70

    why are we not hearing anything about any other candidates?? all we hear is Andy Burnham, Liz Kennedy n Yvette Cooper. why not my MP Mary Creagh. is she not in the running ?has she been put on a back burner as someone not worth thinking about? i know a few people in this constituency who she has helped. they sing her praises as a caring person.i have been in contact on various matters over the last few years…all to do with politics. she seems to me to be as fair a person as we are likely to get with a feeling for those who are vulnerable etc/.and so far ive heard nothing for or against her on these sites.

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