Jeremy Corbyn takes poll position in Labour leadership race

You can almost feel the anxiety flying out of these stories now – if only via the mistakes.

Look at this, from The Independent: “Senior party figures… fear a strong showing for the left-winger would alienate millions of moderate voters who have deserted Labour.”

If they’ve deserted already, they’re already alienated!

And the question arises: What does The Independent think a “moderate” voter is?

The New Statesman reported that two private polls carried out by his rivals suggest Mr Corbyn could top the ballot in the first round of voting. The magazine said one survey put him in a lead of more than 15 points, while another put him on course to win after building up a “commanding position”.

The momentum behind him has alarmed senior party figures, who fear a strong showing for the left-winger would alienate millions of moderate voters who have deserted Labour. There are also bitter recriminations that several MPs helped to get him on the ballot paper while not supporting his politics.

Source: Labour leadership race: Jeremy Corbyn takes shock lead in battle to succeed Ed Miliband – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

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15 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn takes poll position in Labour leadership race

  1. NMac

    Perhaps they should be looking at what Jeremy Corbyn stands for and then they would realise why he is so popular.

  2. kompani101

    Oh my goodness, the labour party may elect a left wing leader!! I am sick of our politics being Americanised with a right wing party and a right wing ‘lite’ party. Lets get back to good, honest, socialist (not a dirty word) values that looks after those that need help, maintains our world beating health service and ensures our education system produces young adults that can make the UK a great, inclusive place to live today and for the future. New Labour is dead, long live the Labour Party.

  3. Chris Tandy

    The political world does not like facts.
    The Left cannot seem to cope with truth (that Jeremy Corbyn is winning so much support that he is…err….winning)…..
    …….and The Right simply make up their own ‘facts’.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The Left is perfectly happy that Jeremy Corbyn is doing as well as he is.
      Factor that into your understanding of the situation and you’ll see where Labour’s real problem lies.

  4. Michael Broadhurst

    its about time that senior Labour figures considered that the party is too moderate and THAT is why millions have deserted them,me included after a lifetime of supprting Labour.
    the present Labour leadership contenders,Corbyn excluded are nothing but a load of Tory lites who offer nothing to people like me and 100’s of thousands like me,that’s where Labour is going wrong.
    they should be ripping the Tories apart for what they are doing to this country not agreeing with them.
    they should be talking about repealing the bedroom tax,the way people are treated over benefits,capping rents,a proper living wage NOW not in 2020,re-nationilising railways and utilities,stopping obscene bankers bonus’s,and capping LOCAL government
    salaries which are wrong in the fact that local govt salaries are bigger than what MP’s
    receive,that is not to say that MP’s should receive more,SERIOUS curbs on immigration.
    This is what Labour should be doing,not agreeing with the Tories.

  5. Steve Grant

    If he wins then the Labour Party will no longer be a party I can support and I will resign my membership.I have nothing against Jeremy but he represents the past not the future and Im tired of this left and right extreme stance the parties take and expect the bulk of the voting public to go along with……party politics is now an old fashioned concept…The people who vote need better than this tired knockabout stuff and it’s time for a new approach to government.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Jeremy Corbyn is certainly not an extreme left-winger.
      Your comment says much about the distance the Overton Window (look it up) has drifted to the right.

  6. Brian F Kirkham

    Mike…something we all need to do when reading from the pages of the independent nowadays, take it with a pinch of salt…it’s not of an independent viewpoint, it’s that of its new owner, who enjoyed posting negative press on labour when it served his aims during the election.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      True – I was rather hoping the paper would change its name to The Conservative.
      Oh well, I can’t complain – it’s the only national newspaper that has published a piece by me.

  7. JohnDee

    Steve Grant “…Im tired of this left and right extreme stance the parties take…”!? Wha??? Where’s the “extreme stance” from the left? Tell me, I think I might be interested in that.

    Don’t bother expending the energy. Troll alert!!!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Having been subjected to a bit of trolling recently, I don’t think Steve is one. He has particular views, that’s all.
      Don’t prove me wrong now, Steve!

  8. Nigel Harman

    Mike,part of your message sum’s it all up, (If they’ve deserted already, they’re already alienated!) I totally agree with that statement.We need labour to be The Labour Party once again Not what it is now.

  9. Joe MacVeigh

    I’ve been asked by all the candidates election teams both leader and deputy plus London Mayor who I’m voting for…

    So I say…

    I’ll probably vote for the person with the most consistent voting pattern against the government.

    So they all assume the coalition or Conservatives….

    Oh! Yvette/Andy/Liz have a proven track record in that!

    No I say, the Labour Government…

    Hello, Hello are you still there?

    Ha Ha and I say George Galloway for Mayor just to p*ss them right off!

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