Media propaganda exposed: Support this complaint against Channel 5


Well done Carole Ford, who has complained to Ofcom about Channel 5’s misuse of the word “skiver” when referring to people convicted of benefit fraud in the programme Sick Note Skivers Exposed.

In the programme, broadcast at 8pm on July 15, she explains: “All the cases referred to in the programme were cases of criminal fraud. Despite this, the show continually used the term ‘skiver’ interchangeably with ‘fraudster’.

“In one case, the narrator said that the ‘skiver’ was found guilty of seven counts of fraud by the court and the judge told him he was a ‘common criminal’.

“The show had nothing to do with monitoring sick absence, which was only occasionally referred to.

“On the Department [for] Work and Pensions’ own figures, benefit fraud is a negligible 0.7 per cent. The effect will be to encourage public animosity to sick/disabled people. I contend that this is a misrepresentation of the subject of sick absence from work and/or fraudulent claiming of disability benefits.”

If you wish to support Carole’s complaint, Ofcom can be contacted via this link.

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10 thoughts on “Media propaganda exposed: Support this complaint against Channel 5

  1. Florence

    Is there any chance that giving our support will back-fire, like the support for your original FoI? Just want to make sure that this complaint hits home.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I don’t think so. It’s not the same situation, so the same rules don’t apply.

      1. John Gaines

        Corporate Welfare (SKIVERS): (QE) QUANTITIVE EASING, IS CORPORATE & BANKSTER—- ‘welfare’—-have a look at what the Corporate Welfare Scroungers are doing with your ‘free money’—–

        1) The transmission mechanism

        As above, the “transmission mechanism” from the central bank’s bond-buying into the rest of the economy is not entirely clear. For the US, the most obvious impact of QE has been on share prices. Companies there have been gorging on cheap loans, borrowing $1tr ($1,000bn) over the last year. But they’ve not been using this money to invest. US corporate investment is close to an all-time low.

        Instead, they seem to be using money to buy back their own shares. Corporate buybacks, in which a company buys back its shares from shareholders, hit record levels last year, with $555bn spent to October alone.

        This is good for: • Shareholders (bearing in mind, the top 1% own 35% of US shares, the bottom 90% just 19%)
        • Investment banks arranging the buybacks, since they take a cut
        • Company directors many of whom have incentive schemes tied to the price of their shares

        But the advantage for the economy in general is a little less clear. And with US corporate borrowing growing at twice the rate of US corporate sales, it’s unlikely this situation can be sustained.

        —–The UK —–
        Seems to have a different transmission mechanism. Here, much of the impact has fed into rising asset prices, including property, rather than increased investment and therefore spending by companies. The Bank of England’s own assessment notes confirm we’ve seen an increase in asset prices and, as in the US, the ownership of assets is concentrated – so we’ve ended up inflating the wealth of the wealthiest. The Bank of England estimates that 5% of households in the UK own 40% of the assets most affected by QE – so the prices of central London mansions have soared since 2009, even as real wages continued to decline.
        So , the Corporate Welfare Scroungers, are making themselves vastly richer, driving up property prices, which mostly means RENTS TO YOU, all on the money that you actually give them for free: are y’all absolutely INSANE?

  2. Steve Grant

    I get very angry regards the so called benefit fraudsters because these people would be committing fraud regardless of whether it was from the DWP or an employer.The amount of actual fraud is still a minuscule 0.7% of the welfare budget however where are the figures for the amount of money not claimed by people because they cannot understand forms or feel that claiming anything Is thought to be scrounging?I bet the figure is well beyond the fraud of just 0.7%.Just where is that money accounted for in the budget and why don’t we get the figures for money not claimed?This has been going on for years,so Mr.Smith lets have the “true” figure for money unclaimed and perhaps the state controlled TV could make a program on that?..Whats the betting it’s never included anywhere?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      A money figure for the amount that went unclaimed was published a while ago. I may have to find out what the current figure happens to be.

  3. Jenny

    Went to go on ofcom site alk their servers are having work done. So will keep trying as want to sopport Carole.

  4. NMac

    They are following the Tory philosophy – grossly distort the facts and demonise people.

  5. mrmarcpc

    What is this tacky tv station’s obsession with hounding the poor, are they in bed with the Tories, makes you wonder, time these cheap, tacky, incorrect and unfair tv shows were scrapped, well done to Carole!

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