Cameron Orders Attack on Syrian Army, Retaliation for Assad Statements | Veterans Today

What are we to think about this?

Veterans Today has just learned that today’s air attack on the Syrian Army base near Der Ezzor, was ordered by British Prime Minister Cameron in retaliation for criticism of British efforts by Syrian President Assad in an interview published in the London Times Yesterday.

The US has denied all knowledge of the attack though American AWAC aircraft supervise and plan all “coalition” air strikes.

The US-led coalition’s airstrikes in Syria are in fact illegal, as it has never received permission from Syrian President Bashar Assad to enter the country’s airspace. In response to the UK’s decision to join the bombing campaign in Syria, Assad reiterated in an interview with the Sunday Times that the presence of Britain in Syria is unlawful as neither Damascus nor the United Nations have given London the green light to bomb Syrian territory.

“It will be harmful and illegal and it will support terrorism, as happened after the coalition started its operation a year or so [ago], because this is like a cancer,” Assad said.

Source: Exclusive: Cameron Orders Attack on Syrian Army, Retaliation for Assad Statements | Veterans Today

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17 thoughts on “Cameron Orders Attack on Syrian Army, Retaliation for Assad Statements | Veterans Today

  1. mohandeer

    So Cameron lied to us (nothing new there) but Hilary Benn’s sickening speech must look like a con trick now. It is likely that Cameron always intended to help the US regime change and to destabilize Syria still further. All those Labour MP’s who voted for bombing betrayed the LP members and voters and are a part of Cameron’s lie. If Labour does nothing about this then the people must speak out to the UN and submit these politicians names as guilty of War Crimes. Now Putin is on the spot because he knows full well that the US and the EU want an excuse for war with Russia and will be quite happy to slaughter innocent civilians to get it, be it over Syrian soil or that of Russia and EU. We have got to publicly denounce Cameron as a liar as soon as we get verification of the facts, should they support VT’s claim.

  2. mohandeer

    Cameron the liar and International WAR CRIMINAL. If VT’s claim is verified Cameron has lied to the British Parliament, the people and the media. He is also guilty of using servicemen in an illegal war against an innocent nation and it’s protectors. He is an abomination far worse than Assad could ever aspire to, despite the misrepresentation of the crimes of his opposition being wrongly attributed to him so many times. How will Cameron lie his way out of this, since denials are not allowed? How will Blairites explain their betrayal?

  3. Harry

    Thank you for this reposting Mike, a little transparency is required. This government, even moreso than that of Blair looks like a rogue corporation.

    On the NEO site (New Eastern Outlook) today is a very good analysis by William Engdahl. He concludes that ISIS, once the “religious cover” is stripped away, functions as the Saudi Army. This is a self evident truth, but there is more. The United States of America has only managed to fund its grotesque list of wars and 700+ bases encircling Russia, China, and Iran by enjoying the privilage of the Petrodollar (that unique arrangement between the USA and KSA). The US’s determination to bring Russia back to heel following the western looting post Yeltsin, has forced Russia to turn to China. Now the BRICS, Eurasion Union, SCO, New silk Road etc are reducing drastically the need to hold dollars for trade by instituting a parallell banking system using Yuan (renminbi) and The Ruble as well as other BRICS currencies. If the Saudis were to be successful in grabbing Iraq and Syrias oil then the new qatari pipeline connecting to the Nabuccoi would isolate Russia and reinforce the Petrodollar and US hegemony. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Which is why WW4 is entirely possible and perhaps likely unless the peoples of the west act to stop this lunacy.

    1. beastrabban

      Thanks for mentioning that. It figures. US intelligence as far back as 2005 laid the blame for much of the funding and organisation of al-Qaeda on the Saudis, particularly the head of their intelligence. I also read in Lobster that al-Qaeda’s attacks on the Iraqi Shi’a weren’t carried out on the orders of Osama bin Laden, but by order of the Saudis. Greg Palast in his book, ‘Armed Madhouse’, also makes the point that the use of dollars as the currency used by the oil industry effectively keeps the American economy afloat, and if this is lost because of the power of Russia, China and the emerging nations, America’s economy will go belly up.

  4. gfranklinpercival

    There is no state of war between UK and Syria. If the facts are as reported Cameron, and everyone down to the ground crew is guilty of war crime and must be be tried at the International Criminal Court.

  5. Mr.Angry

    This is going head in to total chaos you can see it unraveling, is there some hidden agenda behind Cameron’s thinking. He is renowned for his lies and deception.

  6. Stephen Bee

    ” I never thought the UK government would make the withdrawal of its support for the concept of international law explicit, as Cameron has done by removing the obligation to comply with international law from the Ministerial Code. That is truly, truly disgraceful.”

    #hameron has nothing but contempt for int’l law

  7. amnesiaclinic

    This has always been the plan since the outset; regime change.
    That is what the British are now openly doing in full daylight.
    Pity the pilots don’t refuse to fly on such illegal missions.
    No, we are not at war with Syria.
    Syria has never attacked us therefore all our actions are illegal and Assad is quite within his rights to say what he did.
    So he gets bombed…
    Money, power and control, as usual are the reasons for all this.

  8. hayfords

    You may need to be careful reposting items from Veterans today. It is a source of misinformation. I have found quite a few comments about the web site. Although it appears to be a major web site, it is in fact just a mouthpiece for Gordon Duff

    Here is the exact quote from Duff.

    “About 30% of what’s on Veterans Today is patently false. About 40% of what I write is at least purposefully partially false. Because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that.”

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      He’s right about what Assad said, and the attack on the Syrian army is publicly known. Sure, the US denies it; we’re going to have a lot of denials and disinformation from both sides in the foreseeable future. It’s important to exercise our own judgement on these matters.

      1. Florence

        To hold those in the ME to account for their backing and funding of wars, and the involvement of the West, is not Islamaphobic, any more than criticising the annexation of Palestine is anti-Semitic, or to oppose Cameron is anti-democratic. The trouble with the sites like VT is that it fills the void left by the MSM which has become a mouthpiece of the establishment, and we do have to be as alert to the potential for misinformation, as we are using any sources including the MSM.

        The corrupting Saudi / US / UK involvement has been known or suspected by many for a long time, and yet it is held in the margins like the 9/11 Truther sites, and VT,; one of the main reasons Corbyn has been so relentlessly attacked is that he has indicated that the Saudi / UK relationship (among many) needs to be given an honest appraisal especially in regard to ISIS funding. That would be a step too far for main stream politics, for the establishment.

  9. randombloke

    This is why governments are going after indie media, those who rely on msm are absolutely oblivious to any of this going on.. and if you even bring it up you get looked at like a loon, conspiracy theorist, or perhaps even an extremist seeing as they keep moving the goal posts.

    This was their plan all along they want to flatten Syria and go after the oil/gas off the coast why else were the energy giants making announcements about “exciting times on the Syrian Frontier” 1/2 days before mps even went to a vote, we were going to be involved no matter what the result.

    I believe daesh while of our making has become a substantial threat over the last several years but in the same breath government is using them to put in place a no-win argument when it comes to their agenda

  10. Kursten

    Not sure I trust half the info flowing onto the net now. There is a serious misinformation campaign going on. since Paris the net is also being played with, FB and Google I notice mostly. Veterans Today is not the most impartial font of propaganda. Old pic of Fifteen squadron as well. Look like practice bomb carriers. Another post of Russian propagada I have seen posted today talks of attack on Spetsnaz spy compound attacked for revealing IS-US link. Revenge was quoted as the reason. Ha. All pretty pathetic reasoning but a wider public with limited knowledge could end up disseminating these deceptions for agent provocateurs. We must be vigilant and where possible verify stories.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You’re complaining because the photo is from a file, rather than from the runway yesterday? Oh dear.
      Do you have any proof that this story – which fits the available information – is wrong? Actual, hard evidence, rather than the denials reported in the piece?
      You’re right that we should fact-check the stories but we shouldn’t suppress them just because ‘our’ side denies a claim made against it.

  11. rockingbass

    and not a word on last night’s PM program…….which was .mainly all about Donald Trump’s sad sad sad vitriol.

  12. NMac

    This illegal bombing by Britain has never been about “terrorism”, it is about regime change. Cameron and his criminal cronies are despicable.

  13. AriusArmenian

    Illegal? That concept doesn’t apply to the insufferable ‘indispensable and exceptional’ lunatics in the West that are like another people that thought they were ‘uber alles’.

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