Amazing. I’m not entirely sure, because the other person seemed a little deranged, but it seems This Writer just endured a quite prolonged attack on Twitter for daring to question the actions of Jewish people.

I don’t mean all Jews, but any Jews at all – for any reason.

After I made it clear that I did not accept this person’s argument, it appears my Twitter account suffered an attack of some kind and I was forced to change my password. I can’t prove it was this person who hid behind the pseudonym “Porky Scratchings”, but it seems a huge coincidence.

Here’s how this person self-identifies on Twitter:

160529 Porky Scratchings

I’m going to publish the conversation below. See if you sympathise with this person, as they complain about me persecuting them and their people.

Porky Scratchings: I am tired of hearing nonJews tell me the Labour Party isn’t antisemitic. You don’t get to decide.

Vox Political: No indeed. We have evidence and facts for that.

PS: It’s like sexual harassment If a woman feels sexually harassed, she has been. Jews define anti-Semitism

VP: No. There has to be an empirical definition, otherwise it is wide open to corruption.

PS: Is sexual harassment open to corruption?

VP: Yes of course – if someone wants to get someone else in trouble and call ‘sexual harassment’ on them.

PS: If a woman claims to have been sexually harassed…there is no defence…can’t claim a different intention

VP: There is certainly a defence if she is lying.

PS: And are you accusing Jews of making corrupt claims of antisemitism? Do you have evidence?

VP: I know false claims have been made recently. Whether by Jews or not is of no interest to me.

VP: Quoting historical facts about the actions of Jews is not anti-Semitism, even if it shows them behaving poorly.

VP: I’ll help you out. Historical fact is fact. It doesn’t hold prejudices because it has no opinion. It is fact.

PS: That statement is de facto antisemitic…work it out

VP: No, it is not. You need to go away now and think very hard until you understand why it isn’t.

VP: Objecting to the behaviour of Jews isn’t necessarily anti-Semitism, if the Jews are behaving badly

PS: “Jews behaving badly” is an antisemitic trope Think about the implications of what you write

VP: Are you really trying to tell the world that no Jew ever behaved poorly? Think about what YOU are implying.

PS: If a person breaks the law, they are judged on individual merits It is not a pretext for group critique

PS: Try replacing the word Jew with Black “you can criticise Jews, if Jews behave badly” Endemic Labour racism

VP: Of course you can criticise a black person if a black person behaves badly.

VP: You can criticise anybody else if their behaviour falls short of the acceptable standard.

PS: Individually, as a person certainly But you seek to attack Jews as a group

VP: I don’t think I want to carry on with this conversation. YOU are clearly falling short of acceptable standards.

VP: No I don’t.

PS: That is precisely what you did the endemic antisemitism in Labour is so ingrained You are in denial

VP: No, I’m not. You talk about anti-Semitism in broad terms but you don’t have a single example.

VP: If it isn’t reasonable to tar all Jews with the same brush, why are you trying to do exactly that to Labour?

PS: “You can criticise Jews if Jews behave badly” this is your stated position

VP: Yup. Just as you can criticise Tories, or Americans, or blog writers. You wouldn’t be attacking ALL Americans.

VP: Look, I’m very sorry but you are coming across as a little unhinged.

PS: Aha Jews who oppose antisemites are unhinged The Labour defence Do you say the same things to black people?

VP: Go away. You are deliberately misinterpreting my words.

VP: I am not anti-Semitic. You have no proof and are merely throwing it at me to justify your own prejudice.

PS: your words “You can criticise Jews if Jews behave badly” would you dare replace the word Jew with black?

VP: Yes of course.

VP: I just told you why.

VP: If you don’t understand, you need to go away and stop bothering me.

PS: I am merely quoting your own words to you You write about Jews in ways you would not dare so do about others

VP: No, I write about people.

PS: I can’t understand how you are denying your own words…your own words!

VP: I’m not denying my words. You are twisting them.

VP: I think I’ve made myself very clear. Won’t be blocking you because I may use your tweets in a future blog.

PS: Please see EUMC working definition of antisemitism and then consider your comments in its context

VP: Maybe I will. I think your problem is you think opposing the actions or words of a, or many, Jews is wrong, simply because it is opposing a Jew. That’s not anti-Semitism. It’s some kind of race supremacy idiocy

PS: Again, it is advisable you refer to EUMC working definition before digging yourself into an ever deeper hole

VP: I just did, and I’m happy to report that I don’t do, and haven’t done, any of the things that are listed.

PS: If you use the term Jew as the basis of criticism, it is antisemitic. Period.

VP: It’s a good thing I haven’t done that, then. YOU have!

[This of course is true. ‘Porky Scratchings’ had taken my words and misinterpreted them to refer to all Jewish people instead of a limited number, so that their Jewishness became the focus of criticism rather than any behaviour that fell short of acceptable standards.]

PS: What have I done?

VP: You have referred to my words as being attacks on all Jews, when they were not. You clearly have prejudice.

PS: you attack an entire racial group? would you dare write what you did replacing the word Jew with Black?

VP: Are you trolling me? I’ve already answered you

PS: If you check the third bullet point on this first list you will see that is exactly what you have done..

[The third bullet point on the list is “accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews”. Let’s have a look at what I wrote, again: “Objecting to the behaviour of Jews isn’t necessarily anti-Semitism, if the Jews are behaving badly”. I was very clearly writing about the behaviour of a certain number of Jewish people, not the entire Jewish race. It seems clear that this person had been trying to get me to write something approximating an attack on the entire Jewish people so he/she could leap in and call me an anti-Semite, and the entire Labour Party by extension, because I am a member of Labour. Do you think that is reasonable?]

PS: What was your answer?

VP: Okay, you ARE trolling. Waste your own time

PS: Another name for the Chanukah list

The conversation was then abruptly terminated when my screen blanked and I received the following message from Twitter:

Your account may have been compromised by a website or service not associated with Twitter. We’ve locked your account to keep it safe. In order to log back in, you must change your password.”

By the time I had done all that, ‘Porky Scratchings’ had blocked me.

Let’s go back to that person’s Twitter avatar. “I am a Zionist“, it proclaimed to the world.

If that’s Zionism, it is to be opposed.

This person deliberately tried to lure me into unacceptable behaviour and then twisted my words to try to make them fit his/her interpretation. They lied about me.

This person claimed that any criticism of any action by any person who happens to be Jewish is anti-Semitic. I can’t support that. It’s an attempt to set one people up above everybody else. Nobody can support that. It is, as I said in the article, race supremacy nonsense.

And when I refused to accept this person’s claims, my Twitter account suffered an entirely unusual attack. That’s too much of a coincidence for my liking.

I consider this to be an act of racism against me. I – a Gentile – dared to debate whether another Gentile had committed an act of anti-Semitism, so I was to be slapped down. It’s a racist act – anti-Gentilism, if there is such a word.

It is shocking that individuals such as this are being allowed to carry out such attacks in the name of Zionism and Judaism as a whole.

They bring both the movement and the religion into disrepute – the kind of which they hypocritically accuse others.


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