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160806 Nuclear deterrent disproval
Compare and contrast: Here in the UK, Jeremy Corbyn is reviled by some due to his abhorrence of nuclear weapons, while in the States, Donald Trump gets the same treatment due to his keenness to use them.

The very concept of a “nuclear deterrent” is ridiculous, and it is long past time we all realised it.

This Writer was recently exposed to a flow diagram explaining the logical fallacies involved in the argument for nuclear weapons, which should appear above.

If anybody disagrees, feel free to comment. I enjoy a good, cynical, gallows-humour laugh.

Joe Scarborough, one of the big reporters in America, stated on his programme, Morning Joe, that a foreign policy advisor had told him that three times when he’d been talking to Trump, the coiffured megalomania had asked him, ‘Why don’t we use nukes?’

[It seems] this is the reason Trump has no foreign policy advisors around him, because they’re horrified by the man’s insane stupidity and bloodlust.

Trump is just so round the bend that even General Haydn, whom Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks’ main anchor, loathes because the man is in favour of torture, mass wiretapping without warrant, and other human rights abuses, was shocked and outraged.

The Turks make the point that the system is designed for efficiency, with the American President have the sole authority needed to launch nuclear weapons in the event of a nuclear strike on the homeland. Of course, he could be blocked by the Vice President, but as they point out, the Vice President is legally bound to obey the president. If he doesn’t, he can be sacked, and another vice president appointed who is willing to comply.

They go on to make the point that Trump is so ignorant, he didn’t actually know who the ‘nuclear triad’ was – the West, Russia and China, if I recall, though at least three other countries also have nukes – Pakistan, India, and Israel, although the Israelis strongly deny it.

Source: The Young Turks: Trump Can’t Work Out Why America Doesn’t Use Nukes | Beastrabban\’s Weblog


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7 thoughts on “The Young Turks: Trump can’t work out why America doesn’t use nukes | Beastrabban\’s Weblog

  1. Zippi

    ‘Tis a shame that our M.P.s don’t think things through as logically as this. I often ask myself why, after the first bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a second was dropped on Nagasaki. The first should have been enough to kick all nuclear weapons into the long grass and beyond.

  2. The Hunchback

    If Japan possessed nuclear weapons before the second world war would America have incinerated Hiroshima and Nagasaki knowing that Japan would have retaliated in kind? If Great Britain disassembled its small nuclear arsenal would any other country with such weapons put one single warhead beyond use as a consequence? Would forgoing nuclear weapons – in order to save money and as a moral gesture – make the United Kingdom safer or stronger? I don’t reckon so. To me it looks more like removing a single card from a house of cards, threatening the stability of the whole structure.

    Nuclear weapons must be reduced multilaterally in concert with other nations. Stable democracies giving up nuclear weapons unilaterally is more likely to threaten world peace than add to it.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You already lost this argument.
      Why do you keep changing your visible name, Tim Robins?
      If Japan had possessed nuclear weapons before WWII, the world would be a cinder by now.
      If the UK disassembled its nuclear arsenal of several hundred warheads, it is entirely feasible that we could persuade other nuclear countries to do the same. Why not? South Africa did, as I explained to you previously.

  3. mohandeer

    Israel no longer denies it, they have at least 230 in the Negev. Pakistan’s nukes have not yet been announced and no-one knows how many Korea has either. The only threat comes from Washington if the useful idiots in charge of NATO decide to pummel the Russian people in accordance with the psychos in charge of the US.

  4. Terry Jager

    Like the flow diagram even though it misses out a few important steps such as ….. does having nukes halt others from launching against us ? ( Fear of retaliation )
    Even so i still don’t want them on our soil & i sure as hell don’t want the bill for them when there not truly independent

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