Labour offends another constituency party by expelling its chairman

Pete Radcliff (left), speaking in favour of Broxtowe CLP's resolution to restore the NHS in 2014.

Pete Radcliff (left), speaking in favour of Broxtowe CLP’s resolution to restore the NHS in 2014.

Wallasey Constituency Labour Party has already been suspended, as has Brighton and Hove CLP. Now it seems Broxtowe is under attack.

The CLP’s chairman, Pete Radcliff, who submitted a resolution to Labour’s 2014 conference for the restoration of the NHS – only to have it rejected – has been expelled from Labour.

The excuse is that he supports the AWL, an organisation that Tom Watson accused of entryism into Labour thanks to the policies of Jeremy Corbyn. But Mr Radcliff has been a member for 35 years.

It is interesting that Owen Smith began talking up the threat of AWL entryism – that organisation is miniscule compared to Labour, by the way – right around the time Mr Radcliff’s expulsion was triggered, but two days before he was told. Now, why would it be timed that way?

And is this really about AWL entryism?

Or is it about the fact that Broxtowe CLP protested against the PLP bid to oust Jeremy Corbyn without allowing the Labour Party membership to vote on it?

Is it about the fact that Broxtowe CLP protested against the NEC’s imposition of a ‘freeze’ date on memberships that stopped anyone who joined that party after January 12 from being able to vote in the election that the PLP was unable to prevent?

Isn’t it interesting that he was told he was being investigated as a ‘hard-left’ activist shortly after these protests were submitted in early August – but has only been notified two weeks before the result of the leadership election is announced?

Incidental to this is the announcement today by a personal friend of This Blog that she has also been suspended – for “activity in breach of rules regarding recruitment”.

She has no idea what this means and has written a Subject Access Request demanding a copy of all relevant information held by the party. Of course, the issue will not be resolved within two weeks – which is exactly why it has been triggered at this time, it seems.

Add it all up, together with the other shenanigans we’ve seen over the summer, and it seems there has been some spectacular skulduggery by people currently occupying positions of responsibility which they appear to have abused.

I know Jeremy Corbyn is keen on conciliation but this cannot be allowed to continue.

After the leadership election is over, it will be time to decide what to do about these people.

I have been informed today that I have been expelled from the Labour Party after a total of 35 years of Party membership and in spite of being Chair of Broxtowe Constituency Labour Party.

This follows an anonymous complaint about me to the Party. I don’t know what has led anyone to complain to the Party about me. I cannot believe that it comes from anyone in my constituency party where inclusiveness and comradely respect is genuinely shown by all party members. I am very grateful for the quick statement of support made by all of my fellow officers of Broxtowe CLP.

I am told that I am expelled because of I am an ‘active supporter of the AWL’ .

The AWL publishes a very useful and educative paper Solidarity and I welcome and am proud of  its significant contribution to debate in the Party and the wider labour movement.

My expulsion appears to have been activated without the knowledge of either myself or my fellow constituency officers – 2 days before I was notified. It was only hours before Owen Smith renewed the attacks on the AWL as ‘hard left’ and made preposterous claim that the AWL is anti-Semitic. The implication is therefore that I, as an individual, am also anti-Semitic. I have campaigned virtually all of my political life against anti-Semitism within the labour movement and I have evidenced some of my work on it below. I consider that implication and the action against me are motivated and contribute to slander against me.

I believe that this is not an attack solely on me as an individual. It is intended to disorganise my constituency party and demoralise its members. It is also part of a national witch hunt conducted by figures still powerful in the Party who are attempting to drive away the hundreds of thousands of new members who have moved it to the left.

Source: I will not accept my expulsion from the Labour Party | Observations from a Third Camp perspective


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14 thoughts on “Labour offends another constituency party by expelling its chairman

  1. rupertrlmitchell

    I am in a very similar position to the above mentioned members and I only received a “notice of suspension” yesterday dated the 9th Sept quoting “for comments made by me between the 26th June and 30th July” without, of course, quoting what those comments might have been. My reply to Iain McNicol will be self-explanatory:-

    “I write to appeal against any last minute decision to deny me my membership of the Labour Party and to ask for explicit reasons for such action. I trust that this will in no way affect my vote for Jeremy Corbyn made on-line in August and I should like confirmation from you that my decision for Jeremy Corbyn will in no way be affected.

    I await hearing from you, without delay, the detailed reasons for wishing to suspend me as a very useful Labour member from the party at a time when it needs every supporter it can get.

    Yours faithfully,

    Rupert Mitchell”

    I can only express my contempt for this disgraceful behaviour and I shall seek reinstatement from Jeremy Corbyn when he is re-elected on the 24th as I have no desire to belong to a Labour party which is presently being run by those whom I consider totally unsuitable.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Send a Subject Access Request like this one.
      You could also send notice that they are in breach of their own rules, like this one.
      Obviously, adapt them to your own situation.
      They’ll have more weight, I think, than a simple letter of appeal.

  2. Kasey Carver

    The Labour Party rule book has 4 dense pages on procedures for cases involving discipline. Were they not followed in this case ?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      We’ll have to find out.
      The thing to remember is that, in those higher positions, almost everybody has an agenda. An allegation can be enough reason to suspend somebody – while an investigation takes place – and they only need to remove people’s votes until after the election has happened.
      So it should be possible to follow the letter of the rules while also carrying out underhanded activities.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The Labour ‘machine’, as it seems to want to be known. The National Executive Committee that has ultimate power over everything the party does.

  3. pj21516

    How can anyone with even a modicum of sense listen and believe one single word any of these non Labour MPs say not one not a single one of them has spoken the truth what they have done I hope is shown the people of Britain what New Labour was all about. And that was Control their tactics were simple but effective if someone disagrees shout them down call them Racists, Biggots, Homophobic, Anti- Semetic, give them nowhere to turn Threaten, Bully, Intimidate, and Browbeat them into Submission and they had the audacity to stand alongside their Warmonger Murdering Leader on an Illegal invasion on the Homeland of Saddam Husein. Why? because Blair and his Cohorts said he was a Despot who treated his people horribly Pot Kettle Black methinks every one of these non labour MPs from Mcnichol, the Deputy leader Watson who along with most every Backstabbing Blair loving MP has that sleekit look and the Osborne Conservative Smirk. Blair,McTernan, Mandellson, Campbell, Brown, Dugdale, and the 174 non labour MPs should be told in no uncertain terms to STFU then those who are still sitting MPs should be promptly Deselected because it is not Mr Corbyn who is Unelectable it is this bunch of Pirates Watson et al. These fools have lost two GEs to a Government who when they got power carried on what Blair and New Labour started the complete Destruction of the Welfare State of which the Jewel in the Crown was The People’s NHS they then forced Austerity onto the poor the Rich were not affected at all nor were the Financial Sector or the expenses cheats of Parliament only the Normal Citizen has suffered. One Hundred Years ago Conservative Politicians along with their Coalition Pals the Liberals were giving Carte Blanche to a bunch of Insane Generals to Wipe from the face of this Earth a whole Generation from Poets, Authors, Inventors, but mostly the Lower Classes Millions of them “RIP Brothers and Sisters” in this Year of the Lord 2016 they have made us suffer six years of purgotary in a vendetta against the People they Loathe Us. Cameron gave the Position of DWP Minister to one Ian Duncan Smith a proven Liar Failed PM and the we were only following orders torturers and tormentors of the poor and disabled whose names shall live in infamy and perpetuity with the Butcher Squad Das Reich. Listen very closely a vote for Smith the Stooge is a Vote for the end of the true Bona Fide Labour Movement a Vote for the return of Blair, Mandellson, Campbell, and the retention of Watson et al think it cannot happen look at France the corrupt present day Napoleon Bonaparte Nicolas Sarkosy is once again on the rise Thatcher, Blair, Cameron, Osborne, Smith, Hunt.J, like Sarkosy know if they tell the peasants what they want to hear and have the real power holders the Media keep repeating it hour after hour Day after Day, Week after Week you get my drift. Anything can happen in life but the Political life is another matter this life is Corrupt beyond belief the myth that we live in a Democratic Society is a Lie the MPs from Mr Corbyns Shadow Cabinet the PLP and most of the NEC have debunked this Myth by their Dystopian Totalitarian attack on the Leader of our Party the CLPs and OUR MEMBERS it is simply “Their Way or No Way” Welcome to Right Wing Britain People.

  4. Hairyloon

    The rules seem perfectly clear, the problem appears to be one of enforcement: the simple fact is that most of these members should have been expelled years ago.

      1. Hairyloon

        The rules very clearly prohibit membership or support of any political organisation other than an official Labour Group and your man there is quite clearly a member of one of those groups.

        It is an outrageous rule IMO, and one of the reasons that I won’t join the party, but the bottom line is that if you do not check the rules before joining, then you have no grounds to complain if you find later that you don’t agree with them.
        You do however have grounds to complain that the rule has not previously been enforced: perhaps if it had, then you would have been able to kick Tony Blair out before he caused trouble.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        No, he isn’t “clearly a member of one of those groups”.
        This is a person who has been a member for 35 years and is currently chair of a CLP. Of course he knows the rules.

      3. Hairyloon

        Are you trying to tell me that AWL is an official Labour Party Group?
        Are you suggesting that it is not political?
        Or are you claiming that he is not a member?

        All of the above appear from here to be total folly, but I do admit that I have not looked at it in any great depth.
        It is not relevant how long he has been a member unless the rules grant any exemption for long service: I would be very surprised if they do…

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        I’m telling you he’s not a member.
        If you keep trying to troll this site with time-wasting questions, I’ll have to ban you from commenting.

  5. mohandeer

    There is no bridging the chasm of divide that the privileged elitists on the right of the Labour Party have brought about. We are no longer a Labour Party which is democratic or socialist, so people might as well tear up their Labour Party membership card, unless, we apply the rules to mean all those who do not wish to be democratic and members of a socialist party. Jeremy Corbyn is a “nice” man, but if he cannot recognise that too many Labour Party members are hostile towards each other and insists on a broad church to include people who no longer want a democratic socialist Labour Party, then there will never be unity. It’s his choice whether or not to address the majority of members concerns over power sharing with people, MP’s in particular, they have no desire to elect. The Mosborough result should have sent warning signals to him, a vast number of pro Corbyn camp members will not vote for an anti Corbyn candidate and vice versa. Do the pro Corbyn supporters outnumber the anti Corbyn supporters? I think they do and many who are not biased one way or another, just want an end to this in fighting, most are quite happy for Corbyn to win.

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