Is Putin preparing for a world war? Is he just sabre-rattling? Or what?

161013-putin-war-preparationsReaders of the Express may be panicking (this is its top-rated story at the time of writing) but I don’t think the rest of us need to – just yet.

Yes, Vladimir Putin is making a lot of loud noises, but he hasn’t issued any “back off or there will be war” ultimatums yet.

And I notice he hasn’t cancelled his upcoming visit to India.

Mr Putin has put forward his side of the argument over Syria in an interview with French journalists. It’s published on the Russian government’s website, so we should be aware that it may not be completely frank, but there is cause for optimism.

He states: “America is a great country, and Americans are interesting, amiable and talented people. They are a great people and nation.

“We will work with whomever the Americans elect. Of course, it is easier to work with those who are willing to work with you. If Trump says he wants to work with Russia, we appreciate this. But it must be mutually honest.

“We must increase mutual trust and admit that these [terrorists] are common threats, and it is only together that we can curtail and eradicate them.”

I’ll publish more of the interview shortly, but it seems – at least from the above – that we are in no immediate danger.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has issued an emergency decree that all officials urgently repatriate any family members living abroad amid fears the world is about to be plunged into a new global conflict.

According to reports, the Russian leader has told diplomats of all ranks to “bring relatives home to the Motherland”.

Administration staff, politicians and public sector workers have been ordered to take their children out of foreign schools immediately.

Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky told the Daily Star: “This is all part of the package of measures to prepare elites to some ‘big war’.”

Among the recommendations is for students in foreign universities to shift to Russian institutions.

Older citizens should also return to Russia, the diktat seen by apparently states.

Source: Vladimir Putin orders Russian officials to fly home relatives over fears of world war | World | News | Daily Express


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16 thoughts on “Is Putin preparing for a world war? Is he just sabre-rattling? Or what?

  1. Neilth

    Ok no formal threats but this is a worrying time and a wrong step could be lethal. Threats, idle or targeted, would be diplomatic poison from either side. However reports of the bombing of Aleppo and particularly of MSF hospitals and civilian areas by either or both Russian and Assads regime must stop.
    Putin seems to be playing Brinksmanship with the West knowing that our governments are reluctant to give Russia an excuse to escalate the confrontation. Boris Johnsons less than diplomatic language is deeply unhelpful in that it wound up The Kremlin while achieving nothing positive.
    His appointment as Foreign Secretary was a huge mistake.

  2. Brian

    Putin has a damned sight more integrity than some other (& proposed) world leaders, he knows the futility of war, only the shortsighted wannabe’s will provoke him, and given any reticence, will.

  3. Anna Zimmerman

    If there is war I know who I’ll be blaming….assuming I get the time to blame anyone. And it won’t be Putin.

    1. mohandeer

      Where do you start with apportioning blame? The UK diplomats were flapping their lips to International journalists about getting Syria “from the inside” along with the US since 1996 and everybody and his uncle in the EU has been chipping in to the situation.

  4. Roland

    I wish the UK had add a Mr Putin he looking after his country and as made no move of aggression the people of aggression to go back to be part of Russia and I hope when Northern Ireland votes to join Eire we will respect there wish and as regard Syria Russia as been asked to help a legal goverment to stop terrorist and that includes the UK and its trolls

    1. mohandeer

      The biggest propaganda financing comes from the US with Israel’s help and the Corporates, many of which are owned by foreign interests, are also happy to fund propaganda shills. Ussama Sulweini(Syrian Observatory for Human Rights) gets his cafe expenses paid in Whitehall where he has been photographed with various Ministers. Western propaganda is big business, so you can forget about kicking out the trolls, were money is involved, concerns for human beings come a long way down the list of right and wrong.

  5. Dez

    I guess that any all out nuclear war will be very quick as each side will need to be first on the button or first strike to win a devastating surprise advantage. This will some huge Pearl Harbour moment with mega loss of life and long term contamination and clear up. The surprise factor will be the winning advantage making for very nervous trigger fingers hopefully not falling in the wrong hands.

    1. mohandeer

      The US is the only country in the world to actively assert the right to pre-emptive strikes, but nuclear war is something the US dare not risk because of China’s relationship with Russia. China has it’s own nukes and so does it’s best friend Korea.
      ICBM’s will be first from NATO countries supplied and egged on by the US, then the counter attacks, only if enough Russian citizens are dead will Putin deploy nukes – after talks with China.
      We should know well in advance what is coming next. Only then will there be a lot of piles of ash – very big ones.

    2. Jonathan L Trapman

      There is no win option! There is no ‘surprise factor’ as a feasible nuke detonation has coordinates that make its place time and date as reliable as a Japanese rail timetable. Atomic Wars are not like other bombs they need certain parameters to be exact to work.
      Add the abilit of Russia to have a neutralise weapon surpassing everything existing and you have a lost chess match.
      Comforting to know but in itself does not destroy idiots with too much arrogance, ignorance and chutzpah!

  6. mohandeer

    The US wants war with Russia – in it’s own good time of course. Putin would be derelict in his duty not to advise all Russians of the possibility that reprisals against Russian nationals may be imminent – it probably is.

  7. Harry

    President Putin Sabre rattling?….I think not. The US has destabilised the Ukraine by means of engineering the overthrow of the democratically elected leader Yanukovich, followed by the installing of an Oligarch controlled ‘pretend’ government that looted the Ukraine very thoroughly, followed by constant bombardment and war upon the ethnic Russian citizens of the Donbass. This war is ongoing with the Ukraine Armed Forces daily shelling the civilian population of the Donbass. Meanwhile, NATO is building up a massive force along Russias’ borders. A force of Warplanes from the NATO nations, heavy armour and artillery battalions, in Bulgaria, Poland, and the other eastern EU nations. The US and its 800+ military bases along with the EU and its hostage nations are not only engaged in the most massive propaganda camaign vilifying Russia, Syria, Iran and their leaders, but are destroying the European economies by the US’ forced sanctions against Russia. The US coalition of corporate oil interest forces are bombing Syrian infrastructure, Syrian Forces, and in practice and by their actions are assisting a mercenary armed invasion operating under the subterfuge of being President Assads opposition….Really? These forces are employed and trained by a variety of special forces (including British) in Turkey and Jordan and then smuggled into Syria and Iraq. When injured these Al Quaeda terrorists are treated in Israel and Turkish hospitals primarily. A nuclear device was used against yemen already, as one was also used against Syria; reportedly in retaliation for Syria destroying an Israeli Submarine caught deploying forces for a task in Syria. The US is currently painting some f18’s in Russian combat colours….?

    There is no doubt who the aggressor is in Syria. Ukraine was likely destabilised to get Russia out of Crimea so that the US could grab Sevastopol. They also want Tartus, as well as a Qatari pipeline in order to steal Russias gas sales to Europe. Everything is aimed at Russia you see.

    My only doubt about Russia is that it operates a Rothschild Central Bank: The worst enemy a nation could have.

  8. Jonathan L Trapman

    Putin and all the Russian points of authority have made it abundantly clear that the West is way out of order. They are not one iota upholding any international law, their press all MSM in the UK included is waging the most pitiful and noxious propaganda war on the people.
    Every independent journalist in Syria supports the fact that the BBC and media are wholly lying for their masters, with definitive proof.
    The fact you even quote the Express, it a top rated story, when it is merely BS of the highest smell, again shows you really need to do your better research on foreign affairs before making yourself look less than your normal exceptionally good commentator.
    No one in their right minds ought to buy the BS we are fed, unless they have something invested in quisling ways.
    Russia will never first strike. If it does it will be to DEFEND its territory or that ground it has legal permission to defend for another.
    That it also has announced and already demonstrated it has the capability weapons to neutralise, without loss of life, any offensive actions, is testament to its integrity.
    America, along wit its poodle UK is 100% incapable of making a move they have been check mated.
    The only thing left is the Dr Strangelove Option and although there are enough really stupid people in the Pentagon to make such a rash move, I feel at present they will stay their hands.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Er, Jonathan? The whole tone of my piece is that the Express article isn’t to be believed.
      Please try to apply a little judgement before writing off my own critical abilities.

  9. Jonathan L Trapman

    Well you do hedge your bets – “It’s published on the Russian government’s website, so we should be aware that it may not be completely frank, but there is cause for optimism.”
    If you had really studied what the Russians have said over the last years, each response to the ludicrous cries of the Western powers you ill have sen that their assessments, judgements etc were absolutely bang on
    It’s always the same, so many fail to really beieve that Russia in all of these scenarios speaks truth98% of the time to the obverse of the UK/US. Proven in their statements so many times.

    So when idiots like Johnson stand up and spout his trash still people take the perhaps he is right approach. It is unbelievable.

    I am all for giving anyone an opportunity to be even handed but the Brits have over and over again benn as specious as the best of them.

    We used to be renowned for our diplomatic skills, my genrational family being a global player in this area. Now it is mere Sun reader jargon and pesky crude soundbites to get the masses shit scared and bruise for a fight. In today’s terms that can mean annihilation

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