‘Corbyn is too quiet,’ say his critics. Have they never bothered to read his Twitter feed?

Jeremy Corbyn [Image: Russell Cheyne / Reuters.]

A few days ago, a commenter on This Site – criticising Jeremy Corbyn and claiming that the Labour Party was an ineffective opposition – said that the Labour leader needed to be far more proactive and that Her Majesty’s Opposition needed to, you know, oppose.

Silly, silly person.

Yesterday, This Writer got around to checking Mr Corbyn’s Twitter feed. Based on my commenter’s claims, I expected to see very little, other than perhaps a few virtual tumbleweeds, drifting past in the metaphorical wilderness.

Here’s what I saw instead:

Point made? Or are we now to see claims that it isn’t Mr Corbyn writing the tweets but an aide?

That would be really pathetic.

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14 thoughts on “‘Corbyn is too quiet,’ say his critics. Have they never bothered to read his Twitter feed?

  1. Paul

    Meanwhile, in the real world…

    “ICM’s regular poll for the Guardian is out today and has topline figures of CON 43%(-2), LAB 25%(-1), LDEM 11%(+2), UKIP 11%(+1), GRN 4%(nc). The 25% for Labour equals the lowest in the ICM/Guardian series of polls, previously reached during the nadir of Gordon Brown’s government in 2009.”

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You and your silly polls, Paul!
      Haven’t we already told you they’re nonsense?

    2. Jo

      Didn’t you know Paul that opinion polls are a device for influencing public opinion, not a device for measuring it. Seems like they’re influencing you well, keep up the good work for the establishment.

      1. Paul

        If you really think that EVERY polling organisation is busily producing very SIMILAR falsified results in order to “influence” people into believing that Labour is miles behind the Tories electorally and so to discourage them from voting for Labour is bonkers. It’s like denying gravity and jumping out of a skyscraper expecting to float and not to fall! I honest to God can’t believe you people. You seem to regard politics like religion and, with enough faith, seem to believe that obviously failing political parties can end up winning elections and moving mountains. My goodness we are in for a drubbing in 2020 folks and no mistake with all of the injustice, pain and misery that will follow some of the blame for which must be borne by Labour for making itself even more unelectable that it was before.

        It will give me no pleasure whatsoever to come back to this blog, if it still exists, in three years time, and write: I told you didn’t i?

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        The trouble with your attitude, Paul, is that you are trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.
        Like Peter Mandelson, you devote a significant proportion of your time to undermining the Labour leadership when you could be using it to promote the party’s policies.
        Which policies do you oppose? Or perhaps you are going to say you don’t think Labour has any, which is a mealy-mouthed excuse if ever I saw one.

    3. Jo Urquhart

      Don’t be silly that’s not what I’m saying at all. What I am saying is that as soon as polls are published, they are used to inform media articles – always in the context of your own political views of course – you inevitably influence those being polled. A statistical own-goal.

  2. Joan Edington

    It’s a sad day when someone has to judge the level of political opposition by a count of Tweets. WTF is parliament for.

  3. Dez

    I have never used twitter however just reviewing the sample JC twitters I just wish some of these comments were actually in the media which I think would answer some of the critics points that he is not making his political prescence felt. Totally appreciate the media has got a conservative bias and is anti Corbyn maybe it’s time to change Labours PR machine for not delivering the goods. Not sure doing a Trump and just using twitter is the answer to getting the publics attention.

  4. hugosmum70

    sorry but i do not use twitter. i tried it and found it utterly useless unless you use one liners. im not paying for the privelage to add a few extra words., why cant he use facebook?

  5. Ian

    It wouldn’t matter if an aide did write the tweets, JC is a busy man and it would be a lot quicker to give the bullet points to an aide who could then knock them into tweetable form. That probably *will* become another way of sniping at JC, though, the media literally cannot get enough of those.

    Any media git who says Corbyn doesn’t put his message out is redefining dishonesty, they all know very well that Corby has plenty to say but the media neglect their supposed duty to report on it honestly.

    That was the irksome thing (well, one of them) about Owen Jones’ weaselly assertion that he’d back a left wing replacement for Corbyn so Labour didn’t lose the election. That is disingenuous guff. The Labour right, media and corporate establishment absolutely will not allow a left wing presence anywhere near power, no matter how media friendly he or she might be.

    You think Corbyn has had a rough ride? Wait til an election is called, the all the stops will be pulled out.

  6. hugosmum70

    you mean as before when underhand means were employed to make sure the cons got in?they have the money to do such things. Labour dont stand a chance if that’s allowed to go on yet again.you cannot win against liars and cheats. mores the pity.(unless you go against all Labour’s principles and get down to the cons level .)

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