Tories have banned job centres from referring claimants to food banks

Those genocidal maniacs at the Department for Work and Pensions are trying to cull the stock further by banning Job Centre staff from referring starving benefit claimants to food banks, it seems.

According to Lewes Eye, claimants will be referred to Citizens Advice or similar agencies that may be able to send them to food banks.

The aim appears to be to add another layer of delay so it takes longer for starving people to get the nutrition they need.

Food bank operators only found out after they asked current users to get new referral letters from their Job Centre, to check they were still qualified. Nobody appears to have told Citizens Advice, according to the report, or any other bodies that will now be expected to handle this.

Lewes Job Centre did email Lewes District Council’s tenant participation team. Reproduced in the report, it said: “DWP policy does not permit jobcentres to refer customers to food banks by issuing vouchers or referral forms.”

The Eye commented: “The DWP is doing this because the government is frightened that campaigners will be able to show that benefit cuts and the new Universal Credit are driving people into destitution. Last August the DWP told job centre staff not to record the referrals they made.  Now they are going even further to stop the obvious link being made

“Never mind that it will be harder for people to get emergency food and for food banks to ensure that the food gets to those who need it most, the DWP is off the hook.”

Reporting the change on his blog, Universal Credit Sufferer, Alex Tiffin stated: “Speaking from experience, accepting you need to use a foodbank takes time. Many will be embarrassed and already starving so to send them to another agency to explain it all over again, is frankly disgusting.”

He stated: “Once again the DWP are placing all the expectation on the Charity sector to pick up their mess. Citizens Advice and charities are already under intense pressure due to the issues Universal Credit has brought. What’s more, this wild goose chase the DWP are sending claimants on will inevitably delay them getting the help they need.”

I say this is yet another tactic by the DWP to throw attention away from the fact that it is starving benefit claimants to death.

How many PIP claimants died while awaiting a decision – 21,000? And 7,990 died within six months of being told they didn’t qualify for the benefit.

Maybe these people had terminal conditions in any case, but they were also deprived of the means to support themselves and questions need to be asked about how far this contributed to the deaths.

This decision by the DWP puts people, who need help but aren’t getting it from the state, further away from the sustenance they need.

It’s chequebook euthanasia. I’ve been saying it for more than four years and it is still going on. The death toll is already greater than that managed against sick and disabled people by the Nazis in the run-up to World War II. When are we going to admit what the Tories – quietly, behind the scenes, are doing?

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19 thoughts on “Tories have banned job centres from referring claimants to food banks

  1. Jeffrey Davies

    Sieg hiel it’s called culling the stock through benefits denial aktion t4 rolling along without much of a ado

  2. Theresa Skinner

    Can the tories stoop any lower. Or be any more unfeeling and cold towards the vulnerable.

  3. hugosmum70

    dont see why GP staff cant issue food bank referals. (or can they?ive not heard of it if they can)..i know they are overworked(GPs that is,) but reception staff should surely be able to do this.or take on a volunteer to do sure someone in each community would be willing.

  4. nmac064

    The nasty evil vindictive Tories – they really must be got rid of. Just when you think they have sunk as low as any inhumane evil people can go, they come up with yet another evil edict.

  5. Richard C

    You start your artical, “genocidal maniacs” then expect to be taken seriously or pass moral judgement on anyone. Does the media have no respect for itself at all anymore. Freedom of the press now seems of secondary significance next to holding you to account for your rediculous narratives.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You disagree? Conventional wisdom put genocide at anything more than 100,000 deaths, and the Tories passed that figure years ago, as evidenced on this site and many others.

  6. colin

    You know that even Hitler treated not only his people but, prisoners’ of war much better than this. Britain has become the scum of the Earth.
    The political elite and all who agree with them are fascist evil scum.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You know, when discussing Hitler, that “his people” were an elite minority? You must also consider his treatment of the sick, disabled, Roma and Jews, to name but a few.

  7. Jenny Killgannan

    For the last few years, Britain have been entering into a third world poverty. The ones mostly effected are the sick and disabled all run by the DWP with the support of our government. In the meantime, our government are making agreements to give billions of pounds of our hard earned taxes to other countries in the name of Brexit. This is only the start. This third world poverty will get much worse until it effects everybody except the rich. We have done nothing to deserve this. It’s all about Power and Greed. This will not stop until there is a war.

  8. John Costello

    There is something truly evil at the heart of this Conservative government.

    John Costello
    Activist for ‘We Are Shadows’

  9. Stu

    From personal experience, I saw that my local Jobcentre “unoficially” gave out lists of foodbanks straight after they started their sanctions regime around 2013.
    Later it seemed to have become standard policy but then has shifted back to sneakily unoficially “slipping” lists to clients.

    My conclusion is that any offical recognition that they are harming clients is muted to save face – or as USA calls it – plausible deniability.

  10. Rik

    Evil to the last..
    Probably they’ll privatise the food banks in the near future if they are still in power. . . Evil f***s . . .

  11. hugosmum70

    whats the point of refering people to C.A.B branches when it can take days to get an appointment,. they are run off their feet, wont make apts over the phone (assuming you can actually speak to someone on the phone) , their branches have been cut as well as most unemployed workers centres which would have been able to take this job of food bank referals on, using volunteer staff. the one i worked at had 3 paid staff. ,manager /benefits adviser. developement worker/adviser and disability adviser. one trained volunteer giving benefits and debt advice. and 2-04 other volunteers doing other jobs . i remember in the 90s distributing butter and canned beef through that centre. as well as othersa in the town. but this govt has withdrawn funding to a lot of those type of advice centres and whats left seem to be doing less benefit advice, more debt n aother peroblems advice. DWP must know this. so yes i agree,its yet another way to cull the poorer end of the population. time something was done. we keep ketting told theres an election round the corner. but which corner? so far we are going round so many corners its like unrolling a ball of wool. one day we will come to the emnd and find nothing there.

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