Don’t be put off supporting the Vox Political crowdfunder by lies from the haters

My page on CrowdJustice still needs donations as it is still a long way from its “stretch” target of £25,000.

Sadly it seems to have attracted more attention from supporters of the two TV personalities who are trying to intimidate me with the threat of court action.

Not only are these people trying to intimidate me (rather foolishly, if you think about it), but they are also trying to put people off supporting my campaign – with lies.

It’s only natural for them, I suppose. What else do they have? Nothing.

I have already written about the silly whopper that was doing the rounds again last week, immediately after I launched the crowdfunding bid.

Even though I put the record straight on that matter (again), it seems these hate-filled individuals are still using it to try to lead people of good conscience astray.

For the record, they were claiming that a comic strip I wrote, ridiculing Adolf Hitler, his followers, and Nazi ideology, was an anti-Semitic tract idolising him – and pretended that one episode – “The Orator” – showing Hitler surrounded by gas clouds in some sort of freakish homage to the gas chambers that are forever synonymous with the Nazi holocaust.

In fact, as we all know, it was mocking Hitler for what he was – a flatulent git. He had appalling conditions of the bowels that manifested themselves in a particular way when he was giving his speeches; as above, so below. He would start talking quietly and slowly, and as he did so, he would begin to break wind – quietly and slowly. But we know that the pattern of his speeches meant he would speed up and increase in volume. As above, so below. By the time he finished, he’d be blowing left, right and centre – above and below, and I showed that in the form of cartoon clouds that, in the story, render his own standard-bearers unconscious. This meaning was made blatantly clear in the story.

But haters have to hate. And it seems they have to lie, too.

So, in spite of the evidence that I published for the whole world to see, in a previous article, these creeps are continuing to broadcast the lie. I received a couple of tweets about it today from a person who (fortunately) checked the facts of the matter before making her decision:

I’ll tweet a link to my original article shortly after this one, and maybe at intervals afterwards. It won’t stop the haters but it will expose their dishonesty.

And they have other lies, of course. Here’s the same guy who tweeted the false references about my Hitler strip, referring to the crowdfunding page directly:

In fact, Rachel Riley and Tracy Ann Oberman are forcing me to seek help from people who are interested in justice.

Thanks to their positions as media personalities, they are well-resourced individuals who can easily afford to finance a court case that may cost more than £100,000 – and they know that I don’t have that kind of money.

So, knowing that what I wrote about them is not libel, but is in fact an honest expression of opinion, based on factual evidence and published in the public interest, their threat of court action seems intended to drain my own funds to such a point that I cannot sustain my defence and have to retract my comments, even though there is nothing wrong with them.

Simply put: These individuals are trying to use their wealth to abuse the justice system and hide the facts. This is not about me getting other people to pay for my mistakes, but about them trying to pauperise me in order to hide their own.

Notice also the attack against socialism. As far as Ms Riley and Ms Oberman’s supporters are concerned, this is clearly nothing to do with the fight against anti-Semitism, as they claim. It is a false-flag attack on the political left-wing.

If you are a socialist, perhaps you could consider supporting my crowdfunding appeal for that reason, if for no other.

And while neither of the individuals who are threatening me have made claims of anti-Semitism against me, their followers aren’t as canny:

Notice in this instance there is no attempt to justify the accusation of anti-Semitism at all. I refer you to the infographic at the top of this article.

A response to that tweet used another common tactic: guilt by association.

The only problem with this is that neither Jackie Walker nor Marc Wadsworth are anti-Semites. Do you like the baseless claim that they’ve been having “luxury holidays” with money the haters claim is left over from their own fights for justice? As if we’re all ripping people off. A shameful accusation.

Finally, if there’s nothing else to say, these people can always fall back on blind hate:

All of these messages – along with others I haven’t used, and no doubt many that were hidden from me because their authors are so cowardly they’ve blocked me from receiving them – were sent during a single day.

The intended effect is clear: To intimidate me and to put people off supporting me.

They’re not going to bully me, but if other people don’t know the facts, they could still starve the crowdfunding page.

So, please, if you haven’t donated, please do. And if you have, please share this article with people who haven’t, and encourage them to.

After all, nobody with right on their side has to resort to lies, bullying and hatred.

Have YOU donated to my crowdfunding appeal, raising funds to fight false libel claims by TV celebrities who should know better? These court cases cost a lot of money so every penny will help ensure that wealth doesn’t beat justice.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t be put off supporting the Vox Political crowdfunder by lies from the haters

  1. Govt Newspeak

    I am getting sick to my back teeth of Rachel Riley, what is her endgame? If it’s not Corbyn, she’s maligning it’s others’
    She needs stopping.

  2. TFS


    You should check out Tony Greensteins blog.

    I’m sure he’s suing for libeling against a pro-zionist group. Their defense is an interesting one which Tony outlines, which might be of use.

  3. msw

    Mike, as soon as I get paid, I will give you some money. It won’t be a lot, but I hope it will help.

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