New campaign will showcase politicians’ ‘honest’ Brexit statements

Telling: Is the possibility of increased ‘serious organised crime’ post-Brexit the real reason Boris Johnson’s government is boosting (albeit feebly) crimefighting measures?

“Honest” ‘no deal’ Brexit adverts are coming to our billboards courtesy of campaigners Led by Donkeys, to counteract a £100 million “public information campaign” by Boris Johnson.

Critics have labelled BoJob’s plan a propaganda campaign to mislead the public and normalise a chaotic exit from the European Union.

Led By Donkeys have therefore set up their own adverts featuring warnings given by Johnson’s cabinet ministers over the past three years.

Take a look:


3 thoughts on “New campaign will showcase politicians’ ‘honest’ Brexit statements

  1. Zippi

    Almost everybody who voted to leave, whom I’ve seen in interview, acknowledges and accepts that it will not be plain sailing, that there will be disruption, pain, call it what you will but they all believe it a price worth paying. I’m not sure that such a campaign will change the minds of these people, it will be like preaching to the choir.
    I have always said that fear is good, it is sensible but one should not be mastered by it.

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