A nasty reminder of why I’m fighting a false libel claim

Beware of trolls: Many of the social media antagonists claiming to be fighting anti-Semitism may have an entirely different agenda. Help to discourage them by contributing to my libel defence fund.

This Writer’s fight against false libel claims by Rachel Riley isn’t just about her, but also about defending myself against her cronies who think that bullying young people  – and using vile language to intimidate anybody – is acceptable behaviour.

I’m referring to the kind of people who sent death threats to a teenage girl with anxiety issues, making her afraid to leave her house after Ms Riley referred to her in some very unwise tweets.

I was reminded of their ways earlier today, after the celebrity David Schneider tweeted concerns about a Labour Party member who had been outed as an anti-Semite by a member of an anonymous troll network closely associated with Ms Riley. I tweeted a warning that these people were not to be trusted and that, in my opinion, they were contributing to any increase in anti-Semitism by their behaviour.

Think about it: If you were subjected to a false accusation of anti-Semitism by someone, and then to bullying by that person’s followers, I think it would be enough to make you extremely unhappy with them. Add in the fact that they claim to be representing Jewish people, and it would be easy to let that… let’s call it disgruntlement… spill over to become a generalised unhappiness with that entire social group.

Fortunately, both I and the young lady involved have avoided that. But you can appreciate that others may not be as even-handed about it.

Inevitably, given the nature of the conversation, somebody had to take issue with me – so I gave my reasons for reacting as I had:

This led to a dialogue in which the following happened:

We may conclude that harrytaylor isn’t interested in anti-Semitism – he wants to attack Jeremy Corbyn – and Chris Williamson – with false accusations.

And I know I don’t have to explain to anybody here that (((Fightingb4ck)))’s tweet was entirely false (although the inclusion of the link to my CrowdJustice appeal was welcome and I hope people used it to donate).

The trouble is, it’s an attempt to harm me and my credibility with lies.

Another anonymous troll also leapt in, tweeting “I don’t know why you debate with that racist scumbag Sivier – racist c**** like him deserve just one kind of message. He is the most vile kind of BNP racist.”

I suppose it’s a relief that this person self-censored the ‘C’-word. If I were someone who didn’t have a website, they probably wouldn’t.

This is the treatment dealt out to people like myself and others who support justice based on fact: evidence-free abuse.

I wonder if Ms Riley is proud of her supporters?

It all reminds me of the reasons I must fight her – and their – false claims. But I still need help to do it so I’m taking this opportunity to renew my appeal.

If you are willing to help me defeat the liars, you are invited to do one, some, or all of the following:

Email five of your friends, asking them to pledge to this CrowdJustice site. The address is https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/mike-sivier-libel-fight/

You could also post a link to Facebook, asking your friends to pledge.

If you’re on Twitter, you could tweet in support, quoting the address of the appeal.

If you use other social media platforms, please mention the campaign there, quoting the appeal address.

And if you can afford it, please consider pledging some cash yourself.

It seems clear to me that these people aren’t fighting against anti-Semitism; they’re simply trying to upset people who support the current Labour leadership for political reasons of their own.

A court win might give them reason to reconsider their behaviour – but I can’t make that happen without your help.

Have YOU donated to my crowdfunding appeal, raising funds to fight false libel claims by TV celebrities who should know better? These court cases cost a lot of money so every penny will help ensure that wealth doesn’t beat justice.


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2 thoughts on “A nasty reminder of why I’m fighting a false libel claim

  1. Dave Rowlands

    What makes these people get out of bed in the morning? Theirs lives must have hit such a low point that they have nothing better to do than sling around false accusations in the hope that you will respond in the same way they attack then try playing the victim card.

    All these accusations, none with any real truth behind them, I have not seen anyone charged for the crime of Anti-Semitism yet everyone accused of it is guilty of it. This can’t go on, it’s a disgrace to use racism as a political weapon, it reduces the effects of the real crime a thousand fold as people will just turn around and say, “Oh, not that again”.

  2. Jean Hardiman Smith

    You are so right, Mike. The use of “bad” language is far from friendly banter. It isn’t even a call to a bit of a fight among equals. As a Glaswegian I should know – seen enough gang and street fighting.. It is a bunch of snobs trying to sound like people like us, and.influence us to think they are “one of us”. Vote for me and I’ll see you down the pub is the yellow trousered ones subliminal message + and Bojob and Trumps. It is also designed by Tories of the right. and their friends of the alt right to indimidate and deflect from the facts. I was called the full C word for sympathising with Owen Jones for the attack on his birthday. Not the first time I have had to deal with bad language when there should be rational and respectful debate. At times it feels like the barrage of filth is unrelenting as if we say anything even vaguely pro Corbyn, never mind laying our colours to the mast, that bad language and denegration of the person not the message,is the favoured response!! Don’t even bother trying to put forward any facts – they pile on you with a barrage of bile that would have their mums (or nannies) washing their mouths out with soap. Lions led by donkeys, but the donkeys have money and ruthlessness on their side..How Corbyn is still standing I will never know, but it shows the character of the man.

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