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Dorothy Byrne: I considered it wiser to use an image of her than to focus on a lying politician. I’m sure you can think of plenty of them.

Some of us over here on the social media have been calling Boris Johnson, Jo Swinson and their ilk liars for a considerable time.

But I welcome Dorothy Byrne’s call for mainstream media journalists to subject the political class to far closer scrutiny than they get at the moment.

She is absolutely right to say that a politician who has deliberately spoken a falsehood should be challenged over it – immediately.

I look forward to seeing this policy implemented across the BBC, ITV and Sky News, as well as Channel 4 – although I am concerned that Andrew Marr and/or Jo Coburn may choke while trying it.

Channel 4’s head of news has defended the right of journalists to call out politicians for telling lies.

Dorothy Byrne delivered a keynote speech at the Edinburgh TV Festival on Wednesday, calling Prime Minister Boris Johnson a “coward” for not granting news interviews.

She also said he was “a known liar”.

Byrne told the BBC: “If someone has deliberately spoken an untruth and we have evidence, we have to consider saying that what is said is a lie.”

Source: Channel 4 News boss says media have right to call politicians ‘liars’ – BBC News