Starmer stumbles on anti-Semitism: will he kick out Corbyn & make Labour a haven for racists?

Bringing racism back to the Labour Party? Actress Frances Barber (here as the villainous Madame Kovarian in Doctor Who) has applied to rejoin the Labour Party. She has been accused of murderous prejudice against Muslims.

Keir Starmer’s hard line on anti-Semitism could make him the most unpopular leader in Labour Party history, haemorrhaging members from his first full day.

He has written a letter to the Board of Deputies of British Jews, following up on his pledge to “tear out this poison by its roots”, offering a meeting with groups representing the select group of British Jews who claim there is a problem:

He offers a video conference with the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Leadership Council, the Community Security Trust and the Jewish Labour Movement. Note that Jewish Voice for Labour, Jewdas and the Jewish Socialists’ Group are excluded. Why?

The letter was seized by other organisations, such as the hysterical Campaign Against Antisemitism, which has put Mr Starmer in a very difficult position:

Starmer is now caught between a rock and a hard place – knowing that he put himself there.

Jeremy Corbyn – and the socialist vision of the Labour Party that he represented – attracted more than 300,000 people to join (or rejoin) that organisation.

If Starmer decides to launch disciplinary procedures against Corbyn – especially on the basis of the scanty evidence put forward by the CAA or any of the other witch-hunt groups – the party will haemorrhage members.

It will be reduced to the status of a minority interest fringe group with outlandish ideas about the way Jews are (and should be) treated.

But if he doesn’t, the BoD, the JLC, the CST, the JLM and the CAA will accuse him of anti-Semitism – just as they accused Corbyn – and the right-wing mass media will seize upon the claim.

And there’s a further question about the quality of Starmer’s leadership.

He fell into this obvious trap like a complete and utter muppet. How can anybody expect him to be any use as Leader of the Opposition?

We should not also that this development has been accompanied by a sudden inrush, back into Labour, of all the “anti-Semitism!” screamers who so publicly flounced out over the last five years of Corbyn’s leadership.

It is probably safe to suggest that they have done this in order to flounce out again if Starmer fails to do what he’s told.

So let’s put a little perspective on that.

One of these candidates for Labour membership is an actress called Frances Barber (pictured above). She spent much of yesterday (April 4) in a row with left-wing journalist Owen Jones over claims that she is frothing with racism against Muslims:

“Please stop killing us” as a response to Muslims denouncing the actions of killers and saying true members of their faith have nothing to do with such actions? Clearly prejudicial against Islam, and it could be argued that there’s a racial motive.

In fairness to Ms Barber (which is more than she ever gave me – she sided with Rachel Riley and Tracy-Ann Oberman when they falsely accused me of libelling them) she has claimed that she did not send the offending tweet… by sending another offensive tweet, as you can see, above.

So Mr Jones provided some more evidence. I present this with no comment:

If you want to see some of Ms Barber’s comments on former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, here’s an article.

The response was, I suppose, predictable – considering the behaviour towards This Writer of her friends Riley and Oberman:

Mr Jones’s comments have been roundly condemned by supporters of Ms Barber – who seem to have made ad hominem attacks (against him personally) rather than addressing the issue he raised. Others have offered evidence in support, or simply expressed their horror at the thought that this person might be allowed back into the party:

As I say, I’m not going to offer an opinion on Ms Barber and her behaviour. I merely present the information and it is for you, dear reader, to decide whether the claims about her are true or false.

But if you decide they are true – and you’re a member of the Labour Party – you need to decide whether you want to share your party with somebody like that. Labour may be a “broad church” but I’m sure it has never offered open support for racism and the kind of people who offer violence to party leaders past or present.

And you need to decide whether you want to stay in an organisation whose leader allows that kind of person to join while perversely claiming it is a blow against racism.

Have YOU donated to my crowdfunding appeal, raising funds to fight false libel claims by TV celebrities who should know better? These court cases cost a lot of money so every penny will help ensure that wealth doesn’t beat justice.

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11 thoughts on “Starmer stumbles on anti-Semitism: will he kick out Corbyn & make Labour a haven for racists?

  1. Jeffrey Davies

    The only troubles come from his and his kind they ain’t labour but then they won’t leave either supposedly they are saviours like Eck untill they shown the door then on it goes

  2. Julia

    It didn’t take genius to see that signing the JBoD ‘pledges’ would come back to haunt the candidates involved, but what on earth are you thinking Keir Starmer? I was very disappointed with the leadership election result but was willing to give him a chance. But this, on the very day the result was announced!!! This does not bode well……

  3. Neville

    Judging by your tone, you’ve already decided to oppose Starmer. But if you and others still feel that you won’t give him a fair hearing then you should set up a new left party that will genuinely challenge the Conservative government. Trying to rejoin the party that has since left you is like flogging a dead horse. The only saving grace from the leadership fiasco is that he will never be prime minister. He has made mistake after mistake… and that’s on the second day being leader.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      On the contrary – I am giving Starmer a fair hearing.

      I’m glad you agree that he will never be prime minister – his job is to keep any socialist from becoming PM.

      1. Nicola K

        Correct, that is the only purpose of Keir Starmer – it has been patently obvious from the very beginning of his time in Shadow Cabinet. He has never once been interviewed where he praised Jeremy Corbyn for his policies – in fact, he only mentioned Jeremy’s name when there were votes in it for him. Speaks volumes. What are the chances he will now do what Jeremy Corbyn warned him not to do – form a government of national unity with the Tories – turning Britain into a one party Tory/establishment state?

  4. Caroline Carney

    Have you heard about the other case which was supposed to happen on Tuesday. They have decided due to the virus it will not be in court but the judge will announce his decision. Could this happen in yours if so the court costs will be less!!!

    Frances Barber is an appalling racist and an Anti Trans Rottweiler. She jumps in conversations and abuses people in the most disgusting way. She tweets like she is a member of UKIP all abuse no facts. She encouraged that other appalling actor Tracy Ann Hoberman to abuse a young member of the party. I have historically had many interactions with her. She blocked me when I said she was appallingly bad in Night of the Iguana at the National theater. Sh was truly appalling trying to upstage everyone. Eileen Atkins and Alfred Molina were amazing. She and Oberman tweet like they are drunk all the time making accusations and abusing people.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Whose case was that then? I’ve heard nothing about Jane Heybroek’s…

      1. eatonheli 13

        Apparently her libel action against Laura Murray.
        The oral hearing has been cancelled as is happening in lots of cases and will be done on exchange of papers. A fairly standard practice

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        That’s really interesting – my own (I’m – falsely – accused by Rachel Riley) is going to full trial, although probably not until next year.

  5. timfrom

    Keir Starmer. Where do you start? As Spike Milligan said of Prince Charles, “what a grovelling little shit!”

    As for Barking Barber and the rest of the returning Blairite scum, we should give them as much rope as they need to turn Labour into the UK’s version of the Likud party, which is to say we should all cut up our cards and give them a spade on our way out. We won’t want to be associated with the resulting embarrassment!

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