Hypocrisy of UK MPs sanctioned for criticising China human rights abuses

Hypocrite: Iain Duncan Smith oversaw the deaths of thousands of unemployed, sick and disabled people who were victimised by his ‘reforms’ to the UK’s benefit system. How dare he criticise another country for doing the same to its people?

Shame on the Tory MPs who are whining because China has sanctioned them for highlighting that country’s abuses of the Uighurs!

Yes, you read that right. Shame on them, because they are hypocrites.

They seem to think it is perfectly reasonable to claim moral superiority over the government of another country for abusing its citizens’ human rights, while turning a blind eye to the fact that they are doing exactly the same to the people of the UK.

Tory MPs Iain Duncan Smith, Nusrat Ghani, Tim Loughton, Neil O’Brien and Tom Tugendhat all merrily voted in support of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill that will strip many of us of our human rights – and remove from all of us the right to protest in any meaningful way against further Tory atrocities against us.

Duncan Smith is well-known as an advocate of harm against his fellow UK citizens, having presided over the deaths of many thousands of benefit claimants – that occurred for no documented reason – under the cruel regime he imposed at the Department for Work and Pensions. But now he’s saying

Those of us who live free lives under the rule of law must speak for those who have no voice.

He was quite happy to deprive benefit claimants of their voices – and to look the other way when his policies deprived them of their lives. In their thousands, remember – not just one or two mistakes.

Attacking human rights abuses anywhere else in the world must be, for these people, an act of abominable hypocrisy.

Note also the typical reaction of the bully: these are people who sneered at us for protesting against the Police Bill and then went right ahead and voted to strip us of our rights – but when the shoe is on the other foot and they’re being singled out by China, suddenly they’re whining about how unfair it is.

Boris Johnson is, of course, the worst of the lot.

Despite being omitted from the list of UK MPs selected for sanction by China, he had the cheek to say

Freedom to speak out in opposition to abuse is fundamental and I stand firmly with them.

Fine words from the prime minister whose sickeningly draconian Police Bill strips his own people of that very freedom.

I do not wish to defend China. It’s treatment of the Uighurs is vile and should be opposed by all those of good faith. But these Tories are not opposing China in good faith. They’re trying to steal undeserved good publicity by attacking a country whose human rights abuses are – currently – worse than their own.

But it doesn’t work that way – or at least it shouldn’t.

Any attack on anybody’s rights as a human being is an attack against all of us – everywhere.

Johnson and his other little Tories might think they can take what moral high ground there is to be gained because their abuses aren’t quite as bad. But we know where that thinking leads.

The abuses become worse.

The number of people being oppressed grows.

The UK’s Tory government already fits every description of a fascist state that is worth reading. If you’re not feeling Johnson’s jackboot on your face yet, it’s just a matter of time.

So don’t waste any sympathy on these liars. They don’t deserve it.

Source: Uighurs: China bans UK MPs after abuse sanctions – BBC News

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16 thoughts on “Hypocrisy of UK MPs sanctioned for criticising China human rights abuses

    1. Mark

      A good expose of Tory hypocricy and crocodile tears but why have you fallen into the bear trap of anti-china propaganda as regards the Uighurs? There is no reliable factual evidence to back these claims up and it’s unlikely there will be now the new cold War has started.

  1. road wish

    U should start that all this: “abuses of the Uighurs!” is just a propaganda from western imperialists.

      1. Bal

        Because that’s what US led western imperialists do. Have you forgotten about Iraqi WMD’s? Libyan ‘no fly zones’? Supporting ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria? Fascist coup in Ukraine? Attempted (numerous) coup attempts against Venezuela- and when those failed the imposition of economic starvation sanctions? Bolivia, Palestine, Yemen, Nicaragua, ‘hostile environment’, wind rush deportations, 15 million living below the poverty line etc. All this devastation and destruction since the beginning of this new century alone. But look over there at evil China, because Adrian Zenz says so…

  2. mohandeer

    Cannot take some of your claims seriously. What knowledge do you have of China’s policies regarding the Uighurs? Where is the evidence of the false propagandist claims the corrupt presstitutes are currently disseminating? How many Chinese people do you know presently living in China? Which investigative journalists with informed knowledge of China, either because they live there or are privvy to Chinese Policy and it’s approach to the terrorist problems in the provinces?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Are you suggesting that China isn’t attacking Uighur human rights? If so, that would make the Tories’ behaviour worse!

      1. mohandeer

        Oh yes, I most certainly am. The Chinese answer to the terrorist activities of the Uighurs would make Britain and the US approach look inhuman. The UK regime know this and it is an embarrassment to their own approach and that is only one of the reasons for demonising China, I’m sure you are aware of the other main reason.

      2. mohandeer

        If you don’t already know how bad the situation really is for the Palestinians then read BT’selem(Jewish occupied zone monitors), +972 magazine, Wall of Controversy, JVP, PSC, Consortium News, Mondoweiss. I could go on, but any of these will give you real facts. Mondoweiss goes back many years through the occupation and the daily onslaughts the Palestinians suffer and it makes for disturbing reading.

  3. disabledgrandad

    More Tory BS they jump on a being gobshites about China’s abuses of human rights while ignoring their own record of abusing the human rights of the UK people.

    OH and IDS you scumbag the disabled community haven’t forgotten how much blood is on your hands about forcing disabled people to commit suicide by removing their benefits. These are sick people unable to work, So feel they had no choice but to commit suicide due to the unrelenting pressure applied.

    So you have NO room to talk about human rights and abuse as you and many other Torys ignore what you do here in the UK and believe you can then lecture others. Then complain when they call you on your BS.

    I am NOT defending China btw I believe they are utter scum as well but 2 wrongs don’t make a right… No China should not impose sanctions but it’s all a stupid image game in international politics anyhow.

  4. El Dee

    UK Vs China. Right Vs Wrong. Good Vs Evil. This framing means that our government can point to how wrong the Chinese are and state that this means they must, therefore, be right.

    Of course this is a contrived fiction, both are wrong.

    What the UK has done is to have ignored the plight of the Uighurs for decades before, seemingly, growing a conscience very recently (for some reason) This sudden realisation that they have gone through that NOW they remember the Uighurs have been oppressed for DECADES is simply part of the publicity tool kit to bring the public onside for a new Cold War to include China. This is to include expanding the nuclear arsenal after spending many billions renewing Trident and putting more money into ops in the far east, something the UK had decided not to be involved in for many decades eg from as far back as not being involved in Vietnam.

    Whilst we are distracted by this, by COVID and by elections, they decide to further erode our ‘rights’ to free speech and protest by making protest only be at the whim of the police and other authorities. Will your protest make a noise? Then permission withdrawn. Anyone who still attends, jailed.

    We are already being ruled by a fascist government. Detention camps don’t come overnight. The laws are changed one by one. Even in 1930s Germany the laws took time to change so that the leaders could say they were ‘acting within the law’

    1. john thatcher

      The Uyghurs have not “been oppressed for decades”. For instance, Han Chinese were restricted to one child whilst Uyghurs were not. There has been considerable terrorist activity in the region ( which only a fool would think the CIA were not financing and organising. There are many thousands of Uyghur head choppers holed up in Idlib province. All in all the Chinese government has dealt very well with that region of their country, and are making serious efforts to bring development to the region, not least because of belt and road. You really really need to wake up about what is occurring there, and the industrial scale lying going on in the US empire.

  5. john thatcher

    You chose not to allow my comment from yesterday to appear. This is the second time you have done that, you will not do it a third time. Time for me to censor you fellah.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, it’s time for me to censor you.

      I have stated time and time again that I have to moderate all comments and my time is limited, so sometimes comments have to wait a long time to be moderated. I have also stated time and time again that anybody complaining about being disallowed when in fact their comment is awaiting moderation is being dishonest and may be banned from commenting. You say yourself that you are making this false complaint for a second time, so with regret I’m going to silence you.

  6. mohandeer

    I’m not actually a socialist but find some of the best informed opinion from those journalists of integrity who are on the left.
    Like you I was horrified by the utterings of the MSM so I made it my mission to find out all I could and learned from responses to postings of my findings and of Chinese F/B responses on my postings that I was right to do so. One of them, btw is a Uyghar himself.(There are many well educated Uyghars who have written on the subject with details of the problems. One of which was written in Chinese, it was translated by a Chinese American who speaks Han and the Uyghar language).
    Stevepn Gowans has written several books and articles.
    Israel: A beachhead in the ME
    The story of Koreas struggle for freedom
    Washington’s long war on Syria.
    Did you know that previously Han Chinese couples were limited to one child while Uyghar couples were allowed two children in urban areas and three in rural areas and among the Uyghars family planning was not rigidly enforced so the Xiangxang Uyghars have had a population explosion. When family planning was rigidly applied to both Han and Uyghar, it didn’t sit well with the Uyghars.
    The Chinese Uyghur Dark Legend and Washington’s Campaign to Counter Chinese Economic Rivalry – What’s Left
    Just saying, if you want to be informed, you need to look a little further afield than our corporate crook as a dog’s hind lying mainstream media.

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