Defence against Rachel Riley’s libel claim could fail for lack of funds. Don’t let it!

Time is running out and donations to Mike’s CrowdJustice find have dwindled to a trickle. Can you help?

My defence against Rachel Riley’s claim that I libelled her is in danger of failing – not because I cannot beat hear legal arguments but because I don’t have the funds for the next court hearing.

At the time of writing, despite heroic efforts by hundreds of supporters that have brought in more than £11,000 of the £20,000 that my legal team told me (two weeks ago) that I needed… well, I’m sure you can do the mathematics. We still need nearly £9,000.

I know that some funders are getting tired of putting money into a campaign that seems to be going on forever. I’ve seen messages attached to donations from people saying this contribution will be their last – and I understand. Everybody has their own life to live and I’m grateful for the difference they have made.

But it will all come to nothing if Riley is allowed to buy justice, simply by having forced me into a situation where I couldn’t raise enough cash to get back into court. All the cash raised so far – more than £138,000 in total – will have been for nothing.

I can’t let that happen uncontested.

I don’t want to let down everybody who has funded my case so far. Indeed, if we hit the target, I’m positive that I will be able to win my appeal against Riley’s ridiculous strike-out of my defence.

Then I’ll be able to take the case back to the High Court and win.

But we need to hit that target. Please help. Here’s how:

Consider making a donation yourself, via the CrowdJustice page.

Email your friends, asking them to pledge to the CrowdJustice site.

Post a link to Facebook, asking readers to pledge.

On Twitter, tweet in support, quoting the address of the appeal.

The last three of these requests – asking you to encourage friends and other contacts to donate – is just as important as the request for you to donate cash yourself. The more people know about this case, the more likely I am to succeed.

We have come a very long way together – it is now more than two years since Riley’s legal team initially contacted me with a threat of court action unless I paid her a ridiculous amount of money that I didn’t have (and still don’t).

Help me see this through to victory.