Join the #AudioRiot to stop the cut to Universal Credit

This is brilliant from Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC):

Here are the details:

The government isn’t listening to what people are saying when we say Stop The Cuts to Universal Credit and give #20MoreForAll

So we need to start an #AudioRiot to make them hear us.

Tuesday 28th September
Kings Cross Station
(Courtyard in front of station)
Euston Road
N1 9AL

Join our #AudioRiot and make some noise about the devastating changes to benefits which will have a huge impact on millions of peoples lives, including disabled people.

Bring everything you can that makes noise.
DPAC will be providing materials for you to take part too – but don’t let that stop you bringing:


Everything you can!


Make some noise about the £20 cut to Universal Credit coming in September.

Make some noise about the reintroduction of sanctions and conditionality returning in October.

Make some noise about the discrimination against those on legacy benefits who never got the £20 to begin with.

Make some noise about the minimum income floor, the local area housing allowance and so much more

Make some noise about the disgraceful state of benefits in the UK overall.

This action will round off a series of events to raise awareness about the coming changes to benefits.

These include

Saturday 25th September 2021

Local Actions Nationwide

We are calling on all DPAC members, local groups & allies to mobilise is their areas to create an #AudioRiot of your own to resist the coming cuts and invite others to join the campaign.

Create your own orchestra with homemade instruments, create your own playlists and play them through phones/speakers, form a samba band – whatever works for you!

Send us details of your planned action, and we will promote it through our website, email network and social media channels.


Tuesday 28th September 2021
09:15 – 10:00 am

Vigil in support of those taking a Judicial Review of potential discrimination by DWP towards disabled people on legacy benefits.

Royal Courts of Justice


Online action

Details to follow

DPAC is aware that many of us in our community are still isolated, shielding, or even just protecting themselves and their loved ones; and cautious about taking part in public activism.

This is no barrier to taking part!! There will be online actions you can take

However, as our collective experience through since Covid entered our lives has taught us – disabled people need to have a central role in the discussions about how we build a future for us all that has a place for us all. That begins with defending what we have and building on it.

We have seen under successive governments of all stripes that the only way we can have any chance to secure that central role is to oppose government policies in the streets. We have been demonised, targeted and brutalised by attacks to our rights , services, living standards & working conditions for decades.

It is only by mobilising our community and allies in the face of theses attacks that we have been able to raise awareness and resist them.

And, that will be how we will continue to progress from here. With a view to reshaping the world to meet our aspirations.

In the streets.