Which homicidal Tory idiot doesn’t understand why you CAN’T book a place in Accident & Emergency?

Yes, you read the headline right: the Tories want to make hospital A&E departments ‘booking only’ by December. According to The Times (it’s behind a paywall but you can get the sense of it from the preview: Plans for patients to “call first” and book into A&E via NHS 111 will be implemented before December, NHS bosses were told yesterday. A joint board meeting of NHS England and NHS Improvement was told that new emergency care standards designed to replace the four-hour waiting time target would also be in place before…

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Loss of free car parking is latest Tory attack on NHS staff who saved us from Covid-19

Tories can be murderously vindictive, can’t they? They are currently working hard to attack NHS staff for daring to bring down the Covid-19 death toll. It seems clear that Boris Johnson and his cronies were hoping to see many more deaths, considering the way they are penalising the people who helped stem the tide. They want to cut NHS staff pay as part of a belt-tightening regime to cope with the cost of dealing with the disease (even though the Tories themselves had known it was coming but stopped any…

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Doctor launches court case against Tories over Covid-19 care home death of her dad

This is what happens when government policy on Covid-19 cases causes the death of someone related to a doctor. Cathy Gardner launched a high court claim on Friday (June 12) after her father, Michael Gibson, a retired superintendent of births, marriages and deaths, died in an Oxfordshire care home in early April. He became infected after a patient who tested positive for the virus was discharged from hospital into the home. It was Tory policy to send infected care home residents back to their homes, where they would be able…

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Coronavirus: here comes the second wave as first UK hospital closes A&E due to overloading

As predicted two weeks ago, when Boris Johnson blithely told us all to go back to work, here comes the second wave of Covid-19 infections that he caused: An NHS hospital has been forced to close its accident and emergency department to new admissions as a result of high numbers of patients with coronavirus. Weston General Hospital, in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, stopped accepting A&E patients at 8am on Monday morning. Dr William Oldfield, medical director said: “This is a clinically led decision and we are being supported by our system partners…

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Why didn’t Matt Hancock send vulnerable Covid-19 sufferers to Nightingale hospitals rather than care homes?

It’s a simple enough question. The London Nightingale hospital opened on April 4 – that’s not such a long time to let a person (who is ill, remember) stay in hospital, is it? The Nightingale hospitals were provided with facilities specifically for sufferers of Covid-19. But instead, elderly and vulnerable people were carted off to care homes that did not have such facilities, there to infect many of their fellow residents – along with some staff . These staff, in turn, moved on to other care homes, where they infected…

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Coronavirus doubles deaths in mental health hospitals. How did it get in?

The number of deaths in mental health hospitals has doubled since the same time last year because of the coronavirus. Why? These are supposed to be very secure facilities. The number of people visiting them should have fallen because of the lockdown. And medical professionals should have had the equipment – and the knowledge – to prevent the virus from penetrating as far as the patients. But out of 106 deaths between March 1 and May 1, 54 were from confirmed or suspected Covid-19 infections. In the same period last year,…

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Coronavirus – a small victory: NHS hospitals and GPs are warned against blanket ‘Do Not Revive’ policies

This is a step in the right direction. GP surgeries in south Wales and Brighton have both been reported to have issued letters telling multiple patients that their health conditions make them unlikely to be treated with a ventilator if they contract the coronavirus. The letters advise that patients sign “Do Not Attempt Resuscitation” orders – in effect, their own death warrants. But now, England’s chief nurse Ruth May and NHS England’s medical director Stephen Powis have told hospitals, GPs and NHS managers not to issue such letters. This Site…

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Coronavirus: Johnson sent to hospital due to persistent symptoms

Some of us may have lost a bet on this. When the government first announced that Boris Johnson had self-isolated with coronavirus symptoms, there was a movement that suggested he was faking it to avoid scrutiny. Others said it served him right for ignoring the rules that he himself had imparted to the rest of us on social distancing – and when other cabinet members started showing symptoms, we thought that was their just desserts too. Now it seems that his symptoms are “persistent” and he has been sent to…

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TV comedian – and politician’s uncle – die after contracting coronavirus IN HOSPITAL

I’d say this was conclusive proof that the Tory government’s strategy on testing for coronavirus is a deadly dud, wouldn’t you? Today I saw on Twitter an announcement that comedian Eddie Large (real name Eddie McGinnis), half of the comedy duo Little & Large, much seen on television during the 70s and 80s, had passed away. He had been undergoing treatment for heart failure but he died after contracting the coronavirus while staying in hospital: With a heavy heart I have just found out, (through his son Ryan), that his…

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Coronavirus: Tories push on with A&E closures that ‘will only result in death’

This takes Tory ignorance to new homicidal levels. It seems the Conservative government is pressing ahead with the closures of Accident and Emergency departments and intensive care units in hospitals across London (the rest of the UK isn’t mentioned) despite the fact that the UK is in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic. The likely result is summed up by GMB union organiser Helen O’Connor, who said: “The removal of these services at existing major acute hospitals will only result in death.” That’s even though the Tories are planning to…

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