Government tries to quietly drop Lord ‘desolate north-east’ Howell as adviser

Just as interesting as the fact that the government has tried to quietly drop Howell is the fact that the website claims his role changed in April, when only yesterday it was saying he was still in place. I hope someone’s keeping track of all the Tory lies – I can only keep tabs on those I notice!

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Closing high-ranked Stafford hospital like curing gangrene THEN amputating

If a decision is made to close Stafford Hospital (and it’s due at 2pm today – Wednesday), it will be “the equivalent of taking antibiotics to cure gangrene – then deciding to cut off the limb once it’s back in good health”, according to this article. What better example of the government’s insane campaign against our hospitals could there be?

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Bedroom tax decision: So Cameron has committed contempt of Parliament too

It was hardly the resounding victory on which the government must have been depending; faced with a ruling in favour of the DWP, the 10 families who brought a judicial review against the bedroom tax just said, “We will have to appeal.” The High Court ruled yesterday that the change to housing benefit, subtracting amounts according to whether tenants had one or more ‘spare’ rooms according to arbitrary guidelines laid down by the DWP, do not breach the human rights of disabled people. The families – all disabled or parents…

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PRIVATE hospital asks govt for £3.5M loan while renewing £200M contract

The government tells us, “in spite of the recent G4S debacle and others like it, that private companies run a ‘tighter ship’; that they are leaner, more efficient, and give better value for taxpayers’ money – in spite of the obvious flaw in the argument, which is that if you’re taking profits out of the total funding, that money will never be spent at the frontline”. And Circle Health is telling us that it is even putting profit before the investment it acknowledges that it needs to carry out, and…

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Perverting the course of justice: Once a crime, now government policy

David Cameron and Chris Grayling have been messing with the justice system again. This time, according to The Telegraph, they are planning to make it “tougher” for judicial reviews to be brought to court, to stop the process being “abused” by pressure groups and campaigners. There’s a lot of Telegraph-speak in that first paragraph, as the Tory-supporting newspaper was working desperately to make governmental perversion of justice acceptable. What this actually means is that Cameron wants to make it impossible for organisations that are capable of mounting legal opposition to…

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NHS 101 :Bye Bye NHS Direct, Hello rip off merchants

When I read this article, there was a tweet from Andy Burnham on the Twitter link to the right of the article, saying: “NHS Direct: a single, trusted #NHS service broken up into 46 cut-price contracts. Sign of what’s coming to rest of #NHS under @David_Cameron.” That’s about the size of this government’s health policy. The advice in the last paragraph of the piece is useful also.

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Cameron – corrupt corporate whore, according to Meacher

It seems opponents of the Coalition have realised its degraded claim to be a government is worthless and have decided to pour contempt on it at every opportunity. I mention this after seeing Michael Meacher’s excellent column on David Cameron. The fake Prime Minister’s instincts, according to Mr Meacher are “that there is no such thing as the rule of law, and that the only things that ultimately matter are power, fear and money”. These words should come as hammer-blows to Cameron’s credibility. It is to his credit that Michael…

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