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The intention behind this site has been to provide common-sense, down-to-Earth commentary on the political news of the day. Articles present a snapshot of opinions at the time they were written, so it is possible to chart the development of stories as more information became available – along with the development of the author’s thinking about those stories and the issues they highlight. This means comments remain as they were at the time – in the same way news reports in the mainstream media remain as they were originally published, even if the information has since been superceded by new facts.

Inaccuracies in factual information, where the correct information was available at the time, are corrected when the site is notified of them, according to the nature of the error. Typographical errors would be corrected in the text with no comment. Errors that affect the entire article may necessitate its removal altogether and/or replacement with a piece that accurately reflects the information available.

The site also campaigns on subjects of interest to its author and readers. Vox Political scored its most notable hit with the publication of death statistics relating to people on sickness and incapacity benefits, after a two-year Freedom of Information battle with the Department for Work and Pensions.

Articles created by Mike Sivier do not have a byline. Articles by other authors or guest authors are attributed to them.


All comments are individually moderated by the site owner. Vox Political makes reasonable efforts to remove offensive or defamatory comment but is not responsible for comments posted by third parties.


Vox Political can look into complaints about items published on the site which are in its control. If you have a complaint, please make it via the Comment columns, marked “NOT FOR PUBLICATION”.

We can only deal with your complaint if you are:

personally and directly affected
a representative group affected, where there is public interest in your complaint
a third party seeking to ensure accuracy of published information

Your complaint will be acknowledged by e-mail or in writing within 7 calendar days and a final decision response to your compliant will normally be provided within 21 calendar days. If your complaint is upheld, you will be informed of the remedial actions taken.

About Mike Sivier

I have been a newspaper reporter since early 1994. I switched to freelance work in 2007 in order to become a carer for my girlfriend (who is disabled). I am interested in politics, with an emphasis on people rather than the movement of money – although I appreciate that knowledge of financial matters does help.

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