Scottish devolution – why are the nationalists still complaining?

For months now, the rest of the UK has had to put up with incessant Scottish Nationalist complaints that their country has been betrayed over the independence referendum. If it’s not Gordon Brown lying to them about pensions (he didn’t), it was Labour being in cahoots with the Tories (it isn’t) or all of the unionist parties bribing the voters with a big lie now known as The Vow – except, after the Smith Commission reported back, we now know that The Vow is being kept. The Vow, made on…

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Heated protest outside UKIP shop in Penarth – Wales Online

You may be surprised to learn that Vox Political does not support any alleged violence that may have taken place during the protest outside the new UKIP store in Penarth. This blog condemned the destruction of a Labour street stall by a gang claiming they were UKIP, and it would be hypocritical to show a different attitude here. Political movements are not defeated by violence. Brutality sends them underground and helps them gain support. If UKIP is to be defeated, it must be defeated by the use of reason, and…

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Osborne’s NHS boost is unfunded – he doesn’t have the cash

The BBC’s lead political story today (Sunday) is George 0sborne’s announcement of a £2 billion boost for the English NHS, to get it through the winter crisis period. The Boy, looking much healthier than he did on Wednesday, wanted us to believe the money was available because the economy is strong. Take a look at the graph (above). Income tax has not increased by even a fraction of a percentage point since he became Chancellor and in fact takings have been lower than in 2008 for much of his period…

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BBC sees no alternative to cuts – alittleecon

The BBC have a story today on their website called “Will the public accept the cuts to come?” writes Alex Little. The first sentence is “Whoever wins the election, more cuts are on their way.” Cuts are inevitable, end of discussion. The article then goes on to list all the areas of public spending that could be under threat, and whether the public will stand for what’s coming. While it’s certainly true that all the main parties agree they need to “balance the budget”, and think they need to cut spending by…

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The Coalition Government Colouring and Activity Book is now available – Pride’s Purge

You can now get a full copy of the Coalition Government Colouring and Activity Book, writes Tom Pride. All proceeds will go towards a book I’m aiming to publish in the run up to the election next year lampooning the coalition government, so your support will be greatly appreciated. The book will hopefully make a perfect stocking-filler just in time for Christmas for anyone you know who isn’t a fan of the present government. Or on second thoughts, why not annoy someone who is a big David Cameron or Nick Clegg fan by…

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George Osborne has snared his party in its own austerity trap – The Guardian

The deficit has not been eliminated. Depressed living standards are barely rising. This is not ‘job done’, but a record of failure, writes William Keegan. The austerity panic propelled the economy back into depression; and, far from using public spending as a countervailing force against the cutbacks in private sector investment, the coalition’s budget cuts served to aggravate the crisis. This year’s Reith lecturer, Dr Atul Gawande, speaks of the twin problems of ignorance and ineptitude that can beset medical practice. This applies also to economic policy. Osborne, on the…

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Privatisation: people v politicians – We Own It

Here’s a great site, flagged up by our good friend, the angry Yorkshireman at Another Angry Voice. It’s an interactive graph showing the differences between public opinion and the policies of the different (main) political parties. The example above shows UKIP’s performance (not very good, is it?) but if you visit the site you can see visual accounts of all parties’ performance, based on opinion polls (for the public) and party literature. The graph is on the We Own It site. Please bookmark it and use it when you consider…

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The link between trade unionism and equality – kittysjones

What follows is excerpted from an absolutely storming article by kittysjones, which not only goes into detail on why trade unions are so vitally important for working people but also features many of the most important arguments against the current Conservative-led government and its ideology, all in one place. You need to read this article. As a taster, to draw you in, here’s kittysjones on trade unionism: The Coalition have introduced trade union laws which inhibit trade union recruitment, activity and collective bargaining. Employment rights are being removed, at a time…

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Yet another disabled death due to DWP harassment means #CameronMustGo

The death of Jacqueline Harris is another suicide we can lay firmly at the door of the Department for Work and Pensions. This poor woman, a former nurse who suffered chronic pain in her back after an accident at work, in her hand after a dog bite, and partial blindness due to a head injury, took her life after the DWP axed her incapacity benefit after a one-question work capability assessment. The question? “Can you get on a bus?” The coroner’s verdict was suicide but we should all know that…

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PM’s broken promise threatens 80,000 disabled veterans

The following article by disability researcher Mo Stewart was intended for publication in tandem with a story on the same subject in a national newspaper, to coincide with Remembrance Day – but the newspaper concerned got cold feet at the last minute. Don’t all leap up and shout “What else can we expect from the right-wing media?” at once. Mo has agreed to let Vox Political publish it here. Over to her: The hypocrisy is breath-taking… At the annual Conservative Party Conference in October, the Prime Minister offered a very warm…

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