Libertarian Alliance on Rightwing Entryism into Labour – Beastrabban\’s Weblog

Further to Vox Political‘s article on ‘entryism’ into the Labour Party, the Beast has this to say: Connected to the New Labour project was the thinktank Demos. This was ostensibly left-wing, but in fact contained a number of extremely right-wing business leaders and academics. It has been described by one of the leaders of the Libertarian Alliance as a cavalry of Trojan horses within the citadel of leftism. The intellectual agenda is served up in a left wing manner, laced with left wing clichés and verbal gestures, but underneath all the agenda…

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The types of UKIP activists and politicians – Ducksoap

UKIP is a raggedy concoction of the dregs and peripherals of society, according to Ducksoap. Its activists, councillors, MPs, MEPs, parliamentary and council candidates, and chairpersons of various propaganda subgroups are easily categorised by a finite list of types. According to the blog, these are: Tory careerists Bitter old gits Slimy young opportunists Vaudeville and ‘My mate is a dodgy lawyer’ … but you’ll have to visit Ducksoap yourself to see the evidence for these labels! Follow me on Twitter: @MidWalesMike Join the Vox Political Facebook page. If you have…

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Ministry of Justice reverses burden of proof in advice to defendants – Pride’s Purge

Tom Pride is absolutely correct – the (rather patronising) “easy to read” guide for defendants at a Crown Court trial, produced by the Ministry of Justice, has reversed the fundamental principle of British justice: That a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. Whoever wrote this – what were they thinking? Did they believe nobody would notice? It is never a defendant’s business to show a court that they did not commit a crime – as one antagonist stated in an early episode of BBC cop show Luther, “You can’t prove…

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NATO and the Economic Exploitation of Eastern Europe – Beastrabban\’s Weblog (and Russell Brand)

Isn’t it interesting, how concepts coincide? Only last night I read, in Russell Brand’s Revolution: “When Mikhail Gorbachev, who it turns out was a lovely fella who bent over backwards to prevent nuclear war and deserved to be remembered for more than that birthmark on his head, allowed a unified Germany to enter NATO, a hostile military alliance, on the condition that ‘NATO would not expand one inch to the east,’ the US agreed. Then they expanded right into East Germany, likely giggling as they went. This dunderheaded truculence persisted…

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Labour v Tories – the power of positive, not negative, campaigning

Both the Labour Party and the Conservatives have new campaign videos out on YouTube for us all to watch – and they provide a stark contrast, for anybody who doubted the differences between the two parties. Labour’s video provides ‘101 reasons to vote Labour in 101 seconds”, and was launched (predictably) on January 26, 101 days before the general election. You’ll need to use your pause button to catch every single reason, and of course some of them are more relevant to everybody than others, but it’s packed with information…

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‘Don’t give money to the homeless’ says millionaire Tory Party Chairman – Mirror

On the day Vox Political tries to help a campaign providing constructive support for a homeless person, this clown has to pipe up with his nonsense. Grant Shapps (that seems to be his name today) said he would not give money to people sleeping rough as “you don’t know how that support is going to be used”, according to this Mirror article. In that case, he should be a huge supporter of the campaign to help Dean, who has cerebral palsy, find a place to live. You can read Shapps’s words on…

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Dean’s story exposes the failures of our system

Last night (January 30), Vox Political had reason to thank its readers on Facebook after that page’s weekly reach topped one million readers – that’s a lot of people. Now it’s time to see if we can all achieve something together. This site was contacted yesterday by a reader who wanted to highlight the plight of Dean. He’s a 25-year-old man who has cerebral palsy and – here’s where the system has failed him – is homeless. She wrote: “The week before Christmas, my Mum, myself and twin 10 year old…

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Boy battling cancer has benefits stopped

What use is the government’s claim that cancer treatment is improving, if it only subjects sufferers to the increased stress of having their benefits withdrawn? If the Coalition Government doesn’t know that this can be fatal on its own, then the BBC (Panorama, ‘Disabled, or faking it?’ c.July 30, 2012) can provide proof. Meanwhile, we’re going to get more stories like this, from the Cambridge News: “A 7-year-old Cambridge boy is battling with a devastating cancer – but his disability benefits have been stopped forcing his mother to go without…

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Alexis Tsipras on the ‘fiscal waterboarding’ of Greece

Now, why would the Western (right-wing) media be doing their best to suppress this? Most of you, dear … readers, will have formed a preconception of what this article is about before you actually read it. I am imploring you not to succumb to such preconceptions. Prejudice was never a good guide, especially during periods when an economic crisis reinforces stereotypes and breeds biggotry, nationalism, even violence. In 2010, the Greek state ceased to be able to service its debt. Unfortunately, European officials decided to pretend that this problem could be…

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Pensioners: Are you aware of the Tories’ plan to cut pension credit?

Senior Citizens claiming Pension Credit will soon be subject to the same draconian system of monitoring and case reviews as the disabled and jobseekers, when the ‘assessed income period’ system is abolished in April 2016. The Conservative-led Coalition Government included this nasty little time-bomb in its Pension Act of last year; at the moment AIPs are granted for people aged 65-plus and last for five years, during which recipients do not have to tell the Department for Work and Pensions of any changes to their income or capital but, from April…

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