The Tories WILL cut pensioner benefits. It’s an inevitability as the figures prove – SPeye Joe

If the words of the Chancellor George Osborne are to be believed then the Tories WILL be cutting pensioner benefits after the next election.  There is no doubt about this whatsoever, writes Joe Halewood on SPeye Joe. 1. What has Osborne said? Osborne alarmed Duncan Smith and angered Clegg when he said on Monday that £25bn in spending reductions, due to be imposed between 2016-17 and 2017-18, would have to include £12bn in welfare cuts. In order to achieve the £12 billion of stated cuts to the overall welfare benefit bill…

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It’s official … this government SUPPORTS domestic violence – glynismillward189

Thanks to glynismillward189 for reposting this important judgement, as reported by Inside Housing: A mother living in a domestic abuse ‘sanctuary scheme’ has lost her landmark challenge against the bedroom tax, in a blow to similar services across the country. Claimant ‘A’ – whose identity is protected – lives in a property which has a special ‘panic space’ installed by the council. The woman had her housing benefit deducted because the council considered her panic room to be a spare bedroom, although she has been receiving discretionary housing payment to…

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TUC Welfare Conference: Action on Sanctions and Workfare – Ipswich Unemployed Action

Up to 100 activists came to the TUC Welfare Conference, held on Friday in Congress House, according to Ipswich Unemployed Action. As the introductory speakers made plain, the Liberal-Conservative Coalition, assisted by large sections of the media, have launched a frontal assault ion the basic principles of an equitable benefit system. Instead of helping people in need they have attacked the most vulnerable. Eleanor Firman (Disabled People Against Cuts, DPAC and UNITE) illustrated what this has meant on the ground. As a result of cuts in housing benefit and the…

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David Cameron’s Tory Supermarket

Those of you who still bother watching British network television have no doubt seen the advert that spawned this clever little sideswipe. This writer can’t stand the original – for reasons that should be clear. However, substitute David Cameron for the original subject and, well, see for yourself. Good points, well made? (Thanks to a Vox Political commenter who shall remain nameless, for this one.) Follow me on Twitter: @MidWalesMike Join the Vox Political Facebook page. If you have enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share it using the…

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The Homelessness Epidemic Gets Worse – The Void

The UK’s homelessness epidemic is growing worse as statistics show there are more people sleeping on the streets in our city centres than at any point since national records began in 1998, according to The Void. Rough sleeping has leapt by over 50% across England since the current Government weren’t elected going from 1,768 people in 2010 to an unprecedented 2,744 in 2014.  Despite Boris’ claim he would end rough sleeping in the capital by 2012, the number of street homeless people in London has almost doubled from 415 to…

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Latest Scottish seat predictions – alittleecon

Alex Little’s Scottish seat predictions are interesting because he bases them on bets at the bookies’, rather than random surveys. Here’s his current view: I last looked at this on 1st January, and since then, things have changed quite a lot – in a bad way for Labour and a good way for the SNP. Here then are my latest predictions based on the current odds, against what I predicted previously: Current seats Jan 1st   Predictions Feb 27th Predictions SNP     6       25      …

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Disabled sanctioned for three months over christmas and forced to attend the Jobcentre daily – TPSOL

Ashton Under Lyne Job Centre does it again – here’s SeerCharlotte71 on The Poor Side of Life blog: Our demo yesterday was quiet but emotionally exhausting. We are hearing a lot of stories from people who are very obviously chronically ill. These people … had sick notes from their doctors but the Jobcentre yet again are saying that these sick notes aren’t good enough. They are ignoring a lot of  sick notes and in some cases losing them and claiming that they didn’t exist. One lady who was obviously very…

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National day of action to stop benefit sanctions – Unite the Union

More and more people are facing benefit sanctions. Over two million people have had their money stopped in the past two years, according to Unite. That’s two million people, many of whom have been plunged into poverty, unable to heat their homes or even eat. How is this meant to help prepare people for work? Benefit sanctions must be fought against These sanctions are cruel and handed out for ridiculous reasons such as: ◾Arriving minutes late to a meeting ◾Not applying for jobs when waiting to start a new job!…

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Anti-TTIP Protest in Bristol Today to Defend NHS – Beastrabban\’s Weblog

The internet petitioning organisation, 38 Degrees, is organising a protest in Bristol today against the TTIP and the privatisation of the NHS, writes the Beast. The TTIP is the proposed international trade agreement, which would give businesses the right to sue national governments if they passed legislation that harmed their profits. It is feared that this will be used to lock in Cameron’s continuing privatisation of the NHS. This is a real threat, as the Independent revealed last week that one of the big American healthcare giants wanted to expand…

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POLL: Is Labour’s tuition fee pledge a vote-winner?

Ed Miliband has today unveiled Labour’s pledge to cut tuition fees – on the grounds that they are causing rising debts for graduates and the taxpayer. It is part of Labour’s overarching pledge for young people: tuition fees reduced to £6,000, an apprenticeship for every school leaver who gets the basic grades, and smaller class sizes for five, six and seven-year olds. Labour says the Government’s £9,000 tuition fee system is bad for graduates because it loads them up with an average of £44,000 each in debt. It is also disastrous for…

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