Labour and Green candidates left off postal ballot papers

High-profile Labour MP Karl Turner’s name has been omitted from 480 postal ballot papers in his Hull East constituency due to what the local council is calling an “inadvertent mistake”. Yeah, right. If that is the case, why were Mr Turner and Green candidate Sarah Walpole only missed off the papers for people who registered to vote after April 1? Doesn’t that imply that somebody removed their names deliberately? Hull City Council had better check every single ballot paper it is preparing for election day, to prevent any further “inadvertent mistake”.…

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Sick Conservative poster compares Miliband to stroke victim – Mirror Online

This is the image that should be the last nail in the coffin of the Conservative Party’s election hopes. But the right-wing media will probably work hard to make sure that most people don’t see it. According to the Daily Mirror, it was published on Twitter by the Conservative Party’s official account for Campden Ward, in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea. As the Mirror pointed out, the image “mocks the Stroke Association‘s Act FAST poster – illustrating each of the charity’s three signs of a stroke, ‘Face, Arms and…

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Manipulation (clumsy, obvious and failed)

It’s blatant, even for The Sun. Perhaps Murdoch’s monkeys thought they could get away with it because nobody in Scotland reads the English papers, and nobody in England reads the Scottish version of their rag, right? Wrong. Twitter has been having lots of fun with it. One of the earlier tweets was from Calum S, as follows: “The Sun in England: ‘Stop the SNP running the country’. The Sun in Scotland: ‘Vote SNP!’ I wonder who that could help.” The Conservative Party, according to the Murdoch minds. They reckon that, with…

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Duncan Smith flees from sister of dead claimant – Benefits and Work

Iain Duncan Smith dropped out of a hustings in his own constituency at the last minute, frightened of facing the sister of David Clapson, the diabetic former soldier who died after his benefits were cut, according to Benefits and Work. IDS should have appeared on a platform with candidates from six other parties in Chingford, north London on Monday night. Gill Thompson, the sister of David Clapson, was there to talk about how having his benefits stopped for missing an appointment had led to her brother’s death and to call…

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Has Chuka Umunna taken leave of his senses?

After the story in The Guardian there are only two things required of Chuka Umunna: Repudiation – or his resignation. The article states that Blue Labour stalwart Umunna would call on Conservative heavyweight Michael Heseltine for advice if Labour wins the general election. If this is true, it is madness. Heseltine was a leading member of the Thatcher and Major Conservative governments of the 1980s and 90s, pioneering the disastrous ‘Right to Buy’ initiative that sold off the majority of council houses without replacing them, leading to the current housing crisis…

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‘Dear Chingford’: An open letter about Iain Duncan Smith

Here’s a little gem that Vox Political has been saving up since last December – an ‘open’ letter to the people of Chingford and Woodford Green about Iain Duncan Smith, from a person affected by his policies. It runs as follows [boldings mine]: “Hello. You don’t know me, but I’m 40 years old, male, disabled and live outside of London, and recently employed. That’s all that matters really. I’ve been employed on and off over the past four years. I’ve spent most of that time though under the system at the…

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Of COURSE the Tories wrote the Telegraph ‘small business’ letter!

The Tories wrote the letter that was supposed to have come from “100 business leaders” a few weeks ago – why would anyone think this was any different? The fact that the Torygraph withdrew this front page story from its website within 24 hours is testament to the weakness of the Conservative Party’s position, having tried – and failed – to hoodwink the public twice with the same trick. If anyone wants to see where the Conservatives recruited their thousands of small-business signatories, just visit the Conservative Party website here.…

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The SNP’s great poverty betrayal

The poorest Scottish people are losing public services due to a Council Tax freeze by the SNP-run Scottish government, while £1 billion provided by the Westminster government to alleviate poverty has been used to patch over cuts in local authority budgets. Scotland’s 32 local authorities have still racked up a record £12-15 billion worth of debt as a result of the council tax freeze – but the SNP still claims it is a socialist party, and still claims it is economically responsible. The SNP has kept council tax frozen every…

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Delay in decision on ESA deaths – to influence the election?

Readers of this blog may recall that This Writer has been in dispute with the Department for Work and Pensions over its refusal to supply information on the number of people claiming Employment and Support Allowance who have died after making their claim. The most recent Freedom of Information request was made in May 2014 – nearly a year ago – and was turned down after an illegally-long delay, on grounds that were not acceptable. An appeal was made to the Information Commissioner’s Office in October. That was six and…

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Vox Political vindicated on the economy

Twice, in a matter of days, Vox Political‘s findings on political issues have been supported by the evidence of a scholar. Today, the Mainly Macro blog written by Professor Simon Wren-Lewis, who teaches Economics at Oxford University, supports This Writer’s argument that the so-called economic recovery, that began in 2013, had little or nothing positive to do with the Coalition Government or George Osborne’s policies. “The idea that austerity during the first two years of the coalition government was vindicated by the 2013 recovery is so ludicrous that it is almost…

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