Government-Approved Pseudoscience In ME and the ‘Nudge Unit’ | Beastrabban\’s Weblog

In a nutshell, science has proven that ME is a real disease, and this tripe peddled in Oxford is purely politically motivated pseudoscience. In other words, it’s just part of a general pseudoscientific model of illness that claims that somehow it’s all imaginary because this fits with Tory and Blairite attitudes to unemployment and those off sick through disability, in the same way that Stalinist policies corrupted science in the Soviet Union. Source: Florence on Government-Approved Pseudoscience In ME and the ‘Nudge Unit’ | Beastrabban\’s Weblog Join the Vox Political…

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Will the Tories ever admit their ‘welfare reforms’ are reviving Victorian diseases?

Social security researcher and commenter Samuel Miller thinks they are. He wants health authorities in the UK to investigate whether the return of diseases linked to poverty – and to the Victorian era – such as gout, TB, measles, scurvy, rickets and whooping cough. This Writer flagged up the possibility as long ago as October 2013, after the UK’s chief medical officer formally announced the return of rickets. I wrote: “Can there be any doubt that this rise in cases has been brought about, not just by children sitting at…

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Zelo Street: Telegraph Portugal Claim Busted

If this is right, then the Telegraph piece I quoted in a previous article isn’t just scaremongering but disparages the integrity of the mainstream press. Newspaper articles are expected to be fair and accurate. If this Zelo Street piece is accurate, then the Telegraph article was neither. And where does that leave us, with regard to the concerns it raised about the EU? After two and a half weeks had passed with no Government in place, Portugal’s President Anibal Cavaco Silva has invited Passos Coelho to continue as Prime Minister. He…

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‘Divide and rule’ Tories are inciting hatred while claiming they are ‘fair’

Read this. Actually, read the whole article, but what I’m about to say will run better if you read this: Under the Equality Act, provision was made by the Labour government to ensure legislations didn’t discriminate against protected social groups, which included disabled people. However, the need for public bodies in England to undertake or publish an equality impact assessment of government policies, practices and decisions was quietly removed by David Cameron in April 2011. The legal requirement in the Equality Act that ensured public bodies attempt to reduce inequalities…

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Tax Credit cuts will increase welfare bill | SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

Will the tax credit cut of £4bn cost up to £20bn per year more? Yes as households will now by consequence claim what they are entitled to in other unclaimed benefits and the tax credit (TC) policy will end up costing much more in overall welfare cost. Source: Tax Credit cuts will increase welfare bill | SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites) Join the Vox Political Facebook page. If you have appreciated this article, don’t forget to share it using the buttons at the bottom of this page. Politics is about everybody –…

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Now we have proof the DWP has harmed the mentally ill, is Iain Duncan Smith proud?

Yet again, the Department of Work and Pensions has been revealed as an organ of monstrous bureaucratic cruelty this week, with a report from the charity Mind showing that the DWP is three times more likely to sanction someone with mental health problems than to help them find work. The report states that 250,000 people with mental health issues are receiving Employment and Support Allowance, and of these, 19,259 were sanctioned last year while only 6,340 were helped into work in the same time frame. Employment and Support Allowance is…

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EU membership looks increasingly unwise as Portugal is denied democracy

As the United Kingdom prepares for a referendum on its own membership of the European Union, this is chilling. Eurosceptics will warn that the Union is now a threat to the democracy of individual nation-states, and with Portugal’s behaviour as an example, there will be no answer. With this, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and other assaults on democracy blotting its record, EU membership is looking increasingly unwise. Against that, we have the suggestion that the United Kingdom could split if we leave the EU, with the SNP suggesting…

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There will be no referendum for the time being | Pertinent Problems

These are very interesting arguments, from the Pertinent Problems blog. Comments are, as always, welcomed. As this is about Scotland/the SNP, This Writer is duty-bound to request that any contributions be rational and polite.  Although the SNP now have 56 of the 59 seats, their push for independence is weaker than you might think. The North Sea rigs mean that oil would make up the vast majority of an independent Scotland’s exports and account for thousands of jobs. With the recent plummet in the price per barrel it is no…

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Philip Davies understand THIS: While my dad was dying I had to feed the parking meter

This is by Jason Beattie in The Mirror: I can only have contempt for the Tory MP Philip Davies. Despite having made a pledge to speak up for carers in Parliament, he spent 90 minutes effectively killing a bill which would have stopped carers having to pay for hospital parking. Frankly, it is not worth venting any fury at Davies. It is barely worth pointing out his lack of compassion or his emotional distance from anyone who may have voted for him. His sadness is he revels in his unpopularity…

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Tory MP’s filibuster blocks bill to give carers free hospital parking

Philip Davies was aided in his filibuster by fellow Tories Christopher Chope and David Nuttall. Commenting on their behaviour in a Twitter chat, This Writer suggested that they were the kind of people only a mother could love – although one suspects such love would come exclusively from mothers who didn’t have to pay to park at maternity. A Conservative MP has blocked a proposed law to introduce free hospital parking for carers by speaking in the House of Commons for 93 minutes in order to use up the time…

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