Diabetic man left too poor to eat after benefits cut forced to have leg amputated | Welfare Weekly

The lowest part of this whole diabolical indictment against the Department for Work and Pensions under the Conservative Party is the fact that, at some point, this gentleman will have to undergo a Work Capability Assessment. And, knowing how these things go, it seems very likely he’ll be asked the following boneheadedly stupid question by a man or woman whose DWP-sponsored credentials state they are a “medical professional”: “How long until it grows back?” Thank goodness sanity has returned to the Labour Party, and it will cancel the Work Capability…

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Sam Seder Takes Apart Conservative Rabbi Who Confuses Zionism with Judaism | Beastrabban\’s Weblog

Here’s an excerpt from another Beastrabban blog which lays out a little more information about the relationships of Judaism, Zionism and the state of Israel than the Jewish Labour Group would like you to know. It is good background to the row over Jackie Walker, who has been suspended from the Labour Party for a second time over comments that the JLM alleges are anti-Semitic, even though nobody else in their right mind would agree. Read the full article on the Beast’s site. Unfortunately, the Jewish Labour Group, who organised…

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Vox Political on Yet Another Anti-Semitism Smear against Jackie Walker | Beastrabban\’s Weblog

No, this isn’t blatant self-advertising. The following excerpt is from an illuminating article on Beastrabban’s blog that provides a huge amount of informed background information on the allegations against Ms Walker and the motivations of those behind it. I strongly recommend that you visit his site and read the full piece. Jackie Walker Accused Yet Again of Anti-Semitism Unfortunately, members of the Blairite Labour party hierarchy don’t seem to have got the message that Momentum and its members aren’t anti-Semites, and that the real threat is showing itself quite openly…

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Ignorance victorious (for now) as Labour suspends Jackie Walker for alleged anti-Semitism

This is a pointless exercise. Labour will look at the evidence, see that there is no case against Ms Walker, and reinstate her – as happened before. The real villains in this little melodrama are the elements of the Jewish Labour Movement who conspired to entrap the Momentum vice-president – and failed rather miserably. Principle among these must be Mike Katz, vice-chair of JLM, who led the ‘training’ session where a discredited definition of anti-Semitism was put forward (intended to provoke a controversial comment, perhaps?) and the event was recorded on camera…

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Union leader’s fact-free rant against Momentum vice-chair should be withdrawn

Why are comments closed on the deplorably fact-free LabourList story about Manuel Cortes of the TSSA and anti-Semitism? Is it because someone might write a polite rebuttal of his comments, pointing out the falsehoods and misunderstandings in them? Firstly, why does he consider Ms Walker to hold anti-Semitic views? She is Jewish herself, let us remember. She questioned the definition of anti-Semitism put forward at a Jewish Labour Movement training day because it used a discredited definition of anti-Semitism that attempts to combine the political state of Israel with Zionism…

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Astonishingly racist Times cartoon shows terror of Corbyn’s authenticity | The SKWAWKBOX Blog

In the run-up to the EU referendum, the ‘leave’ campaign hammered home the message ‘Take back control’, with particular reference to immigration. Within hours of the announcement of the result, leading leave campaigners were frantically rowing back on the promise that exit would mean ‘control of our borders’, watering it down to meaningless levels or saying outright that free movement would be required for free trade. Trust in Establishment politicians is at an all-time low – and with good reason. This week, the Times – now a ‘Murdoch rag’ but…

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Theresa May’s grammar school policy undermined as 11-plus exam investigated for fraud

How can we believe Theresa May’s claims that reviving grammar schools will improve social mobility when the entrance exams are a fraud? That’s the question facing the UK after Devon and Cornwall Police opened an investigation into 11-plus exams in Plymouth. It seems 400 girls took the exams – but it has emerged that many of them had already seen the papers, giving them an unfair advantage. Didn’t Mrs May say reviving grammar schools was about removing unfair advantages? It seems somebody didn’t see that memo. Hundreds of girls will…

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‘Anti-Semitism’ accusation against Momentum vice-chair was ‘outrage’, say witnesses

Suddenly the attack on Jackie Walker makes a lot more sense. The “training session” at the Labour Party conference used a discredited definition of anti-Semitism that deliberately confused it with anti-Zionism. Is this why the definition used there was not mentioned in Jessica Elgot’s Guardian article on Wednesday (September 28)? So now we know Ms Walker certainly was justified in objecting to the definition of anti-Semitism put forward on the day. It has never been formally endorsed by the EU, but has been vigorously promoted by groups with an interest in confusing…

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Socialist Delusional Disorder strikes Britain!

A new disease is spreading through the UK after breaking out in Boston during a transmission of the BBC’s Question Time. Here are the details: Okay, the image was hastily knocked together, misspells Boston and put its quotation marks in the wrong place, but it was put together with amazing rapidity (by someone else, on Twitter, so don’t blame This Writer). It was a response to a claim made on the programme by an audience member, who seems to think that people who support the policies of Jeremy Corbyn are…

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Now THREE SNP MPs have been questioned over financial ‘irregularities’

The urge to suggest that, if the accusations keep piling up, the Parliamentary SNP will be Angus Robertson and Mhairi Black by the 2020 election, has turned out to be too strong to resist. Realistically, if there is a by-election following the conclusion of the case against Ms McGarry, This Writer doubts Scottish Labour will be able to win it. While members and supporters of the party north of the border have accepted the reasons for its fall from grace with the voters, it seems party officials and elected representatives…

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