Labour expulsion debacle: Is this enough evidence to turn the tables on the culprits?

This treatment of Labour Party members is despicable. There can be no doubt that anybody receiving a letter like this was excluded from the leadership election purely on an expectation of the way they were going to vote. It indicates that the suspensions and expulsions were an attempt to rig the election by members of the NEC, in collusion with the party’s discredited general secretary, Iain McNicol. This Writer would suggest that it is enough evidence to allow the rest of us to demand the removal of those who took…

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Labour members: If you want rid of McNicol, you need to read this | The SKWAWKBOX

The article proposes a model motion for changing the composition of Labour’s NEC. This Writer already brought a similar motion to my own Constituency Labour Party, which voted it through decisively. If you are a Labour member, I strongly urge you to visit the source article and support the model motion there. If you’re one of the many tens of thousands of Labour members, supporters or affiliate members who were deprived of a vote in the leadership election and/or you were suspended or even expelled from the party as part…

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The SKWAWKBOX launches official Facebook page | The SKWAWKBOX

Follow SKWAWKBOX on Facebook – it’s well worth your support! In order to maximise the reach of the information it puts out, which for the most part you will not find in the mainstream media, the SKWAWKBOX has been advised by a helpful PR professional to launch an official Facebook page. Most months, around 70% of the visitors to this blog – an average of some 120,000 a month since its relaunch in August – come via Facebook anyway, so it’s clearly an important avenue for getting information out to…

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As the homeless death count grows, Tories must be delighted

This is what they wanted. Tories across the UK must be delighted at the news that another homeless person has frozen to death. The string of deaths taking place this winter is the logical conclusion to the Tory plan for the lives of the poor. Currently, the plan has poor people losing unemployment benefits through sanctions, and losing sickness or disability benefits by failing to qualify according to the nonsense standards of a make-believe, tick-box test. The plan also requires poor people to lose an important part of housing benefit…

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Crony knighthood for company boss who gave £930,000 to Tories. Their 2017 price list now available

Needless to say, the commentators on Twitter are having a field day. Here’s Momentum Oxford, mocking the soon-to-be Sir David Ord by calling him Lord Ord (which sounds like an echo): Great news for fans of Tory donors –Meet the new Lord David OrdThink we're sposed to bow now#ToryBritain #LordOrd — Momentum Oxford (@MomentumOx) December 30, 2016 Or there’s this: But we shouldn’t allow the mockery to hide the facts: The Conservative Party is still nearly £1 million better-off, thanks to this man, and he has still received a…

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Tony Blair won’t return to Parliament on the Labour benches. Happy New Year!

Tony Blair will not be rejoining the Parliamentary Labour Party in the near – or far – future, and it has nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn. The simple fact is: He would be a liability to Labour’s electoral chances. Time has moved on since 1997; New Labour had its day and haemorrhaged followers in the process – nearly five million voters abandoned the party during the 13 years it was in office. The electorate got sick of the silly policy of “triangulation” – adopting the ideas of the party’s…

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There is a toxic culture at the top of the NHS | Big Up the NHS

If you want to know why Jeremy Hunt’s failure-inducing changes to the NHS are being allowed to happen, read this – and the article from which it is taken. The image is the risk register taken from the NHS performance report presented to the last NHS England board meeting in December 2016 – this month. As you can see, it mostly amber or red, meaning the NHS in England is in the deepest trouble. Yet nothing is done, for the reasons outlined below. If you live in England, are you…

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Zero-hours workers ‘£1,000 worse off a year’ than regular employees

Those of us who read (and write) Vox Political knew zero-hours work was a profit-boosting dodge for employers. This is not news. But it is entirely possible that the Resolution Foundation’s findings will come as a complete surprise to many of our friends, insulated from the real world as they are by a constant diet of Daily Mail and BBC news. Ask them how they would like being cheated out of £1,000 a year, in a rip-off by their bosses. Workers on zero-hours contracts lose an estimated £1,000 a year compared with…

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Should the UK go to war with Israel because of New Zealand?

As Kanjin Tor puts it, this is awkward: Our Queen is indeed New Zealand’s Head of State – but does that mean we must go to war with a country that declares war on that country? Sadly, no. The only binding legal agreement to support a Commonwealth country at war is with Canada – and that’s because both the UK and Canada are in Nato. The UK has a defence agreement with Australia, also. And the UK is in the Five Powers Defence Arrangement, along with Australia and New Zealand –…

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Hillsborough campaigner Phil Scraton refuses OBE – for the right reasons

Good for him. Acceptance would have meant complicity with those who have spent decades trying to cover up what happened at Hillsborough. We haven’t seen the prosecutions that the evidence demands, and This Writer thinks Professor Scraton is right to refuse any honours until after these have taken place… If they ever do. Hillsborough campaigner Prof Phil Scraton has turned down an OBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours list. The author, who led the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s research team, said he could not receive an honour in protest “at…

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