PLP hissy fit over Abbott/Shami. Seems it’s ok to attack women, long as they’re of colour | The SKWAWKBOX

I’m grateful to Skwawkbox for having researched and written an article about last nights Parliamentary Labour Party meeting and the petulant squalling therein by the ‘right-whingers’ who keep trying to lose elections but complain when it happens. Put your backbones into the campaigns, boys and girls! Then you might have something to complain about! Anyway, thanks for writing the piece, Steve. It means I don’t have to – which is just as well, because I’ve already had a root canal. Last night’s ‘outrage’ (read ‘petulance’) on the part of the…

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Disabled woman forced to sleep in her own car (From South Wales Argus)

Considering this woman’s medical condition, does anybody really think Newport City Homes has discharged its duty to her correctly? A disabled 61-year-old woman says she has been forced to sleep in her car because Newport City Homes haven’t been able to offer her anywhere suitable to live. Maria Jones – who is agoraphobic, has arthritis in both hips and whose lower back discs are worn away – says she had to hand in the keys of her temporary accommodation after refusing on medical grounds a property she could not live…

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Joanne Lee Stephens was utterly disgusted and posted on social media disability forum the plight of her brother Edward Lee failing his assessment.   This is my brother Edward Lee who was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw and Lymph Nodes. On the 04/01/2017 my brother was admitted to hospital for an operation to save his life. On the 5/01/2017 my brother had his operation and very ill when he left theatre. On the 6/1/2017 ATOS did an telephone assessment to decide his fitness for work. On the 23/02/2017 DWP…

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This is how you satirise an incompetent government

A little while ago, This Writer received a certain amount of criticism for attacking a newspaper report claiming Donald Trump was right to say there had been a terrorist attack in Sweden involving immigrants. “It was satirical,” they claimed. I was right and the critics were wrong. The report was written in an entirely straight way and no attempt was made to suggest that it was not intended to be believed. Here’s an article that is satirical and hits its target. Spot the difference in language and tone: Somewhere in…

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More right-wing spin: If Copeland was a ‘safe seat’, what about Richmond, which the Tories lost?

The Tories had a 23,000 majority in Richmond and lost it to the Liberal Democrats. Labour’s majority in Copeland was less than 3,000 when it was lost to the Tories last week. The infographic above is correct. The debate should have been about when Theresa May will be ejected as Tory leader, not about Jeremy Corbyn at all. Perhaps our biased news media could explain this? Join the Vox Political Facebook page. If you have appreciated this article, don’t forget to share it using the buttons at the bottom of…

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There’s plenty of money! The Tories are only cutting education funding because they want to

Of course, no Conservative wants the proles to be educated properly. Notice that this is the first funding cut since John Major’s Conservative government of the mid-1990s. Headteacher Mary Sandell’s comments are telling – especially where she says “we cannot improve the buildings”. And yet the Conservatives have more than £9 billion to spend building new ‘Free’ schools in places that don’t need them, because it is their vanity project. If there really was no money available, then this would be a different matter; it would be about the economy…

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BBC and others report NHS data leak inaccurately. Stick with social media for real news

The piece quoted below, by Evolve Politics, says it all. The mass media like the BBC and the Graun simply aren’t reporting the news any more. For accuracy, you need to visit social media sites like Evolve and, of course Vox Political. This Site ran its first piece on the subject yesterday, under the headline Health of thousands threatened because privatised NHS contractor misplaced documents – fair, accurate and, of course, laying blame where it belongs, with the privatisation of services. The NHS didn’t misplace half a million documents – a…

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Incompetence and underfunding of NHS England is all part of the Tory plan to make us suffer

Tory cuts have meant the NHS in England has been forced to “raid” a budget earmarked for long-term investment, simply to fund day-to-day spending, a report to Parliament has claimed. The Commons Public Accounts Committee report on the financial stability of the NHS said the service is facing “huge challenges”. It said: “Reducing investment in the hospital estate and medical equipment risks making the NHS less sustainable in the longer-term and limits the funding for investing in new services in the community.” The report attacked local sustainability and transformation plans…

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Has anybody noticed how planned cuts to PIP eligibility target people at risk of suicide?

This Writer had an interesting message from my friends on the Atos Miracles Facebook page yesterday. It said: “I wonder if anyone else has twigged that the latest groups to be targeted for PIP cuts are also those targeted in changes to the way regulations 29 and 35 are implemented in ESA; and targeted further in the coming, oh I just can’t wait for it, work and health programme reforms.” ESA regulations 29 and 35 concern whether decisions to find someone fit for work or able to carry out work-related activity…

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Mr Freeman ‘regrets’ – isn’t it past time he apologised?

Tory MP George Freeman has said he “regrets” comments he made suggesting that PIP should be directed to those who fit an arbitrary Tory description of the “greatest need”, rather than people sitting at home popping pills for anxiety. Here are his original comments: He seems to have partially retracted his comments on Twitter. See what you think: Having experienced myself traumatic anxiety as a child carer living w alcohol I know all too well the pain anxiety + depression causes…. — George Freeman MP (@GeorgeFreemanMP) February 27, 2017 which…

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