After Adonis: Never mind the naysayers – we can still stop Brexit

This Writer was alarmed to read posts on Twitter by Owen Jones, attacking Lord Adonis’s comments on Theresa May’s Brexit¬†because Lord Adonis is one of the most privileged citizens of the United Kingdom. Think a Tory Brexit is a disaster? Sure, sign me up. Having unelected Lords talking about resigning from Tory-appointed posts whilst skiing in Austria appointing themselves as tribunes of the people against referendum results? Is Nigel Farage *paying* Lord Adonis to say this? — Owen Jones ūüĆĻ (@OwenJones84) December 31, 2017 If you want to take on…

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#BecauseOfTories your country is a chaotic distopia. See for yourself

On the last day of 2017, two new terms entered This Writer’s lexicon. The first was the hashtag #BecauseOfTories, which Conservatives introduced into Twitter to boost their failed government’s public image. The second is the term “optics”, which appears to mean “the way in which an event or course of action (predominantly political) is perceived by the public”. Clearly the first is an attempt to affect the way the public is affected by the second – and of course it has backfired massively because¬†nobody is going to be fooled by…

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Universal Credit is not only an all-out attack on the poor – it penalises councils that try to help

What a divided land our once-United Kingdom has become. We already know that Universal Credit is hugely harmful to those who are unlucky enough to have their lives blighted by it – including people who are looking for work and those who are working part-time or on low pay. Here’s one account of the harm it does: “There was a preoccupation with people who were not working, and a belief that many had made a lifestyle choice to live on benefits. Because of this, making life on benefits far more…

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Homelessness increases while the fat cats pocket millions they’ll never use

It is almost exactly a year since This Writer stated that our vermin own mansions and stately homes, and we send good people to live in the gutter. And you know what? In the words of Theresa May: “Nothing has changed.” Look at the state of this: The boss of York-based housebuilder Persimmon is under increasing pressure to donate some of his ¬£110m bonus to charity, as calculations reveal that his pay deal could be used to provide a council house for every homeless family in Yorkshire. Jeff Fairburn, 53,…

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Conservative corruption: Theresa May tries to cement herself in as leader by BRIBING MPs

How utterly repellent. Weakling prime minister Theresa May knows she cannot expect her MPs to support her leadership – because she is a failure – so she is trying to bribe powerful Tories into propping her up. She has given honours to half the ruling board of the Conservative Party’s 1922 committee – the organisation that represents backbench Tory MPs. Two of them get knighthoods, while a third is made a dame. Notably, all three are Brexiters. But then, none of the ruling committee support remaining in the European Union…

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Adonis quits as ‘infrastructure tsar’ over Theresa May’s Brexit – in the most damaging way possible

Let us be clear from the start: This Writer is not a fan of Andrew Adonis. He was a Blairite who was too keen to introduce the private sector into public service. I’m aware that he regretted introducing tuition fees, but he still went through with the introduction of the policy. So his appointment as “infrastructure tsar” for a Conservative government did not surprise me in the least. His resignation – on the prejudicial terms that have come to light – has. Pleasantly! Put simply, it is hard to see…

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UK wages are hitting rock bottom as Tory economic failure bites home

The economy is failing, Brexit will make it worse, and employers are hogging their takings because Tory government employment policy allows it. Inflation is increasing and wages aren’t. The exploiters in government and in industry are squeezing you hard. There is no justification for it. Don’t believe the mealy-mouthed mumblings of the men and women in suits. They have been saying the same nonsense for years and it was never true in the first place. Sadly there seem to be millions of people who are willing to believe it, though.…

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Will PFI campaign be derailed by MP’s spat with blogger?

This is all a little silly. Labour MP Stella Creasy has launched a campaign to stop companies that have signed Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deals with the government from benefiting from falls in the rate of Corporation Tax. Ms Creasy says it is important because, when these deals are signed, the rate of tax companies will pay is directly part of deciding if they represent value for money. On her Facebook page, she explained: “If I buy a toaster and then its on offer a week later I don’t get…

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Sign the petition to end the hospital car parking tax on the sick

This Writer lives in Wales, where the only hospital that charges for car parking is in Cardiff – and has been pilloried for the practice. That doesn’t mean I don’t have to pay for hospital parking – my nearest hospital is in Hereford (England) and Mrs Mike has treatment at a hospital in Gobowen, near Oswestry (also in England). Both charge a small fortune for parking. Now we discover – well, see for yourself: It's been revealed that ¬£175 million was made through hospital car park charges last year. This…

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Conservatives run up other people’s bills – unlike socialists, who always pay theirs

Yes – the headline paraphrases the late, unlamented Margaret Thatcher, but reverses her claim in the name of accuracy. Here’s her original comment, in an infographic from Twitter – but pay attention to the weblink attached to it: Taxpayers spend ¬£11bn to top up low wages paid by UK companies ‚Ķ ‚Ķ ‚Ķ ‚Ķ ‚Ķ ‚Ķ" — Strength and Honor (@Avitusparta) December 29, 2017 Read the article and the reason I edited the late Blue Baroness’s claim should be clear: Companies in the UK are paying their workers…

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