Man who ‘can’t leave house alone’ forced back to work by DWP | Slough Observer

This is evidence that nothing has changed since the work capability assessment was taken over by the Tories in 2010 – and that Tory attitudes haven’t changed in more than a century. The test follows biopsychosocial theory – or at least the “psycho” part of it. It assumes that illness is all in the mind. People who suffer from mental health problems – for example, after traumatic experiences such as that suffered by Mr Adey – are told there’s nothing wrong with them and they should get back to work.…

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Police kicked homeless woman out of warm corridor and into the cold | LBC

The Metropolitan police commented on this as follows: “Police and Partners work together to support those sleeping rough whilst balancing the needs of the wider community… Support is offered by the local authority and many local charities with shelters and rest centres.” But this woman’s account is that they simply threw her out. We don’t even know if they contacted StreetLink, the organisation mentioned in an article on This Site. Perhaps they felt no need – they certainly mentioned enough others. But where were they all? Police forced a homeless…

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Universal Credit journey so far…. | #LeftyInABusinessSchool

It has been one week since I was told I would have to go through Universal Credit (UC) to claim Statutory Sick Pay for my fractured ankle. This is due to being a ‘low earner’ from my part-time job I have whilst funding my post-graduate studies. I have never had any dealings with the welfare system but with my interest in politics, particularly working practices, I decided to blog my experience to expose the unfair and inhumane process of UC. I was completely unaware of what I was walking into…

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GPs offered cash to refer fewer people to hospital in ‘ethically-questionable’ Tory scheme

So now the Tories are trying to get GPs to ration hospital referrals and decide who receives adequate treatment and who doesn’t. This is not only “ethically questionable”, as Royal College of GPs chair Helen Stokes-Lampard has claimed – it is potentially homicidal. We can all see why it is being done – to save a bit of filthy lucre so the Tories can trump up another tax cut for the filthy rich, and to create further unrest about the state of the NHS by faking a claim that there…

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Salford City’s match was called off, so they donated all the food to the homeless | indy100

Applause for this. Let’s hope Salford City’s example encourages others – not just football clubs – to do likewise when they get the opportunity. Salford City FC just showed everyone how football can be a force for good – at least, when a match is called off and there’s no actual competition being played. The National League team had over 150 pies, vats of soup and some cheesecakes left over when its game against Tamworth was postponed. Rather than stuff their faces as might have been tempting, Salfor’ds joint managers Anthony Johnson and…

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Satisfaction with GPs at lowest level for 30 years – due to deliberate Tory mismanagement?

This is another clear indictment against Jeremy Hunt and his policy of running the NHS down to such a level that the public might actually vote against its own interests, in favour of privatising the service completely. Mr Hunt won a humanitarian award for his work on the NHS just last weekend – although I understand that he was responsible for arranging the awards ceremony, so the legitimacy of that award is doubly questionable. Public satisfaction with GP services has fallen to the lowest level in 30 years and dissatisfaction with…

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Tories failed to build ANY of the 200,000 starter homes they promised in 2015

I wonder if ministers like Sajid Javid will still claim a better record on house-building than Labour? This is a diabolical admission by Mr Javid. He’s saying he couldn’t be bothered to spend money dealing with a pressing crisis that faces the British people. He simply doesn’t care and would rather keep the money. Mr Javid likes money. He doesn’t like people who need a home. Housing Secretary Sajid Javid was forced to “surrender” £72m in affordable homes cash as it was deemed “no longer required” this year. Javid has admitted a total…

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Another blow for ‘Leave’ argument as Brexit prompts Credit Suisse to move jobs

Didn’t the Brexiteers say no jobs would be threatened by our departure from the European Union? Weren’t we told businesses would be climbing over each other to relocate into the United Kingdom? Why did people give any credence to these bare-faced liars? Credit Suisse plans to move about 250 banker jobs out of London under its first phase of Brexit planning, according to reports. Employees in areas such as trading and mergers and acquisitions were likely to be relocated to Frankfurt or Madrid, Bloomberg reported. The Swiss bank employs about 5,500 staff…

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Tory ‘tweet army’ denied – but is this another u-turn?

Apparently Tory Chairman Brandon Lewis hasn’t recruited an army of paid tweeters after all, despite what the Telegraph reported on Sunday. A Conservative Party spokesperson told the Skwawkbox: We will not be using paid Twitter activists. Brandon’s message to members referred to paid campaign managers – part of their remit is social media, for example setting up local campaign Facebook pages,  along with all the other responsibilities that come with being a campaign manager, organising volunteers, campaign days etc . That does seem strange. The Torygraph seemed very clear about the matter in…

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Jeremy Corbyn had a snowball fight on his office balcony – and Twitter loved it

The cold weather didn’t have to be bad news – as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn proved. He was snapped throwing snowballs from his office balcony this afternoon (February 27). Jeremy Corbyn is having a snowball fight on his office balcony. — Jim Waterson (@jimwaterson) February 27, 2018 It was too good an opportunity for satirists to miss; they took the opportunity to speculate on where Mr Corbyn might have been aiming. Jeremy Corbyn derailing Gove’s plans for a hard Brexit like… — PoliticsJOE (@PoliticsJOE_UK) February 27, 2018 But…

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