Labour pledges cap on overdraft fees and interest payments

Here’s a bold new policy from John McDonnell. What do we think of it? Note that the Tories say they have done enough. Do you think they’re telling the truth, considering the number of people who are in debt? Labour says it would cap the total amount anyone could pay in bank overdraft fees or interest repayments. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said he wanted to end the “national scandal” of low paid families trapped in debt. Labour said the policy could help 2.7 million people who are stuck with permanent…

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He’s been Home Secretary less than a day and already Sajid Javid is messing it up

According to Larry the Cat’s Twitter account, “The cabinet stand like this because a body language expert thought it would be a laugh to see if they would.” And on his first day as Home Secretary, Sajid Javid was stupid enough to do it. Result: And: Worse than that, he used his first appearance in the Commons, in his new role, to promise to “do right by the Windrush Generation” – and then lied to everyone. Responding to a question from Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, on whether he would…

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Oops! Tory election broadcast shows LABOUR street while boasting about Tory councils | Pride’s Purge

This is awkward for the Tories: In the latest Tory election broadcast, Theresa May boasts about how Tory councils are “delivering the best local services whilst keeping your council tax low …” To illustrate this point, we are shown views of a new development in London, called Trafalgar Place. The only problem is that Trafalgar Place is smack in the middle of Southwark – a council run and held by Labour for decades. Source: Oops! Tory election broadcast shows LABOUR street while boasting about Tory councils | Pride’s Purge Vox Political…

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Both Labour and the Tories have offended ethnic minorities. What will this mean for the local elections?

Labour will beat the Conservatives in the local elections on Thursday, retaining most of their seats and taking even more. Sure, the party offended black and ethnic minority citizens when an all-white panel, on the demands of a white MP, found a black anti-racist campaigner guilty of racism and expelled him. But the Conservatives have presided over a policy of persecution against black and ethnic minority citizens that has lasted eight years and deported possibly thousands of legitimate British citizens. Weigh them up and you can see who has done…

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Humiliation for Tories over insensitive tweets supporting Amber Rudd

It’s nice to see Jeremy Hunt sticking to his principles – even though they are all wrong. Shortly after Amber Rudd resigned as Home Secretary, Mr Hunt tweeted this: Devastating news for all of us lucky enough to serve with @AmberRuddHR. In cabinet she was always a true statesman who spoke her mind publicly and privately irrespective of the politics. She will be missed until she is back which she will be! — Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt) April 30, 2018 What a vile threat! And what a lie. “Spoke her mind…

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Pressure builds on Theresa May to resign in run-up to Tory local election disaster

Theresa May and her party were the butts of ridicule as the last days of campaigning for this year’s local elections got under way. Disgraced serial liar Amber Rudd has come under the spotlight after she resigned as Home Secretary late yesterday evening: Let's be clear.Rudd has not resigned with honour. 1. She lied to Parliament2. She presided over a vile, cruel, racist policy #Windrush 3. She clung on until she had no option She has resigned with dishonour. — Tom London (@TomLondon6) April 30, 2018 Fully expect Amber Rudd…

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From bad to rotten: Sajid Javid appointed as new Home Secretary

The man responsible for cocking up the Tory government’s response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy has been appointed as the new Home Secretary by flailing prime minister Theresa May. Perhaps she hopes Sajid Javid will be as bad at restoring their rights to the Windrush Generation as he has been at restoring homes to the survivors of Grenfell. How long did Theresa May say it would be before the Tories re-housed them? Three weeks? And how long have most of them been in temporary accommodation? Nearly a year. Pathetic. And…

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Rudd has gone; time to concentrate on Theresa May again

Amber Rudd may have resigned but Theresa May needs to go as well – she knew her Home Secretary was lying every step of the way through the Windrush deportation scandal. The now-former Home Secretary quit after it became clear that she had written to prime minister Theresa May in January 2017, promising to increase enforced removals by more than 10 per cent over the next few years. This means that, when Ms Rudd lied to us all that there were no removal targets, Theresa May knew she was lying. When…

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She’s gone! Amber Rudd has resigned as Home Secretary

Fantastic. Just as I was writing the following article, the BBC announced that Amber Rudd has resigned as Home Secretary. The report states: “Home Secretary Amber Rudd has resigned, Downing Street has said. “Ms Rudd, who was due to make a statement in Parliament on Monday, was under growing pressure to quit over the Windrush scandal. “She has faced criticism over the existence of Home Office removals targets and her knowledge of them.” That’s everything the BBC – and therefore the Conservatives – had to say at the time of…

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Brussels university honours Ken Loach despite anti-Semitism claims by Belgian PM

What do we think of this? The Brussels ULB university honored British director Ken Loach with a special doctorate on Thursday despite veiled criticism from Prime Minister Charles Michel and outspoken rebukes from Jewish organizations about anti-Semitism allegations. Loach, who is known for his strong defense of the Palestine cause, is often critical of the Israeli government. Still, he denied again Thursday that he is anti-Semitic. “Depicting me as anti-Semitic simply because I am adding my voice to those who denounce the plight of the Palestinians is grotesque,” Loach said…

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