Leaked Labour plan on anti-Semitism reveals the corruption in its current system – and potential future pitfalls

This is utterly despicable behaviour by the Labour Party. I had hoped to write a glowing review of the leaked Labour action plan to reform the way the party investigates allegations of anti-Semitism. But reading the document has revealed shocking failures in the way the party handled the complaint against me that suggest a horrific level of corruption. According to the document published by the Huffington Post, the complaints team currently logs each complaint alleging anti-Semitism, assigning it to an Investigations Officer (IO). It states: “The Investigating Officer reviews the…

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The Tories are ‘paying a private smear factory’ with links to Donald Trump ‘to dig up dirt on Labour’ – Mirror Online

  All the rest of us have to do, to dig up dirt on the Tories, is keep track of the day-to-day news. Theresa May’s Tories are paying a private ‘smear factory’ staffed by senior former party officials to dig up dirt on Labour, the Mirror has been told. Senior Tory sources said the Party has engaged the services of UK Policy Group, a private ‘dark arts’ firm to carry out opposition research. Source: The Tories are ‘paying a private smear factory’ with links to Donald Trump ‘to dig up…

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Vox Political proved correct as DUP threatens Tories over NI abortion law reform

This is exactly as Vox Political predicted. It goes right down to the fact that the Northern Ireland assembly is currently suspended, meaning it is impossible to have a referendum on abortion in that part of the UK for the time being. I observed that it seems unlikely the assembly will sit again before the next general election. Doesn’t that have serious implications for the Good Friday Agreement and the fragile peace that has existed in NI for the last 20 years? The DUP have warned Theresa May her Government could collapse…

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‘Hostile environment’: ID checks searching for NHS ‘health tourists’ find too few to make it worthwhile

Tory racism rolls on without much ado. This aspect relates to so-called ‘health tourism’. Remember a while ago we were being force-fed reports that people from foreign countries were ripping off the NHS for £2 billion a year? The total cost to the 48 people listed in the Evening Standard article quoted below was less than £160,000. It does not represent the cost of ‘health tourism’ in the 18 NHS trusts that participated in the pilot scheme for around two months last year – just the amount paid by people who…

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Faked Babchenko death makes fools of Tories and their supporters

The news has been full of the apparent murder and miraculous return of a Russian journalist named Arkady Babchenko. It seems Mr Babchenko faked his own death in order to prevent an actual attempt on his life by the Russian government. The Ukrainian security services tell us they have made one arrest. Of course Boris Johnson couldn’t resist making a dig at Russia: Appalled to see another vocal Russian journalist, Arkady Babchenko, murdered. My thoughts are with his wife and young daughter. We must defend freedom of speech and it…

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The Telegraph was right: Roseanne’s racism has shown us the shape of a Tory sitcom

Congratulations are due to the Torygraph, of all newspapers, for drawing parallels between Roseanne and the Conservative Party – although it is Ms Barr’s off-screen behaviour that suggests the closest similarities. The US sit-com has been cancelled – despite being a huge ratings success – because Ms Barr published a racist tweet about an advisor to former President Barack Obama: The Conservative Party has been revealed as a hotbed of racism after the revelations about Theresa May’s “hostile environment” that led to the Windrush Scandal. Questions have been asked about a racial…

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The Madeley moment: Is it really 21 years since an interviewer dismissed an evasive politician for failing to answer a question?

It probably isn’t, but I can’t think of any moment as memorable as Richard Madeley’s confrontation with Gavin Williamson. Mr Madeley is to be congratulated for refusing to put up with the Tory gibberish that – for example – BBC TV presenters now accept without question. The moment 21 years ago was on the BBC, of course – it was Jeremy Paxman’s dismissal of Michael Portillo after the #SadManOnATrain lost his Parliamentary seat in the 1997 general election. The termination of that interview was prompted by Mr Portillo’s refusal to…

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The mainstream media used fake maths to scare us about the extra cost of modernising the NHS

The NHS does not need £2,000 from every UK household to survive because the country’s progressive taxation system means poorer people would pay less. That’s the argument in the Guardian piece quoted below. The mainstream media outlets that suggested a flat-rate increase in tax of £2,000 per household failed to take account of the fact. It’s fake news. And scaremongering. In fact, it doesn’t even address the other possibilities that don’t require any extra taxation at all. Yet again, the Tories’ complicit news media are doing their work for them – asking…

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Abortion issue means nobody in NI should expect their assembly back in action for years

Northern Ireland’s devolved assembly is unlikely to be revived for years, after Theresa May said only it could change abortion rights in that part of the UK. Why do I suggest that? Simple – Mrs May is reliant on the support of the Democratic Unionist Party for her majority in the House of Commons, and the DUP opposes abortion. So, even though the DUP is the largest party in the NI assembly, it would not be in the Conservative government’s best interests to resolve the problems that led to the…

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Add a multi-billion pound GPS system to the list of things the Tories can magically afford in times of austerity

I really hope somebody is keeping a list. The Canary, which published the article quoted below, correctly notes the contradiction between Philip Hammond saying austerity must continue for the wider (poorer) population of the UK and the same man saying the UK government will pay for a multi-billion-pound GPS system duplicating one that is already in place. It’s just another example of pure Tory waste. They don’t need to spend billions duplicating the EU system. They’re just too proud to make the necessary alternative arrangement. They are also too scared…

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