Universal credit claimants win five-figure damages over unlawful discrimination

Suck on that, Esther McVey! Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey must pay damages to two severely disabled men who lost £170 a month when they were moved onto universal credit (UC). The pair will be paid a total of just over £11,000 to compensate their financial losses and the resultant “mental suffering, distress, anxiety, humiliation and disruption to life,” the High Court heard today. Last month, the High Court ruled that the two men were unlawfully discriminated against as they were moved onto UC simply because they moved between…

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Brexit rebels should go if their local Labour members say so, says Owen Jones

Owen Jones is rightly under fire over his his knee-jerk demand for Pete Willsman to quit Labour’s NEC despite not having done anything wrong. But he’s right about this. Kate Hoey, Frank Field, Graham Stringer and John Mann defied the Labour whip to vote in support of a Tory government motion – saving the Tories from defeat in doing so. If members of their constituency Labour Parties say that this defies the values that bind the organisation together, then they are within their rights to vote the Brexit rebels out…

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If Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite, can one of his accusers explain this?

It’s hard to discern fact from fiction amid the deluge of nonsense about anti-Semitism being heaped on us all by enemies of Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters in the Labour Party. The thing to remember is that these people have political motives. They don’t care about real anti-Semitism. When a genuine anti-Semitic attack took place in London recently, the principle campaigners against Corbyn were holding a demonstration about Labour instead. None of them said or did anything about it. And they love to bandy about false claims that Mr Corbyn is an…

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Willsman witch-hunted: Can his accusers explain what he said that’s wrong – without lying?

It’s a classic anti-Semitic trope, or stereotype – and actually falls foul of Labour’s code of conduct: “Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group.” And it is being weaponised against the innocent by people claiming to be fighting anti-Semitism. Look at the witch-hunt that has broken out against Labour NEC member Pete Willsman. He was recorded at an NEC meeting – an unethical act as NEC meetings must be held in private – reacting to reports…

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McDonnell says government hosting disability summit is ‘height of hypocrisy’

After six years of campaigning for people with disabilities in the UK, This Writer would agree with everything John McDonnell has to say. Personally, I heard absolutely nothing about the Tory government-hosted disability summit while it was taking place last week. I can only conclude that even the Tory-poodle national news media recognised it for the sham that it is – and ignored it. Labour’s shadow chancellor has described the UK government’s decision to co-host a Global Disability Summit – less than a year after its record on disability rights…

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Fake anti-Semitism: Labour’s guilt-manufacturing machine

This should be a complete answer to accusations that Labour is “soft” on anti-Semitism: The party’s dispute procedure allows it, not only to demand that defendants be found guilty in spite of the evidence, but also to produce new evidence with no warning, if the original claims are disproved. This is not justice. It is a good reason for you to support my bid to take this matter – and others – before a real judge in a court of law. You’ll remember I wrote about the paragraph in Labour’s charge sheet against…

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Foreign office officials: Meet the new boss – same as the old boss

Just when officials at the Foreign Office thought they could live without embarrassment for a while, it turns out Jeremy Hunt is just as stupid as his immediate forerunner. On a trip to China, intended to strengthen trade ties ahead of Brexit, Hunt tried to win the approval of his hosts by mentioning that his wife is Japanese – evoking memories of a centuries-old rivalry and a bloody occupation in the 1930s and 40s. He backslid fast but the damage had been done. Good luck getting a decent trade deal…

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Biggest rise in poverty recorded since Thatcher was in power – iNews

This is something to remember, next time a Tory minister gets up and says the economy is doing well and people are enjoying a higher standard of living. Declining incomes for the poorest families, government austerity and Brexit have led to the biggest rise in UK poverty since Margaret Thatcher was in power, according to new projections from the Resolution Foundation. The think tank’s predictions suggest real incomes for the poorest third of the working-age population fell by between £50 and £150 in 2017-18. Inflation rose above three per cent…

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Ian Austin: Jumping on the anti-Semitism bandwagon

Ian Austin’s attempt to take the moral high ground after being notified of disciplinary action against him suggests he is a very cynical individual. He says he is angry about anti-Semitism – but then why did he verbally attack the poet Michael Rosen at a committee meeting examining Holocaust education? Mr Rosen tweets about the experience here: No, no, no. There was a sub-committee of the Education Committee looking at Holocaust Education. A wide range of people were invited to give submissions an talk to them. For some reason, @IanAustinMP…

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FAKE NEWS: Tory ‘Blue Badge’ bonanza is just giving back what they took away in 2014

It’s ironic that the Conservative government would come out with fake news on the weekend it was reported a Parliamentary committee will demand a clampdown on fake news. You see, the DWP took blue disability badges away from all the people mentioned in its announcement (below), back in 2014. All it is doing now is giving them back. Take a look at this article published by The Canary. It will explain it all for you. The best advice This Writer can give you, if you see a link to a news…

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