Grenfell: Meaningless announcement on tower-block cladding won’t help residents – or the Tories

After more than a year of reluctance, the Conservatives have decided to make it illegal to put flammable cladding on tower blocks – in a move transparently timed to make them look good during their party conference. There’s just one problem. The government has no legal power to force change on existing structures, meaning this will only apply to new buildings – so it won’t change anything for the thousands of people living in towers like Grenfell who have been living in fear ever since that block turned into an inferno…

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Theresa May chokes over her apology for ‘hostile environment’ scandal

All Theresa May had to do was utter three little words, and this might have been a very different story. But she simply could not find it in herself to say: “I was wrong.” That’s what the members of the Windrush generation, who have been wronged in some of the most spectacularly heartless ways in the recent history of the United Kingdom, wanted to hear her tell Andrew Marr on his Sunday morning television show as the Conservative Party Conference began. And they didn’t get it, even after Shadow Home…

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Death throes: Semi-empty auditorium at Tory conference suggests the Party is over

Remember the general election campaign last year, when every appearance by Theresa May was carefully stage-managed to make it seem she was surrounded by admirers – right up to the moment someone took a wide-angle photograph showing only about 20 people turned up? As you can see from the image above, matters have only worsened in the year-and-several-months since then and the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham has practically nobody attending. One reason for this may be the fact that the Tories’ conference app was found to be giving away…

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Theresa May’s snub to grieving mum shows Tories are engineering benefit-related deaths – and they don’t care

You know what I’m going to say about this. The Department for Work and Pensions is adamant that we must not claim any causal effect between its decisions and any downturn in benefit claimants’ health – including death. But that doesn’t work in this case. Jodey Whiting was found ‘fit for work’ in the face of a wealth of evidence showing the opposite to be the case. For a start, she had missed a work capability assessment because she had been in hospital undergoing treatment for a brain cyst –…

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Tories could be fined 20 million Euros for conference app data breach

Reactions to the Conservative conference app that allows users access to every attendee’s contact details have been appearing online. As you can imagine, they make uncomfortable reading for Tories. For instance: We will be reporting the Conservative Party to the Information Commissioners Office in due course. Fines of up to €20,000,000 can be issued for the most serious GDPR breaches. This breach is without doubt extremely serious. — Evolve Politics (@evolvepolitics) September 29, 2018 "Organisations have a legal duty to keep personal data safe and secure. Under the GDPR they…

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Tories commit huge data breach with conference app | The SKWAWKBOX

Just when you thought the Conservative Party – the party currently running the UK’s government, let’s not forget – couldn’t get any more incompetent… this. I’ll hand you over to Skwawkbox for the embarrassing details: It was hard to imagine that the Tories could conceivably top last year’s conference disaster. Letters falling off their slogan behind Theresa May, her unstoppable coughing fit and the joke P45 – and of course, the fact that her keynote speech included lines lifted directly from the West Wing – made 2017’s event unforgettable in its incompetence. But before…

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Right-wing broadcaster gets uppity over her Labour conference antics

Julia Hartley-Brewer – what a piece of… work*… she is! Attending the Labour Party Conference on a press pass, this right-wing ratbag invaded the “safe space” area intended for people with disabilities, and others, who need a quiet area for various reasons – they may be experiencing panic attacks due to the noise and crowds at the conference. The last thing people experiencing such issues need to endure is a grown adult who should know better doing something like this: Comrades, if you’re feeling triggered at the Labour Party conference, don’t…

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Calls mount for Corbyn to ‘come out fighting’ in support of falsely-accused Marc Wadsworth

This is what happens when the Labour Party refuses to acknowledge the facts in a false accusation of anti-Semitism. I hope you remember the case of Marc Wadsworth, the anti-racism campaigner who was instrumental in helping the family of Stephen Lawrence get an inquiry into his death, and who was then accused of anti-Semitism by right-wing MP Ruth Smeeth for no reason at all. A judging panel from Labour’s National Constitutional Committee later expelled him from the party on the grounds that he had brought it into disrepute, even though…

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Tories appoint RACIST as their new London mayoral candidate

I know; what’s new? Zac Goldsmith’s campaign wasn’t exactly above reproach. Perhaps racists are all the Conservative Party has left? Well, now we have Shaun Bailey, who thinks it’s fine to make Islamophobic comments about current London mayor Sadiq Khan, viz: The new Tory candidate for London Mayor @ShaunBaileyUK shared a picture that branded Sadiq Khan as the: “mad mullah Kahn (sic) of Londonistan” Given the current row over racism in politics, why have @BBCNews chosen to ignore this?#ToryIslamophobia — Evolve Politics (@evolvepolitics) September 28, 2018 Here’s The Independent: The Conservative…

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UPDATE: Guardian journalists to host lecture by Canary editor whether they like it or not

Despite protests by journalists at the Guardian/Observer, the Claudia Jones memorial lecture will be hosted by that paper’s chapel (branch) of the National Union of Journalists, and the speaker will be Canary editor in chief Kerry-Anne Mendoza. For further information, see my previous article. Visit our JustGiving page to help Vox Political’s Mike Sivier fight anti-Semitism libels in court Vox Political needs your help! If you want to support this site (but don’t want to give your money to advertisers) you can make a one-off donation here: Here are four ways…

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