Did the BBC do a backroom deal with the Tories? (Why the BBC shouldn’t host the Brexit debate part 2)

The BBC thought the deal was all sewn up – but it seems the Corporation’s bosses jumped to the wrong conclusion, too soon. Before you jump to conclusions too, dear reader, be advised that this is not about Theresa May’s Brexit agreement with the EU, but about her challenge to Jeremy Corbyn, to take part in a debate about the deal on television. Around lunchtime yesterday, the BBC News press team announced that Mrs May had accepted the Corporation’s offer to host the debate, on December 9. There was just…

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The strange tale of the ‘Vicar of Brexit’ (Why the BBC shouldn’t host the Brexit debate part 1)

The BBC is working hard to be the channel that hosts a debate on Brexit between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. There’s just one problem – the BBC appears to be a pro-Tory fake news outlet. It seems that, on Monday (November 26), the BBC’s Newsnight show featured a Brexit-supporting priest named “Lynn” in an apparently-genuine debate on Theresa May’s Brexit deal: "The reason they are sitting there is that they know far more about what's going on then we do. I've been a Conservative all my life and I back…

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Brexit deal, no deal or Plan B? May’s waffle undermines any confidence in her

Theresa May seems hell-bent on ruining her own Brexit deal. She’s been on a tour around the UK, allegedly drumming up support for her Brexit agreement. The only people who’ll be allowed to vote on it are MPs, so the whole junket seems pointless – unless she’s betting on members of the public calling their representatives to demand support for the deal. That’s a long shot. Today she appeared before the Commons liaison committee to discuss her deal and, instead of providing information as requested, all she wanted to do…

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Tories are happy to risk flaccid ‘contempt of Parliament’ punishment over refusal to provide Brexit legal advice

What is the point of having an offence of ‘contempt of Parliament’ if any punishment is so light that MPs aren’t worried about committing it? I always thought MPs who were found guilty of contempt faced the possibility of being expelled from Parliament but after Conservative MPs – notably Iain Duncan Smith – committed the offence time and time again, it became clear that the threat of penalisation for it is a paper tiger. In fact, the most discomfort any MP is likely to suffer is a paper cut from the…

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Survey shows Britain wants to remain in EU – so the Mail concocts a blatant May-supporting LIE

How many people will be fooled by this fake news – and this fake newspaper? The Daily Mail‘s front page yesterday (November 28) stated that a Survation poll showed the British people believe Theresa May’s comprehensively-rubbished Brexit deal is “the best on offer” – a meaningless claim as it is the only deal on offer, but how many Heil readers are going to recognise that? The article stated: “Voters want Tory MPs to rally behind Theresa May’s Brexit deal, a poll shows today. “According to the Survation survey for the Daily Mail, 52…

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Tory MP endorses violence to defeat enemies. He means HIS enemies, not ours

What kind of twisted mind does Plymouth’s Tory MP, Johnny Mercer possess? He has started a huge debate with a claim that there is nothing wrong with killing to defeat the enemies of a nation. Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to him that, to many of us, he is an enemy of the United Kingdom. By his own reckoning, would I not be well within my rights to gather a few dozen like-minded people, track him down and beat him brutally with baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire (for example)? If,…

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Don’t let Harry’s Last Stand be in vain

The better part of the UK has been in mourning for Harry Leslie Smith, the 95-year-old crusader who came to public attention in 2014 with his campaign to save the National Health Service from destruction at the hands of a Conservative government. If you’re a fan of Mr Smith, you’ll have read and heard so many eulogies that anything I say here about him will be superfluous. He was a valued reader of Vox Political, as I was a fan of him, but I didn’t know him well. His finest moment…

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Is Theresa May resorting to more bribery to get MPs supporting her duff Brexit deal?

First she offered a knighthood to John Hayes. Now it’s peerages all round, and changes to future legislation that could change the lives of millions – most likely for the worse, considering the Conservative Party’s track record. Here‘s the Daily Mail – not the most reliable of sources, I admit, but Mrs May’s track record suggests the story is believable: “Theresa May’s team are said to be offering rebel MPs peerages and other sweeteners in a bid to buy votes to get her Brexit deal through Parliament. “Mrs May has vowed…

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If Esther McVey isn’t part of a dodgy campaigning company, why tell police not to investigate it for fraud?

Remember earlier in November, when then-Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey was revealed to be registered at Companies House as the Secretary of an apparently-dodgy campaigning organisation? Ms McVey was named at Companies House as the secretary of Loyal Scots Company Ltd, a political campaign funding group allegedly worth £20 million. She had not notified the House of Commons of this financial interest. As secretary, she should be receiving correspondence to the company from HM Revenue and Customs, and may have broken the law by failing to file legally-required documents.…

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Labour’s Laura tackles Tory liars over ‘kill yourself’ scandal that is STILL happening after FOUR YEARS

It is nearly four years to the day since I published evidence that private contractors carrying out the Work Capability Assessment for the Conservative government were asking ESA claimants why they had not killed themselves. But Labour MP Laura Pidcock has raised concerns that it is still happening. It should be plain to everybody that one does not ask why a person who has confessed to suicidal thoughts has not acted on those thoughts. But that is clearly what happened to Abi Fallows, as described in my December 2014 article.…

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