Pro-Labour poll boost leads to Tory panic – and propaganda backlash?

Labour’s poll lead over the Conservatives is widening – just as This Writer said it would – and it seems part of the phenomenon is due to the splitter group Change UK (as it now wishes to be known) taking traditional Tory votes. Westminster voting intention: LAB: 41% (+5)CON: 36% (-7)LDEM: 7% (+1)UKIP: 7% (+2) via @DeltaPollUKChgs. w/ 23 Feb — Britain Elects (@britainelects) March 30, 2019 A version of the poll that allows voters to support the new party, Change UK, provides a hint as to the reason for…

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May is threatening a general election. Time to call her bluff

What a difference between the month of May and our soon-to-be-ex prime minister Theresa! Mrs May currently thinks she can browbeat her fellow MPs into supporting her Brexit deal by threatening to call a general election. The merry month of May, on the other hand, promises us the opportunity of change with an election of some kind nearly every year. In 2019 we were led to expect only local government elections – and only in some parts of the UK. But now, thanks to Mrs May’s inglorious Brexit cock-ups, we’ve…

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Lack of a minister for disabled people means Tories are AGAIN failing those who’ll be harmed by Brexit

How kind of the usually-right-wing Sky News to let an expert onto a news programme to discuss the devastating effect on people with disabilities of the Tory government’s decision not to appoint a new minister to replace Sarah Newton until after the Brexit crisis is over. Ms Newton was a catastrophically rubbish representative of people with disabilities – really bad. On a level with all the others since the Conservatives took office in 2010, I would say. But at least she was there; someone at whom we could all aim…

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Compare and contrast coverage of Dominic Grieve’s ‘no confidence’ vote and similar cases in Labour

Picture the scene if you can: A newsroom in any mainstream media organisation. Reporters are clustered around a screen. Reporter 1: Wow. Dominic Grieve just lost a vote of “no confidence” at his Conservative Association. Reporter 2: Conservative Association. That’s a shame. Reporter 1: Yeah. If it had been Labour, we could have had a front-page lead. Wouldn’t you’d say that’s an accurate description of the way the most popular political parties are treated by the mainstreamers? Rachael Swindon puts it clearly: Dominic Grieve lost a confidence vote at his local…

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Parliament has voted against Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement AGAIN. Will she resign?

MPs have voted against Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement, with 286 votes in favour and 344 votes against it. The zombie prime minister has been defeated yet again. Mrs May says the legal default is that the UK leaves the EU on April 12 – not enough time to ratify a deal, and Parliament will not countenance leaving without a deal. The UK will now most likely go into a longer extension of Article 50, and be required to take part in European Parliament elections in May. The inertia dogging the…

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Zombie Brexit: ‘It’s like the living dead in here’

It’s hardly encouraging, in the run-up to the vote on Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement, that her own cabinet ministers were allegedly saying her government is “like the living dead”. Give @nicholaswatt the Pulitzer: "I said to Cabinet one minister, 'why is the Prime Minister holding a vote when she is pretty sure she will lose?' And using very strong language, this Cabinet Minister said: 'Fuck knows. I am past caring. It is like the living dead in here.'" — Graeme Demianyk (@GraemeDemianyk) March 28, 2019 Some of us have…

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TINGe group to register as formal political party. Does this mean we can find out who funds it?

The INdependent Group of elitist MPs – colloquially known by its critics as TINGe after a racist comment by member Angela Smith – is to register as a political party on the advice of the Electoral Commission and will be known as Change UK. Small Change UK? Or Short-Change UK? One has to ask. What I want to know is, does this mean we will finally be able to see who is actually funding this shadowy organisation that has, until now, hidden its finances by registering itself only as a private…

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By expelling Jackie Walker, Labour has sealed its reputation – as a supporter of prejudice and racism

It will be a long time before Labour lives down the shame. Socialist Voice puts the decision to expel Jackie Walker from the Labour Party into context: BREAKING: Jackie Walker, a black Jewish political activist, has been expelled by the Labour Party The Labour Party’s persecution of left-wing pro-Palestine Jews continues — Socialist Voice (@SocialistVoice) March 27, 2019 That’s about the size of it. Thanks to its hugely prejudicial and politically-motivated “disciplinary” (if you can call it that) procedure, Labour has positioned itself as the party that persecutes left-wing…

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Theresa May has promised to quit after she gets a Brexit deal passed. So that’s never, then

I honestly thought this was going to be a piece about Theresa May’s offer to quit as prime minister if her backbenchers help her get her bad Brexit deal through Parliament. That would have been too easy. Her offer has already been superseded, it seems, by events in the House of Commons: BREAKING: Parliament has no majority for any of the 8 options on Brexit The Brexit deadlock continues Theresa May facing calls to resign immediately and call a general election Absolute pandemonium in Parliament: Heckling, screaming and shouting on…

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How can the Tories expect to fight Islamophobia? James Cleverly doesn’t even know what it is!

This was a new low for Mr Not-Very-Cleverly. In the wake of Labour’s adoption of a definition of Islamophobia, and after 15 Tory Party members were quietly re-admitted to the party despite having been found to have made Islamophobic comments, BBC Politics Live presenter Jo Coburn challenged Tory deputy chairman James Cleverly to explain why his party would not adopt the definition. In responses, he flew to pieces on live television. See for yourself: Watch James Cleverly flap furiously when shown the agreed definition of Islamophobia after saying there "isn't one",…

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