Willsman suspended – again. But his alleged claims are entirely reasonable

Peter Willsman, a left-wing member of Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee, has had his party membership suspended – again – over comments that some are claiming to be anti-Semitic. It seems clear that these claims are false and it will be informative to watch the way Labour deals with this case. Mr Willsman’s party membership was previously suspended after allegations last year, but was restored to his position after he made an apology. Many believe he should have stuck to his guns as he had done nothing wrong. The current…

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Brexit – what next? Britain holds its breath while the Tories tarry

Voters in the European Parliament elections must be particularly annoyed to find that, after they cast their votes determinedly for the Brexit Party (or the Liberal Democrats) to ensure that the UK leaves the European Union at the earliest opportunity (or abandons the plan to leave)… nothing is happening. It was never going to. The European Parliament doesn’t have much to do with Brexit. All those voters – millions of them – cast their ballot under false impressions. The real action is in the Conservative government – which is paralysed…

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Don’t be fooled by Rory Stewart’s bid to charm you. He’s a Tory and his voting record betrays him

Tory Rory Stewart wants you to think he’s a thoroughly likeable chap. That’s why he admitted taking opium – on one occasion in the past; it was to show that he has given in to human weaknesses, and then gone past them. Here he is on the BBC’s Question Time giving us more of the same: He wants to heal our divisions with love. How nice. How false. See for yourself the reason it is false. It only takes two tweets: Where's the love for the people out of work due…

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So much for the Tories’ claim to be ending ‘pointless’ PIP reassessments for pensioners

If the Tory work and pensions secretary, Amber Rudd, was serious about ending “pointless” reassessment of pensioners for benefits, why is this happening? A terminally ill man with just six months to live was ‘devastated’ to be told he’d need to reapply for his benefits. Ron Stevenson, 69, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease 10 years ago and relies on moderate weekly care payments to supplement his care. But last month, Ron received a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), calling for him to reapply for his benefits…

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New lease of life for Mike’s libel defence appeal

Just when I was getting ready to admit defeat, CrowdJustice has granted my funding campaign an extra 30 days. The appeal – for funds to fight false allegations of libel by TV personalities Rachel Riley and Tracy Ann Oberman – had raised £15,000 of its £25,000 “stretch” target, and I thought that was a very good result. After all, I’m not a well-known celebrity – just a minor internet political commentator – and I had been accused by hugely-popular media darlings. So 60 per cent of the “stretch” target, in…

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Corbyn led tributes to late Labour/anti-war activist Walter Wolfgang and it really riled some people

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has led tributes to lifelong party campaigner, CND co-founder and anti-war activist Walter Wolfgang, who died on May 28. Mr Wolfgang belonged to a Jewish family who suffered persecution in Nazi Germany. He escaped in 1937 and his parents followed him to the UK two years later. He joined the Labour Party in 1948 and co-founded the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) 10 years later. In the late 1970s he was a leading member of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, which seeks reforms to…

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Tom Watson surveys his Twitter followers on Brexit and HuffPost thinks it means something

The sheer muddle-headed stupidity of this is astounding. The Huffington Post has reported the results of a survey of his Twitter followers by Tom Watson as if it represents the views of Labour Party members. Tom Watson is a hugely divisive man whose pronouncements against current Labour policy have alienated him from huge numbers of the party membership. Anyone who has actually criticised him on this behaviour tends to be blocked from viewing/responding to his Twitter account. So the following headline – and the article to which it links – should…

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Rory Stewart admits smoking opium in Iran. Is anybody surprised?

This explains a great deal. I would differ with Mr Stewart over his claim that the opium had no effect on him – at least, until I find another explanation for his behaviour*. Jeremy Hunt’s revelation is also no surprise. One awaits further confessions from the remaining Conservative leadership candidates. Who knows what they may say? I feel that, whatever is revealed, we will all find it… cathartic. Rory Stewart has revealed he smoked opium in Iran as the Tory leadership contender embarked on the latest leg of his round-Britain tour meeting…

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POLL: Disability reassessment for pensioners to be phased out – but will all DWP changes be as good?

This is welcome: People receiving PIP who have reached State Pension age will no longer have their awards regularly reviewed, instead moving to a light touch review at 10 years. Nearly 290,000 people of State Pension age are in receipt of PIP. From Friday, new claimants to PIP whose review would have been scheduled after they had reached State Pension age will receive an ongoing award with a light touch review at 10 years. Applying this change to new claimants is the first step and it will be extended to…

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How could Boris Johnson lead the Tory Party – or the country – from inside a jail cell?

Boris Johnson’s prime ministerial ambition could soon be in tatters after he was told he will face trial for misconduct in public office over claims he made during the run-up to the EU membership referendum. Mr Johnson supported the much-publicised claim – on the side of the so-called “Brexit bus” – that the UK sends £350m to the EU every week and the money could be better-used to pay for the NHS instead. In fact, the UK does not send anything like as much money to the EU – and when…

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