As Nazanin ends 15-day hunger strike over imprisonment, Johnson tries to shift the blame

Boris Johnson really is a blight on the United Kingdom and an embarrassment internationally. The Tory leadership candidate – who may become prime minister on July 22 – has tried to wriggle out from his responsibility for worsening the plight of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who has been imprisoned in Iran on a false charge of spying since 2016. He actually had the nerve to say that those criticising him are trying to excuse the Iranian authorities who wrongly locked her up! For clarity (and this is according to Sky News): “As foreign…

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Tory Goldsmith heckled at Glastonbury as he tries to ‘greenwash’ austerity policies

Hear, hear. Goldsmith was the Tory whose campaign to become London Mayor was reprimanded for Islamophobia. It seems he went to Glastonbury intending to ‘greenwash’ Tory austerity policies, but festival-goers weren’t having any of it. And how many disabled people have died because of Tory policies? You won’t get a straight answer from the DWP about that. Conservative Party MP Zac Goldsmith has been heckled at a speaker’s event at Glastonbury Festival, with audience members reacting to his answers with cries of “blah blah blah, f***ing bulls**t”. Goldsmith, who represents Richmond Park…

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Death threats against Williamson over Labour anti-Semitism controversy

We can hope that the death threats against Chris Williamson were merely the idle chattering of a few keyboard warriors – but that is cold comfort for the victim. And how do his accusers feel, knowing that their lies have put a colleague in fear for his life? For clarity, I am referring to Tom Watson, Holly Lynch, Stella Creasy, Anna Turley, Rosie Duffield, Louise Ellman, Ruth Smeeth, Jenny Chapman, Roberta Blackman-Woods, Stephen Dought, Karin Smyth, Baroness Thornton, Lord McNicol, Baroness Morgan of Huyton, Lord Turnberg, Gloria de Piero, Baroness Royall…

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Former suspended council officer is new Brecon and Radnorshire Brexit Party contender

Well, this is embarrassing – for This Writer and for the Brexit Party. Nigel Farage’s company-posing-as-a-political party has been threatening to stand a candidate in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election – but when it did, so few people noticed that I got the wrong end of the stick and wrote a story about something involving him that happened 13 years ago, by mistake. The genuinely amusing aspect of this is that nobody noticed. I only discovered the mistake when my source contacted me at around 2.30am to tell me they thought I’d…

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DWP spaffs £200k up the wall trying to deprive just seven people of Universal Credit

That’s right – while you were watching right-wing buffoons arguing in the Tory leadership campaign, or watching right-wing buffoons trying to split the Labour Party, right-wingers were spending a lot of your money, attacking the poor. Universal Credit pays around £3,000 per year, so the Tory-directed Department for Work and Pensions spent nearly 10 times as much money preventing seven people from getting UC than it would if it had simply paid them. And the ruling is that they still have to be paid! In fact, one of the rulings was…

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Labour has covered itself in disgrace with the Chris Williamson controversy

The re-suspension of Chris Williamson amid renewed – and malicious, in This Writer’s opinion – screams of “anti-Semite” is a scar on the face of the Labour Party. The Labour MPs, peers and party employees who have vilified Mr Williamson – without any real evidence, let’s remember – all deserve to be subjected to the same disciplinary procedure, with the threat of being thrown out. Every single one of them. They have done more to bring the party into disrepute than he ever did. Here are the names of the…

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Wading in ‘crottes’: Do Conservative supporters approve of Boris Johnson’s opinion of the French?

Here’s another challenge for Tories who support Boris Johnson – it has been revealed that he called the French “turds”, in comments that the BBC censored for reasons known only to its Tory-supporting news editors. I would certainly like to know what the Conservative candidate in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election – expenses forger Chris Davies – thinks of such behaviour by his potential new leader. To all other voters in the B&R constituency, I’d like to ask: Wouldn’t you? It certainly seems the election of Mr Johnson as Tory leader…

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Craig Murray explains why every Labour member with a neoliberal Blairite MP needs to have them de-selected

At a time when so-called ‘centrist’ Labour MPs – and party apparatchiks – are using the basest of false accusations to remove left-winger Chris Williamson from what they consider to be their party, Craig Murray’s words could not be more important. We have tolerated these vipers in our midst for far too long and they have hindered the Corbyn project at every opportunity. Principle among them, of course, is Tom Watson, who promised before his election as the party’s deputy leader that he would support any Labour leader to the…

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Disgraced Tory seeking re-election as MP has dodgy hunting history

Department of kicking-them-when-they’re-down: The Hunt Saboteurs Association has commented on the upcoming Brecon and Radnorshire by-election, saying that disgraced Tory Chris Davies is a former hunt master who implicated himself in the flouting of the hunting ban when it was imposed by Labour in 2004. Mr Davies was master of the Banwen miners’ hunt in the Swansea Valley from 1993-99, before moving on to the Golden Valley Hunt on the Welsh borders in 2000. In 2004 he told the BBC that members of his hunt would break the then-new hunt…

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By-election talk is all about tactics. What happened to policies?

Here in the centre of UK politics – Brecon and Radnorshire to the rest of you – all the talk is about the forthcoming by-election that we have just learned with be held on August 1. But all the talk, it seems, is about tactical voting. Nobody wants to talk about policies! Even Labour’s Tom Davies was induced to comment on the tactics of the constituency when he was quoted in the local rag (and my former employer) The Brecon and Radnor Express this week. Commenting on the Liberal Democrat habit…

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