BBC reverses decision to censure Munchetty – but what about its institutional racism?

The BBC has made the right choice for the wrong reason. Director General Tony Hall has announced the retraction of a decision to censure Naga Munchetty over comments she made about racism by Donald Trump – after the corporation’s complaints unit was revealed to have acted in a racist way itself. The retraction happened only after leaked information showed the executive complaints unit had ignored the part of the complaint that referred to Dan Walker, as well as Ms Munchetty. She is one of the BBC’s most prominent minority ethnic…

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Dupers’ delight: body language suggests Javid and Johnson’s policy promises are lies

Consider this: ‘This is Boris Johnson talking about his new policy in “building 40 new hospitals” – mouth curling and raised eyebrows are micro-expressions indicating someone is lying. It’s called “dupers delight”,’ according to a post on Facebook.   “Duper’s delight”… “Duper n. a person who deceives or tricks someone.” It seems Mr Johnson may not have been entirely truthful about his promise to invest billions in NHS hospitals, then. Now, what about this: Chancellor Sajid Javid has pledged to raise the National Living Wage to £10.50 within the next…

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Troll/bot alert! But who’s really behind them?

This Writer seems to have become a target for trolls (and/or bots) after two tweets in response to the BBC’s PoliticsLive show. Here they are: #BorisJohnson says he didn't touch a journalist's thigh but won't say she's lying. Does he mean he didn't intend to touch her? Did he think he was rubbing his own thigh? With his record, who do you believe? #UKpolitics #PoliticsLive #ConConference #ConservativeConference2019 — Mike Sivier (@MidWalesMike) September 30, 2019 Isn't it hilarious that representatives of a party that fixed Parliamentary terms, in order to stay in…

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Remember the Libor scandal? It seems Boris Johnson is connected to it

Here’s an interesting snippet from Private Eye, highlighted by Beastrabban: Private Eye in their edition for 12th-25th July 2019 carried an article revealing that two of BoJob’s donors were also responsible for Libor fiddling. The article, ‘Dough Nuts’ on page 5 ran The latest register of MPs’ interests reveals Boris Johnson’s earnings from speaking engagements in the past six months alone came to £356,267.36. It also identifies the moneybags sponsoring his leadership bid. One such is Alex Wilmot-Sitwell, who was co-chief executive of UBS’s investment banking division during the era of the…

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The false arguments against Greta Thunberg – and why you should ignore them

Who would have thought a teenager who isn’t in showbusiness could have such an impact on the world? This is a really strong speech: Admittedly, Greta Thunberg has yet to persuade financiers and business leaders to stop the climate change-related harm they are doing to our environment, but this is probably because she has hit such resistance from the false-equivalence brigade. For example: '16 year old Greta Thunberg is too young to make her own mind up and has been groomed' scream people who said that Shamima Begum knew at…

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Tory NHS claims are a poor attempt to patch up the dirty, open wound that is their record

The Conservative government must think we’re stupid. Look at the state of this: The government has pledged billions for hospital projects across England, at the start of the Conservative party conference. The plans include a £2.7bn investment for six hospitals over five years. A new approach to NHS mental health treatment will also be trialled in 12 areas of England – with housing and job support alongside psychological help. Under plans drawn up by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, the government has said £13bn will be spent on hospital projects, including…

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Another death – Labour’s promise to end homelessness can’t come true soon enough

The Labour Party has promised to put an end to homelessness if elected to government, while the Conservative Party merely pays lip-service to the idea. If the Tories meant any of their promises, then ‘Tasha’ would not be dead now. And her last days would not have been characterised by bullying and by others “taking advantage” of her – whatever that means. Tories don’t care about that. They care about money – and she wasn’t making any for them. A homeless mother with a “heart of gold” has been found…

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Will YOUR donation ensure documentary refuting BBC claims about Labour anti-Semitism is made?

A crowdfunding campaign to fund a documentary film that will counter false claims by the BBC’s Panorama about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is close to its target. But it needs a few more donations to ensure the cameras can start rolling. If you aren’t familiar with the project, watch this: Writers from a range of independent media outlets have joined forces to produce a documentary in response to a BBC Panorama programme in which interviewees alleged that The Labour Party is institutionally antisemitic. They believe the accusation to be…

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We’ve waited years for someone to say this – but will Iain Duncan Smith face justice?

Iain Duncan Smith, the architect of the Bedroom Tax, Universal Credit, and cut after cut to the state benefits of vulnerable people, tried to attack Labour’s promise to put an end to the cruelty this weekend. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn put him firmly in his place: No, “cynical" and "devastating" is making sick and disabled people pay for the financial crash. Your policy pushed hundreds of thousands into poverty, made families lose their homes and denied benefits to the terminally ill. That's your legacy. That’s what Labour will end…

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Babyish Boris Johnson is having a tantrum – if he can’t have his Brexit he’ll try to cause chaos

Here’s some more evidence that Boris Johnson is in hock to hedge fund bosses who’ve bet on a “no deal” Brexit. It seems he’s now saying he’ll resign as prime minister – taking his entire cabinet with him – if the EU doesn’t give him the Brexit he wants. He seems to think that this will make it impossible for Parliament to do anything – but it seems that, like everything else so far, he got that wrong. Most significantly, it seems BoJob is hoping the UK will be unable to…

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