Labour MP demands PIP rethink – so nothing will happen because Tories like torturing disabled people

Emma Hardy makes excellent points – but she’s a Labour MP and the Tories aren’t interested in changing the criteria for Personal Independence Payment. Tories hate disabled people. They’re pretty much like the Nazis in 1930s Germany in that respect, as This Site has mentioned many times in the past. Of course, there’s always a way to change the situation. The UK had a chance to do that on December 12 – and 14 million people chose not to. They decided that the torture – to death, in many cases –…

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Poverty, rough sleepers and food bank use ‘getting worse’ – but hey, it’s what the UK wanted

This sums up the state of the UK at the end of 2019: NEARLY a quarter of children in ‘wealthy’ South Lakeland are living in poverty while rough sleeping is also on the rise, a council meeting has heard. And there are fears that ‘social inequality’ could get worse across the area in 2020 with Universal Credit being extended and rents for housing association tenants set to rise for the first time in five years, councillors were told. This Christmas, some people in Kendal are having to make the choice…

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Huge rise in homelessness among ill and disabled people is no accident

The Tories have been stepping up their hate campaign against sick and disabled people, with a 53 per cent increase in homelessness over the last year. People with long-term illnesses who can’t work can claim Employment and Support Allowance, but the government has tightened criteria to the point at which assessments might as well start with an official telling the claimant they are lying – or deluded – about being ill. Disabled people can claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP), even if they can work – but the Tories have tightened…

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When is a public health service NOT a public health service? When it’s run by TORIES

The Conservatives will swear blind that the National Health Service is still a publicly-owned, universal system because it is free at the point of use – falsely. It isn’t a universal system any more because, after some services were sold off to private firms, those firms have chosen not to provide them in certain parts of the country. And it isn’t free at the point of use any more – obviously – because patients who have been left high and dry by the privateers in the NHS have been forced…

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Rachel Riley has launched court proceedings against someone else. What does this mean?

Some of you may be aware that Rachel Riley (and her partner-in-litigation threats, Tracy-Ann Oberman) has launched a court case against someone else on a matter connected with my own. But while I had written an article, all Jane Heybroek did was retweet a link to one (not mine; one of the articles on which my own piece was based). You can find details of the case on her own CrowdJustice site, here. And feel free to contribute to her funds if you can. The fact that Ms Riley is taking…

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Honour for Duncan Smith has not humiliated the left – it has ENERGISED us

I read a message on Twitter suggesting that the knighthood for Iain Duncan Smith was an attempt to take a leaf out of Donald Trump’s playbook – humiliating and de-motivating opponents of the new Tory regime. The honour for the so-called ‘Architect of Death’, whose draconian policies of hate against benefit claimants including some of the most vulnerable, ill and disabled people in the United Kingdom have ended the lives of thousands upon thousands of people who had as much right to live as the rest of us, was an…

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Michael Howard launches Tory assault on the rule of law

A failed former Conservative leader has launched his party’s attack on the rule of law by claiming that judges are corrupt. Michael Howard said judges sometimes “distort” the law they are interpreting “to reach the result they want to achieve”. Interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he said: “I think that judges have increasingly substituted their own view of what is right for the view of Parliament and of ministers.” There is no objective basis for his comments. I mean, what is he implying? That all the judges in the Supreme Court…

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Will you sign NHS doctor’s petition to stop Iain Duncan Smith receiving knighthood?

I’ll be signing – will you? It probably won’t do any good – the Tories tend to find a way to ignore any petitions demanding any activity they don’t want to carry out, no matter how many people sign it. But it will be a great sign of resistance against Boris Johnson and his fake “people’s government”! A petition has been launched calling for MP Iain Duncan Smith to be stripped off his knighthood. More than 30,000 people have already signed the petition against the former Secretary of State for…

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Tory incompetence: Cabinet Office publishes home addresses of Honours recipients

They really can’t complain. We can be sure most of the New Year Honours recipients voted for this kind of Tory ineptitude so they can’t make much of a fuss about having received it. Yes, the Tory-run Cabinet Office has managed to publish the home addresses of celebrities including Elton John and cricketer Ben Stokes, alongside those of police officers, politicians like Iain Duncan Smith and Ministry of Defence staff, and hundreds of “unsung” local heroes. The Tory government even made the details available in an easily-downloadable list – to…

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People in the UK’s poorest communities have supported a government that will send them to food banks

The Con Party has managed to hoodwink a swathe of formerly Labour-supporting constituencies into supporting it – mainly with a promise to “get Brexit done”. The promise is a lie. Brexit won’t end for many, many years, even if the Tories go through it at the fastest speed possible. But that isn’t the worst threat to these people. By focusing on Brexit, they have ignored the other policies that the Conservatives will push through – including the nightmare social security system that has killed more people than Aktion T4 in…

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