More than 250,000 people have signed a petition to deny Iain Duncan Smith a knighthood.

The worst thing about this is, he probably thinks it’s not enough. Here‘s a link to the petition. Iain Duncan Smith was granted a knighthood in the New Year honours. And here’s petition author Mona Kamal, explaining why he should be divested of it: It is … an insult to all those who suffered needless distress, impoverishment and humiliation as a direct result of his attacks on our welfare system. During his time as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith was responsible for some of the cruellest…

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Tory delaying tactics mean people are STILL dying before receiving state benefits they’re owed

I’ve just read this, on the excellent Poor side of life blog: A woman who we’ve spoken to before… looked me in the eyes saying “Let me tell you what happened to a relative of mine. He was very ill but had been declared fit for work at his ESA medical assessment. He appealed this and it then went to tribunal. Sadly he died on the day the tribunal decided that he should get his ESA”. I wish that this was unusual but it isn’t. This happens a lot, disabled people…

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Is Cleverly for the chop in coming Cabinet reshuffle – along with a lot of ladies?

It seems James Cleverly’s time at the top is finally running out – and it can’t end soon enough, in This Writer’s view. Mr Cleverly simply isn’t smart enough to hold a top job in government. Besides, with Boris Johnson as prime minister, we don’t need two idiots with their feet in their mouths at the same time. Apparently, some think this is harsh treatment after Cleverly presided over a heavy defeat for the Labour Party – but that had very little to do with him. It seems he’ll be…

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If you were angry about Errol Graham, Barry Balderstone’s story will send you through the roof

In the week after we all learned that Errol Graham was denied ESA and subsequently starved to death, this is the last thing we needed to hear. But the facts must be known: Barry Balderstone, 75, suffered from a range of medical conditions including ulcerative colitis, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, double incontinence and chronic kidney disease. The Conservative government refused to provide full funding for his care needs. He died the very next day. Left it a bit late, didn’t you, Tories? At the time of his death, Mr Balderstone weighed just…

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What a travesty. Look who the Tories are trying to force off disability benefits now

Just in case you thought all the victories against DWP injustice by benefit claimants were putting the Tories off their persecution of the disabled: A pic of my beautiful brother, Danny. 35 years ago he contracted a rare condition that left him brain damaged + quadriplegic. Today, he was required to attend a ‘return to work’ meeting or forgo his #disability #benefits. TORY BRITAIN. #Embarrassing #unacceptable #UKPolitics — Dr Steven Roberts (@SteveRoberts_) November 5, 2019 Have YOU donated to my crowdfunding appeal, raising funds to fight false libel claims…

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UC ‘glitch’ means massive overpayments. What happens when the DWP demands the money back?

The Department for Work and Pensions is apparently overpaying people by thousands of pounds, due to a ‘glitch’ in the Universal Credit system. Claimants are unlikely to know that they are being overpaid. But what will happen to them when the government contacts they to demand repayment? That’s the question posed by Hayley Kercher, of Bridgwater. She did notice what was happening, and reported it to the DWP. But when she told the department that she believed she had been overpaid as her back account was larger than she expected,…

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Tories humiliated after court finds they DID discriminate against thousands with disabilities

The Conservative government keeps trying to victimise disabled people – but take a case to court and they’ll be slapped down, it seems. Not only has the Tories’ Universal Credit policy been found to discriminate against disabled people moving from one local authority area to another – cutting their income – but they were then found to have tried to discriminate against them with the repayments! How twisted. It means thousands of people with disabilities who have been moved off disability benefits and onto Universal Credit may be due large…

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Tories took £50 million from Britain’s poorest families in one month

It’s wilful impoverishment of the needy. The Tories have been working hard to force poverty-stricken families further into destitution, clawing back £50 million in Universal Credit loan repayments in a single month. The punitive new policy demands that claimants must wait five weeks before receiving a penny of their regular payments – but they may take out an advance in the form of a loan. This is then repayable, from the regular payments, in the future – meaning already-poor claimants and families are plunged even further into poverty and debt.…

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Tories STILL haven’t bothered to research the harsh impact of Universal Credit delays

This is no surprise to anyone who has been following the contribution of Universal Credit to the spread of poverty in the UK. The Conservative government has received many demands for research into the adverse impact of its new failure of a policy – you can’t call it a benefit – but has steadfastly refused to do anything about it. There is a simple reason for this: Tories don’t care if someone else is suffering. The entire aim of Universal Credit is to pay as little as possible to people in…

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Mum’s court challenge against DWP demand for UC claimants to go into childcare debt

Why should the Department for Work and Pensions demand that parents on Universal Credit go into debt over childcare costs? Current rules say parents can get up to £646 per month for each child under 16, funding 85 per cent of their care costs – but they must pay those costs up-front and claim them back later, putting them in debt. Some end up thousands of pounds in the red. The DWP says this is to prevent fraud – but there are ways to do this that don’t push people…

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