Why are the Tories refusing to tell us how many people they are testing for Covid-19?

You know it has to be a big fail when the Tories have spent more than a month adding to it, every day. This story goes back to April 5, when Boris Johnson promised that 100,000 people would be tested for Covid-19 every day by the end of the month. On April 30, the Tories duly lied to the nation – and their claim was instantly debunked by, among others, This Site. The claim was that nearly 130,000 tests were carried out; in fact the total was only slightly more…

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New deal? No deal! We can’t accept a plan for the future from the failed PM who deliberately wrecked it

Some have suggested that it was a campaign speech – and as such an indication that the Johnson government is rudderless. Some have suggested that it was an admission of six months of failure and guilt. Those are the more palatable options. Man responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of men, women and children, tells you how he is going to rebuild Britain. — Rachael Swindon (@Rachael_Swindon) June 30, 2020 To This Writer, it seems far more likely that Boris Johnson has taken advantage of a Hell-sent opportunity…

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Keir racism: Black Lives Matter isn’t a ‘moment’, mister

Keir Starmer just can’t help himself, can he? Look at the arrogant racism in this statement: Black Lives Matter is not a “moment” Keir Starmer. This is appalling. At the very least it is a 5 century long quest for justice that is very very far from over. Catch a grip of yourself. pic.twitter.com/4G7I1nTYU5 — Howard Beckett (@BeckettUnite) June 29, 2020 He was telling us that, as far as he was concerned, Black Lives Matter was a photo opportunity and its time has now passed. He doesn’t care about racism…

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Here’s why it costs so much to fight a lawsuit brought by Rachel Riley

I’ve just had the monthly bill from my lawyer. It clears me out of everything that you have raised and leaves me owing a few hundred pounds – with the huge extra cost of a court hearing looming, possibly this month. This is the reason Rachel Riley has made her application to strike out parts of my defence against her ludicrous accusation of libel, of course; she knows she doesn’t have much chance of success – but defending against it will cost me a huge amount of your money. That’s…

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Leicester’s local lockdown was triggered by Tory rush to reopen schools

What a silly gang of Tories! Matt Hancock has had to humiliate himself – and his government – by admitting that the spike in Covid-19 cases that triggered a decision to put Leicester back in lockdown was a result of the Tory decision to reopen schools. In their haste to get adults back to work by removing their need to stay at home and care for their children, the Tories have worsened the situation. We should keep a close eye on Leicester’s death statistics, as any that happen as a…

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Tory penalty fines for missing school next term may be illegal

Typical Tory bullying: “We’ll threaten people with a fine to force them to send their kids back to school, whether they’re likely to catch Covid-19 or not. “Then they’ll have no excuse not to go back to work, even if there’s a huge chance they’ll catch the virus there.” Here’s a fly for their ointment: Every parent has a legal responsibility to keep their children from harm. No fine imposed by the Tories will overrule that responsibility; it can’t. To do such a thing would be admitting they want parents…

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The biters bit: formal anti-semitism complaints are lodged against Starmer and his cronies

It’s good to see some people aren’t brainwashed by Keir Starmer’s misinterpretation of what constitutes anti-semitism. Starmer, along with several cronies in the Parliamentary Labour Party, has falsely accused Rebecca Long-Bailey of tweeting a link to an article containing an anti-semitic conspiracy theory. The problem is that, while the interview with Maxine Peake included a disputed claim that members of the Israeli police/military trained US police to use the choke hold that killed George Floyd, it is not anti-semitic to do so. The claim relates only to the government of…

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Covid-19-related Universal Credit claimants will face sanctions for first time

If you’ve claimed Universal Credit as a result of the Covid-19 crisis – brace yourself! From June 30, you’ll be under threat of sanction if you can’t prove you’re actively seeking work. The Tory government is reimposing the threat of sanctions as it lifts lockdown restrictions – because Boris Johnson and his cronies intend to use the stick to get us back at work rather than the carrot. A lot of people are about to realise how awful claiming #UniversalCredit is #covid19 https://t.co/5WNbCEv4Wg — Charlotte Hughes. The Poor Side Of…

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Tories refuses to abolish coronavirus law that has been wrongly used in every prosecution

When every single prosecution under new legislation is found to have been carried out unlawfully, that is poor law-making and should be repealed. The Tory government is wasting the time of the police, the public and the courts with this silliness. But it won’t repeal or change the Act of Parliament responsible for it. Why not? Are these petty politicians taking delight in causing mischief for no good reason? Who voted these clowns into a position where they could do this? And do those voters now regret their hasty choice?…

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The two faces of Ed Miliband are revealed by the Rebecca Long-Bailey row

Ed Miliband has claimed his boss Keir Starmer was right to sack Rebecca Long-Bailey – while also claiming the party isn’t purging itself of left-wingers. The two claims are incompatible. Long-Bailey was the continuity left-wing candidate in the party’s recent leadership election and Starmer has used a flimsy excuse related to anti-Semitism to sack her. Many other left-wingers are either being suspended for the same flimsy reason or have already been expelled (like This Writer) – but Miliband is insisting that there is no purge. He has just incinerated any credibility…

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