Libel case: After Rachel Riley goes quiet, her follower starts abuse campaign against Vox Political’s Mike

You may have been wondering why there haven’t been any updates on the crowdfunding campaign to oppose Rachel Riley’s libel accusations. There hasn’t been much to say. After she lost her bid to hold a premature hearing on her application to strike out part of my case (and mine to strike out part of hers), Ms Riley seems to have calmed down for a while. Partly this may be because she was caught touting for her followers to tip her off about people against whom she could launch more court…

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Is Boris Johnson hoping we’ll forget bullying claims against Priti Patel? We won’t!

Downing Street is refusing to publish a full report into bullying claims against Priti Patel – and has postponed it until after the summer. It is nearly a week since the Prime Minister’s office said he had decided he would not allow the full report to be seen by the public. What does Johnson – let alone Patel – have to hide? At the time, Boris Johnson’s spokesman refused to say whether the report would be published before Parliament went into recess. Well, that happened on Wednesday (July 23) so…

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Libellous news articles reveal Labour is running a hate campaign against Vox Political

One would imagine that, faced with a legal battle that it is unlikely to win, any organisation would back away from further antagonising the opposing side. Not so with Labour! Despite facing court proceedings for breach of contract over the way the party accused This Writer of anti-Semitism and expelled me from the party – a case it is almost certain to lose – it seems Labour is waging a hate campaign against me and This Site. I read about it in a paper! In its piece Labour suspends Brighton councillor…

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If Tories don’t support abusers, why does Universal Credit push people to stay in abusive relationships?

Twisted Tory rules mean that people are financially encouraged to stay in abusive relationships rather than claim Universal Credit. The Conservative government has deliberately weighted the conditions under which the so-called benefit is paid to make it more difficult for people to survive by claiming it than by living with an abuser – even if this means endangering their own lives. People with disabilities are particularly at risk. But then, those of us who are familiar with the Tory record on disability have come to expect that. Unite the Union has…

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Priti Patel bullying claims aren’t as dead as we’ve been led to believe

Isn’t this interesting? Way back at the end of April, we were all being told that Priti Patel would be cleared of all allegations that she bullied civil servants in three separate government departments Yes, the claim prompted condemnation of the Cabinet Office inquiry process, which is conducted in secret and offers no recourse for complainants. And Boris Johnson has already been criticised for compromising the process by insisting, before the inquiry had concluded, that he would continue to support Patel. When This Site published a story about it, I wrote…

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Hypocrite Theresa May pretends she’s not a racist – but we must judge her by her actions

Some of you are going to find this hard to take. Watch this, if you have the stomach for it: "I fundamentally believe that you should not be stopped on the streets of our country simply because of the colour of your skin" Former Prime Minister @Theresa_May tells @Sarah_Montague. "Sadly, we're seeing some of the figures go back up again" | — The World at One (@BBCWorldatOne) July 9, 2020 You’re probably thinking of the Windrush scandal, that demonstrated ample evidence that this two-faced Tory had no interest…

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Black MP Dawn Butler forced to close office because of racist violence

Labour’s Dawn Butler has been forced to close her constituency office due to a torrent of racist abuse and vandalism that escalated after she voiced her support for Black Lives Matter. It seems bricks have been hurled through the windows of the office on High Road, Willesden, and staff have been attacked inside. She said the continual security risk, alongside spiralling rent costs, forced her to close the office. But she assured residents that her constituency work is continuing as normal. Quoted in the Evening Standard, she said: “I continue to…

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The racist face of Britain: woman racially abuses black man on bus in video

This speaks for itself: A black man was subjected to a torrent of racial abuse in Bromley by a white woman who followed him onto a bus. Nicholas Garande, 29, captured the shocking incident on video, in which a stranger began by calling him the N-word at a bus stop on Masons Hill last Thursday, at around 7.30pm. She then pursued him onto the upper deck of a bus he boarded to escape, where she continued to incoherently rant, accusing him of being a drug dealer. Mr Garande [is] an assistant manager at Foot…

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Racists attack political commentator over innocent image – THEY associated it with Reading stabbings

What’s wrong with the picture above? Nothing, as far as This Writer can see. It’s a shot of a healthy young lady enjoying an ice lolly after exercising on a bicycle – posted on her personal Twitter feed. It might be considered a little risque as, if she’s wearing shorts, they appear to be very short indeed. But that’s the worst of it. So why, then, did this happen? The 3 orange emojis, by the way, are because you can see 3 orange things in the photo (saddle, wheel, lolly). That’s…

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Court threat over ‘illegal’ coronavirus-related ‘Do Not Revive’ orders on disabled people

Remember when This Site reported that doctors were being ordered to deny coronavirus care to people with disabilities? It went on for a while. Eventually it seemed the people at the top of the NHS put a stop to the practice, telling hospitals, GPs and NHS managers not to issue such letters. So why are we being told that medical professionals are still being told not to revive people with disabilities who are suffering from Covid-19? The issue is that doctors are being told to issue these letters about disabled…

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