Senior Labour staff urged to publish WhatsApp messages IN CONTEXT if they think #LabourLeaks report misrepresented them

I haven’t contributed to the so-called Forde Inquiry into the allegations in the (also so-called) #LabourLeaks report because I think it’ll be a stitch-up. My own court case against Labour will go to trial on October 2 and I’m happy to let Mr Forde QC come to his own conclusions, which I may then find easy to use against the party if my own legal action is successful. You will understand why I see no point in contributing when I make this point: if Mr Forde’s inquiry was above-board, why did…

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In UK politics, is an accusation of anti-Semitism really more serious than one of rape?

The gossips have been flaying the skins off the jungle drums since we learned a Conservative MP has been arrested for rape. Much of the chatter has centred on the suspect’s anonymity, which seems to have provoked a lot of confected outrage. This Writer isn’t outraged by it. I’ve been to an awful lot of court cases and I’m satisfied that when matters get that far, it is right for the defendant to be named. It is the victim’s identity that must be protected. Matters haven’t got that far. And…

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It seems the UK’s Equalities watchdog is a racist organisation. How can we believe its report on Labour?

A common tactic among right-wingers, when a document is about to be published  or a claim made that attacks them, is to undermine the validity of the issuer of that document in some way beforehand. We’ve seen that happen many times over the last few years, haven’t we? Often the critical claims have been proved untrue later. Consider all the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn. Now, with the Equality and Human Rights Commission soon to release its report on alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, that organisation is being buried under…

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Here’s why equalities watchdog can’t be trusted on its Labour anti-Semitism inquiry

Every day it seems clearer that the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission isn’t fit for purpose. The latest revelation comes from the watchdog’s current chair, who steps down from that role this week. David Isaac says the government is “dragging its feet” rather than tackle racism. The government is run by the Conservative Party, and he’s still the head of the organisation that refused to investigation Islamophobia in that organisation, saying the Tories could be trusted to investigate themselves. Now he’s saying the Tories can’t be trusted to implement…

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Whistleblowers’ bid to blackmail Labour into expelling Corbyn should come to nothing

I use “blackmail” in the headline advisedly. This may very well be a criminal offence. For those who are unaware, blackmail occurs when a person (or several) make a demand of another person (or indeed organisation), accompanied by the threat of a particular consequence if they don’t comply. (For example, if a group of so-called anti-Semitism “whistleblowers” threaten the Labour Party with bankruptcy either fighting or settling legal claims, unless it expels Jeremy Corbyn.) The intent must be to make a gain for someone (not necessarily themselves) – or a…

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Tories and ‘centrist’ hypocrites call for closure of fund to help Jeremy Corbyn fight legal battle

Fantasists who have spent years pretending Jeremy Corbyn was an anti-Semite are wailing in protest after a fund was set up to help him fight a legal battle. The broadcaster John Ware, who was responsible for last year’s risible Panorama ‘documentary’, Is Labour Antisemitic, is suing Corbyn over comments made by the former Labour leader and the official party line on the film at the time. In response – and after current Labour leader Keir Starmer went against legal advice provided to the party in order to reward former Labour apparatchiks who…

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If Keir Starmer thinks he’s calming the rage over Labour anti-Semitism, he’s only made it worse

It is worth pointing out, on the day Keir Starmer paid out around £600,000 and apologised to so-called anti-Semitism “whistleblowers”, that his actions are only perpetuating the saga – prolonging the agony. Take his sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey from the Labour front bench a few weeks ago: on Monday, Labour Party members, supported by Salford TUC, made a formal complaint – I take it to the party’s National Executive Committee – about Starmer’s conduct. The group points out that Ms Long-Bailey’s sacking on the pretext of her having shared a…

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Cowardly Keir pays huge damages to so-called anti-Semitism whistleblowers – rather than win in court

It should come as no surprise that new New Labour leader Keir Starmer would rather pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to so-called anti-Semitism whistleblowers than contest their claims in court – and perhaps win. We know that the party had received advice that it had a strong defence against the claims by a group who spoke out in last year’s Panorama documentary, Is Labour Antisemitic? Here’s former leader Jeremy Corbyn saying as much: Former Labour leader Mr Corbyn said the legal settlement “risks giving credibility to misleading and inaccurate allegations about…

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Libellous news articles reveal Labour is running a hate campaign against Vox Political

One would imagine that, faced with a legal battle that it is unlikely to win, any organisation would back away from further antagonising the opposing side. Not so with Labour! Despite facing court proceedings for breach of contract over the way the party accused This Writer of anti-Semitism and expelled me from the party – a case it is almost certain to lose – it seems Labour is waging a hate campaign against me and This Site. I read about it in a paper! In its piece Labour suspends Brighton councillor…

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Why is supine Starmer spending Labour money appeasing opponents in anti-Semitism case?

It seems Keir Starmer is set to pay out Labour members’ subscriptions and apologise to so-called anti-Semitism whistleblowers, in order to settle a court case that Labour would win – if he fought it. Why? What is the aim here, other than to humiliate the party and create a false impression that Labour was in the wrong? Here’s the story: Labour is poised to make a formal apology to antisemitism whistleblowers as part of a settlement designed to draw a line under allegations made during the Jeremy Corbyn era, the Guardian…

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